Iceland during COVID-19 ~ What life is like in Iceland

Some issues turn out to be so dangerous that it changes our overall way of living. As per the government orders, people are shut in their homes during the lockdown to break the chain of COVID-19 spread. Due to this, people’s life has been affected in many ways and lurching economy. The majority of the countries are going through this lockdown for more than 3 months now and still, they are experiencing great difficulty in adjusting with it, as coronavirus outbreak has snatched away from their freedom, which is considered the biggest asset in a human’s life. 


Iceland, ‘the land of fire and ice’ also went under lockdown but not as same as the other countries. Iceland took a very different approach. Unlike other countries, Iceland did not announce a complete social and economic lockdown. They took the approach of massive testing and tracing where people with no symptoms were also tested. This helped in quickly quarantining those who tested positive for coronavirus for 14 days and allowing the rest of the population to move outside of their homes while following the social distancing rules. 


Iceland, being the popular tourist spot is famous for several beautiful attractions such as geysers, hot springs, beaches, mountains, valleys, volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, and much more. Iceland is highly dependent on its tourism. However, there is a sudden fall in Iceland’s tourism just after the news coronavirus outbreak came in. Till February 2020, the average tourism rate of Iceland stood at 1,33,001, while during the months of March-April, it dropped to 79,873, which made quite a difference in just a time.

Iceland during lockdown: 

With a total Icelandic population of 3, 36, 130 people as of March 31, 2020, Iceland reported a total confirmed case of 1,799 people, 10 deaths, while recovered cases stood at 1, 750, as of February 2020. Moreover, Iceland news showed that people are were facing the infection rate of 1 case per 204 inhabitants, which led to the northern village of Hvammsatngi going into isolation. Instead of isolating the total population if Iceland, they performed massive testing and tracing. Rigorous testing helped the Icelandic government to track people who are infected and directly isolating them for 14 days. 


This test-and-trace method in Iceland helped them to tackle this global pandemic more quickly and easily. Every person in Iceland went under testing even if they didn’t show any symptoms of coronavirus so that they do not miss out any infected person. Along with this rigorous testing, the Icelandic authorities came up with the phone tracking app, which helped them in tracking the potential interactors. Moreover, the contact tracing team of Iceland made phone calls to those who were suspected of coming in contact with any COVID-19 infected person. This unusual approach of tackling the pandemic made Icelanders continue their life with ease without going under a complete lockdown. Moreover, it helped them to recover from this issue a bit quickly, with witnessing 106 cases per day to now single digits, even zero on some days. Only those who were tested positive for COVID-19 were isolated along with their close acquaintances, the rest of the citizens continued a pretty normal life.

Moreover, Iceland tourists during COVID-19 did not go into quarantine, those who showed no symptoms of COVID-19 were allowed to roam without any restrictions. With the arrival of spring in Iceland, it came with isolating only some of the villagers in Iceland, this helped to avoid other people from being forced into their homes.


According to Iceland news, a very limited amount of restrictions were put on the citizens by allowing a total of only 20 people to gather at a time while adhering to the social distancing guidelines of maintaining a six feet gap from each other. Several offices and places such as hair salons, night clubs, pools, gyms, art galleries, churches, doctors and, dentist’s offices were closed during a hard time of March and April. 


As per the Iceland news, now, the citizens, as well as Iceland tourists during COVID-19, are allowed to gather in public places, while following social distancing. Post-May, 6, 2020, the Icelandic authorities started to slowly remove the restrictions by allowing up to 50 people to gather at a time instead of 20, as it was earlier. Universities and high schools are also ready to open in Iceland with permitting only 50 people at a time while following the two-meter distancing measures. In addition to this, several stores and places in Iceland such as hair salons, museums, physical therapy clinics, pharmacies, grocery stores, and massage parlors are ready to be opened with the same social distancing rules. Iceland is now gradually removing the lockdown. 


Other activities are also ready to start again for the citizens and Iceland tourists during COVID-19. People will be allowed to take part in outside sports activities but with several restrictions imposed on such as four individuals to be allowed to play at a time while maintaining social distance and limited sharing of sports equipment, which should be cleaned after every use. However, some facilities such as the gym, swimming pools, nightclubs, bars, and similar establishments will remain closed for the time being. 


