Vikings of Reykjanes – Minibus Tour

Ideal for those who want to see as much as possible, with little driving

The fact is that the Reykjanes Peninsula is a treasure chest of attractions, both natural and cultural. We can drop you off at the Blue Lagoon at the end of the tour, if you want, but you need to buy your own entrance – select the time slot for 5 PM. Those who don’t want to go to the Blue Lagoon will return with us to Reykjavík in the minibus and be dropped off at their hotel. Those who stay in the Blue Lagoon need to arrange for their own transport* to Reykjavík (or KEF) after that.

And by the way, yes… we have those viking horned hats to lend you for the pictures 🙂

Now… the program! 🙂 Where do we go? We begin with Lake Kleifarvatn and the hot springs of Krýsuvík, named Seltún. These locations are part of the Reykjanes Unesco Geopark. We’ll see a Ship Wreck from 1988 and then pay a visit to the fishing village of Grindavík and look at its harbour.

Then we head to the ever changing hot springs of Gunnuhver, the Reykjanes Lighthouse, and the Valahnúkar Cliffs, where the Atlantic Ridge comes ashore. The next stop will help you understand more about the geology of Iceland, as we stand on the Bridge Between Continents. But first we enjoy the black-sand beach of Sandvík, which was one of the shooting locations of the movie ‘Flags of Our Fathers’. Then driving along the rugged coastline we find Garður and its two very photogenic lighthouses. During the summer time it should be possible to see quite a lot of bird life in some of these areas.

During the tour we will invite you to taste a weird Icelandic healthy drink made from fish. Also, believe it or not, we will have a few secret stops that we don’t tell you anything about here online 🙂

At the end of the tour we have a cultural visit to the Viking World, which is included. You’ll learn about how the vikings sailed to America a thousand years ago! Then we come by the Blue Lagoon to see the beautiful blue silica water and the lava, and then return to Reykjavík.

* Returning to Reykjavík on your own: It’s possible to simply buy the transfer ticket for the shuttle buses out there outside the BL – see their schedule – and they always have sufficient seats. At the time of writing this information (2017), it costs 2,500 ISK per person.

* The operational minimum for our minibus tour is 4 passengers. If we don’t meet the minimum, we offer you a tour with our partners. Or full refund of course.

* If your desired date in not available on the calendar, send us an email to – we may be able to arrange for an extra departure if the minimum is met. Also, see our super jeep half-day tour.

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PRICE: 13,900 ISK


  • Lake Kleifarvatn
  • Krýsuvík Hot Springs
  • Ship Wreck
  • Grindavík Fishing Village
  • Gunnuhver Hot Springs
  • Reykjanes Lighthouse
  • Valahnúkar Cliffs
  • Sandvík Black-Sand Beach
  • Bridge Between Continents
  • Garður Lighthouse
  • Viking World – included
  • Optional: Blue Lagoon @ 5 PM
  • Secret stops 🙂


  • Season: All year
  • Duration: 8-9 hours
  • Reykjavik pick up: 8:30 – 9:00
  • Excluded: food not included (will make lunch stop)
  • Blue Lagoon: if you will go, please book the entrance on the BL website for 5 PM.

What should I wear?

Waterproof footwear and clothing! Better not to wear trainers or jeans since they’re no good when wet and cold.