Northern Lights Magic | 4×4 Super Jeep Tour

What are the advantages of going by super jeep on a northern lights hunting adventure?

Well, there’s the travel comfort and sitting space available in the vehicle. The tour is personalized since we only take in smaller groups. It’s a very flexible travel experience that one can say that we “play by the ear”. We can lend you a tripod at no extra cost. And there’s of course the 4×4 thrill!

We may go on mountain tracks in the vicinity of Reykjavik, or lava fields. Weather conditions and visibility play an important role in deciding which route we take. While hunting for the lights we show you the nature of Iceland in the dark, and we enjoy watching starry skies with no light pollution nearby – that’s an experience in itself!

* Also available as a super jeep private tour – book here – or by minibus.

Terms of this tour
  • Please book the first available date you have.
  • We will email you in the afternoon to let you know if we are going out or not.
  • If we cancel the tour: you can email us and reschedule for tomorrow.
  • If the tour is operated but we do not see the lights: then we offer you TWO extra attempts for free, in our minibus.
  • We need to know a.s.a.p. if you will take that extra attempt or not (so that we can organize vehicles & guides).
  • We only run the tour when we have rather clear skies and the aurora forecast is promising.
  • We monitor the weather and Northern Lights forecast using Icelandic Met Office, and the Geophysical Institute.
  • The cost is only refunded when the tour cannot be operated, even once.
  • There’s no guarantee of actually seeing the Northern Lights.

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PRICE: 22,900 ISK


  • Super jeep tour out of Reykjavík
  • 2 extra attempts if nothing seen
    (the free attempts are operated by minibus)
  • Tripods to borrow for free
  • Hunting for the Aurora Borealis
  • Small group fun tour
  • Enjoying starry skies and silence in the dark


  • Season: mid Sep – mid Apr
  • Duration: up to 4 hours
  • Hotel pick up: from 20.30 can take up to 30 minutes
  • What to bring: warm winter clothes (no jeans) and good shoes.

What should I wear?

Waterproof footwear and clothing! Better not to wear trainers or jeans since they’re no good when wet and cold.