According to the Iceland news, there are no special screenings at the Iceland airport right now and people are free to travel to Iceland, but the Icelandic authorities have highlighted the concern by stating that if the tourists travelling to Iceland or Iceland tourists during COVID-19 who have travelled from high-risk countries such as China, Iran, Italy, South-Korea experiences illness or any symptoms connected to coronaviruses such as cold, cough, fever, and headache should directly contact on the health line number 1700(+3545444113). This number only applies to those who call from the non-Icelandic number. 


Iceland news clearly shows that Iceland tourists during COVID-19 did not need to go into quarantine. This only applies to those who have returned from virus hotspots and experiences any kind of illness and symptoms of coronavirus. 

This is how life is going on in Iceland.  Steps taken by the government are turning out in everyone’s favor. People are under some restrictions but they can do their basic activities. We hope the world overcomes this situation and everything would become normal as soon.

We know will get through this very soon and people will again travel and have fun.

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The Complete Guide of Snowmobiling Tour in Iceland

Visiting Iceland and not getting involved in snowmobiling makes your travel experience incomplete. Besides other adventures in this picturesque country, snowmobiling should be one of your main focuses.

The snowmobiling experience from Discover

There are various plans in Iceland tour packages & Iceland Private Tour one of the most interesting is snowmobiling. Discover, the emerging tour operator has provisions for exciting snowmobiling sessions in Tours. You would be able to have a thrilling experience on a natural carpet of snow, getting immersed in the beauty of the terrain. The price is usually included in the package when you purchase it online.

Glacier snowmobiling at scenic Langjokull

How about snowmobiling speedily at Langjokull Glacier? It definitely marks the most mind-blowing part of your travel experience. If you want to get the best value for money in the Golden Circle Tour, ensure that the itinerary has at least an hour of snowmobiling in the magnificent region. It is preferable to visit the Gullfoss falls near which you begin the snowmobiling tour.

Who can avail of the tour?

  • For high-priced, and top-quality snowmobiling tours, discuss the specifications with your tour operator. In this case, the tour is for well-to-do travelers.
  • There are low-priced tours too. If you are a budget traveler, it would be beneficial for you.

Relevant information

  • The main snowmobiling sessions is usually of 1-hour span.
  • The tour operator will mostly have provisions for pick-up facilities from Gullfoss Falls.
  • The tour is suitable for teenagers and adults.
  • A driving license is mandatory to participate in the tour. In the case of teenagers, there will be an experienced guide.
  • Remember that 2 persons are allowed per snowmobile. If you want to drive solo, you need to pay an extra charge.

Snowmobiling at magnificent Eyjafjallajokull

When you plan to tour the south-eastern coast of Iceland, a snowmobiling tour at Eyjafjallajokull is something you can’t afford to miss. It is more costly compared to snowmobiling at Langjokull, but it is studded with some unique features. The foremost selling point is you will be snowmobiling near the mammoth volcano that had erupted about a decade ago, shutting down most of the air space in Europe. The second selling point is the fascinating views of the glacier that immerse you in awe. It is suitable for any tourist who is interested to explore the southeast parts. You can snowmobile for 1 hour on this tour, too. You should have your driving licenses and a decent pair of walking boots.

Enjoying Golden Circle Tour with snowmobiling

You can combine the emphatic Golden Circle Tour with sessions of snowmobiling to make the experience memorable and perfect. The Golden Circle has famous tourist spots like the Geysir geothermal zone and the Gullfoss waterfall. Besides cherishing these captivating spots, you will have an opportunity to snowmobile. Remember to carry your driving license.

Snowmobiling adds value to the tour

Snowmobiling adds value to your travel experience in Iceland. You must enquire with the tour operator while booking the itinerary about provisions of snowmobiling. You can also insert the activity while customizing your tour plan.

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Celebrate your Christmas in great fun with private tours in Iceland

When Christmas is around the corner, it would be a strikingly intelligent decision to visit Iceland to explore its ravishing wintery landscape. It can be thoroughly guaranteed that Christmas in Iceland has a singular shade – glittering white. You would be roaming in a fairyland, mesmerized in the spotless beauty of this peaceful, friendly country.

