Mývatn Nature Must-Sees | Day Tour on 4×4 SUV

The Mývatn Region is beyond question the gem of North Iceland. There you can see an almost chimerical realm of spluttering blue mud pots, hot springs, stinking fumaroles, majestic waterfalls, weird lava formations, and volcanic craters – for starters!

Due to its geological outset, the region offers the visitor multiple natural features at short distances, so you can experience the best that North Iceland has to offer, in one day. This is the Iceland you’ve always imagined 🙂

We travel on a 4×4 comfortable SUV (not a super jeep) with a maximum of 6 people. This is a full-day tour where we will explore all the basic attractions of the Mývatn area and some extra ones. And you will of course delight in the views of the magnificent Fjord Eyjafjörður in the Arctic Ocean.

You’ll be visiting attractions such as Goðafoss Falls, which have a very interesting history of the time when Iceland abandoned paganism. You’ll hear how the pseudo-craters of Skútustaðir were formed just 2300 years ago. There’s also the small lava Cave Grjótagjá, which contains a pool of warm spring water. We then visit the largest hot spring area in Iceland, the Námafjall Hverir mud pots and fumaroles. And among the many highlights there’s the huge volcano Crater Víti, which means “hell” and is located by the Krafla Power Station. There are other stops as well (see the google map below).

It’s possible to do this day tour from the AEY Airport in Akureyri. Also, we have available pick up locations between Siglufjörður, to anywhere in Akureyri. Pick-up & drop-off locations may be different, and there’s no extra cost for this. This is very practical for visitors who won’t be having a car.

Have fun in North Iceland !!

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PRICE: 29,900 ISK


  • Goðafoss Falls
  • Pseudo-Craters Skútustaðir
  • Dimmuborgir
  • Grjótagjá Cave
  • Hot Springs Námaskarð
  • Crater Víti
  • … and more 🙂


  • Note! this a day tour in North Iceland
  • Pick up: any accommodation between Siglufjörður and Akureyri
  • Transport: 4×4 SUV (not super jeep)
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Minimum: 3 adults
  • Excluded: lunch (we make stops for meals)

What should I wear?

Waterproof footwear & clothing! Better not to wear trainers or jeans since they’re no good when wet and cold.