The Christmas vibes of Reykjavík

Most of the Iceland Tours include Reykjavík in their itineraries, providing you ample opportunities to explore the various tourist spots of the city. Ice skating in Tjornin, the Reykjavik city pond is an interesting activity to get engaged. You may also go for an unforgettable whale-watching tour. You can also go to the Open Air Museum at Árbæjarsafn,

Having modified super jeep on a glacier is a great experience

What to do and where shall you visit

Make it a priority to visit the exquisitely wonderful South Coast during Christmas in winter self-drive tours. You have the provision to explore an ice cave. Top-rated travel companies also conduct tours for the world-famous Golden Circle in Iceland.  The Golden Circle Tours let you hire a robust jeep or a luxury van, and drive through the wonderfully mystic terrains and sinuous roads of the country. Christmas is the time when you can merrily snowmobile through the snow-clad valleys in Iceland. You would also witness the almost frozen Gullfoss Falls in the Golden Circle area. Experiencing the emphatic geothermal activity around the placid Laugarvatn Lake in the Private Tours in Iceland is a memorable experience, too. You can also drive to the magnificent Snaefellsnes peninsula where you will have an opportunity to admire the marvellous Mount Kirkjufell.


The Icelandic Yule Lads come to town 13 days before Christmas

The 13 Yule Lads

Christmas lasts for 26 days in Iceland, from December 11 to January 6. The lovely country has not one, not two, but 13 Santa Clauses, who are also known as Yule Lads. The festive season begins when the first Yule Lad merrily arrives in the town 13 days prior to Christmas Eve.

Where shall you stay?

You can stack some delicious food from a local grocery and book a secluded cabin from some trusted websites to add a romantic angle to your stay. If you wish, then you can have a hot tub facility and a fireplace to make your stay more remarkable.

The Icelandic Christmas tradition and food

The biscuit based and chocolate cream-filled sweet named ‘Sara’, named after the famous French actress Sarah Bernhardt, is a popular dish during this time. Try to witness an Icelandic Christmas custom where construct a heath with fir tree branches, pine cones, etc and place 4 candles on it. You light the first candle on the first Sunday in Advent and continue doing so in for other candles in following Sundays.

The Icelandic Christmas dinner

Hangjikot, commonly known as the Hung Meat, is a mouth-watering dish prepared with smoked lamb. It is usually served with a potato-based sauce called uppstufur, and a non-alcoholic drink called jolaol.

Christmas in is a great destination to spend the Christmas

Plan and celebrate

There is no harm in consulting with a reliable tour operator over the phone, or via e-mail. Discuss the various travel packages before you decide to make your Christmas celebration a gala Icelandic event.

The Golden Circle of Iceland in winter – Private Tours

It would be an ethereal experience to go for a private tour in the Golden Circle when you visit Iceland.

The Principle sights

  • Þingvellir National Park – The Thingvellir National Park is a World Heritage site, declared by the UNESCO. The Golden Circle Tours Iceland mandatorily includes the park in its itinerary to make you experienced the pristine natural beauty of the Icelandic countryside.
  • Gullfoss waterfall – You must also not miss the captivating Gullfoss Waterfall. Its cascading brilliance will make you awestruck, especially when it partially freezes during the winter months.
  • Geysir Geothermal region – The biggest geyser in the area is Geysir. Here, you would particularly like the Strokkur area that puts up a wonderful show of throwing up water every 5 to 7 minutes.

Time to drive

A common question can crop in your mind about the hours it will take for driving in Golden Circle Tours Iceland. The drive, with practical estimates, is approximately 230 km. It would take you around 3.5 hours from Reykjavik to drive. You need at least 6 to 7 hours for a detailed tour of the area.

What type of car do you need?

It is advisable not to hire a small car for your travel because of its less capacity. Hiring a 4 X 4 super jeep might be helpful due to its robustness in snowy terrains. Make it a priority to rent from a reputable company to get reliable services.

Popular tours and exciting activities

  • Snorkelling at Silfra – Start your journey with some snorkelling activities to save a good chunk of the day for other activities and exploration.
  • Snowmobiling in Langjokull – You can opt for a thrilling snowmobiling tour in the Langjokull glacier regions, and then drive to the Gullfoss waterfall.
  • The volcano tour – If you have a strong heart, then the tour gives you a spine-chilling experience of suspending you from a rope into a dormant volcano.
  • Horse-riding tour – Riding a horse is a relaxing way to imbibe the beauty of nature on the Golden Circle.
Nissan Patrol Superjeep at Fimmvorduhals Volcano. Eruption in 2010

Where to eat?

  • Fridheimar Farm – It is a farm specializing in fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. You can have a bread-based buffet here.
  • Olverk – It is a standard pizzeria and brewery in the region of Hveragerdi serving delicious wood-fire pizza and exquisite local beer.
  • Matkrain – It is a relatively new restaurant in Hveragerdi, offering a range of open-faced sandwiches. You can also taste roasted pork belly with exotic Scandinavian condiments.
Strokkur hot spring erupting in Iceland

A beautiful extension of the journey

You can make the day trip at The Golden Circle more interesting by driving through an off-beat path in the reverse journey, starting from the Gullfoss area to Thingvellir National Park.

Including the Blue Lagoon

If you can manage to extract a few hours from your trip, then it is suggested to visit the enticing Blue Lagoon, adding more value to your itinerary.

To enjoy the Blue Lagoon and soak into the hot water is great experience.

Plan anytime during the year

The Golden Circle is open for the tourists all through the year. You can plan anytime to visit and have a memorable travelling experience.

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5 Tours of Iceland That Will Get You Off the Tourist Trail

If you want to add a unique dimension to your traveling profile, you should include touring Iceland in your priority list. The exotic locations of the country will amaze you with their natural beauty. You can consult a reputed travel company to customize the tour. From witness Northern Lights to driving along trails adorned with fjords to experiencing ice caves, the number of activities is numerous.

We plan your iceland private tour

Rent a super jeep

You can rent a super jeep to drive across the winding paths, exploring the enthralling Iceland terrain. A decent travel company has a strong fleet of 4 X 4 jeeps and luxury SUVs. You can choose the vehicle according to the strength of the traveling group in Iceland Super Jeep Tours. For a large group of friends, you can rent a super jeep that accommodates 17 people.

A list of five crucial tours

It is always a nice idea to know about various tour plans and itineraries before you dive into your journey plan. You will have a bank of information to rely upon. You may compare the different tour packages and choose the most suitable itinerary. The following list tries to encapsulate a few Iceland Super Jeep Tours that you can explore.

On a tour around Iceland

Touring the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle tour on a 4 X 4 vehicle is one of the most exciting experiences in Iceland. You will also have the support of an experienced guide throughout the journey. The first stop will be the excellent Thingvellir Park that is a World Heritage site according to UNESCO. Driving through the circuitous paths you can reach the beautiful Laugarvatn Lake. The next stop will be the famous Gullfoss Falls. IN the latter part of the journey, you will witness the natural geyser Strokkur, erupting gracefully.

The Grand South Coast tour

The diversity of the South Coast will mesmerize you at once. You will see the Seljalandsfoss waterfall at the beginning of the journey. Next, you will drive the super jeep to the imposing Thorsmork Valley. After traveling a bit, you will reach the exquisite Gígjökull Glacier.  You will have several eating options on the coast.

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula tour

You can opt for a 2-day super jeep tour to the marvelous Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Through the journey path, you will witness a host of natural wonders like waterfalls, fjords, streams, cliffs, volcanoes, and beaches with black sand. Take a decent pair of hiking shoes for the caving experience in this itinerary.

The tour of the Reykjanes Peninsula

It is one of the exciting tours where you will see fascinating geothermal activity, gorgeous volcanic profusion, and exotic cliffs. Driving through the mountainous paths and visiting the Krýsuvík cave is a lifetime experience.

Enjoying the Northern Lights on a private tour

Touring for the spectacular Northern Lights

An Iceland itinerary is incomplete without seeing the Northern Lights. The shower of bedazzling solar particles across the sky is a treat to the eyes. It will a memorable traveling experience for you.

You may customize the tours

You can choose any of these fiver tours when you travel to Iceland. You may also combine different tours to make an extensive customized package.

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