Disco Northern Lights – Minibus Tour

Do you need a budget-friendlier Northern Lights tour? We present our aurora hunting tour, by minibus. This is very convenient since it’s operated in small groups, and we give you one extra shot,  in case we see nothing on the first attempt. But of course we only go out if there’re reasons to believe that we might see the auroras.

It will be nice if your trip to Iceland is not too brief, so that you can make use of the bonus attempts if needed. The northern lights are a truly beautiful natural phenomenon, and we really want you to see it and enjoy it 🙂 But just so that you manage your expectations correctly, don’t aim for the auroras as your main goal when visiting Iceland. Our nature is genuinely awe-inspiring, with or without the northern lights!

PS: “Disco” is just short for “Discover” … what were you thinking? 🙂

Do you want it nicer? This is our tour, on super jeeps.

Terms of this tour
  • Please book the first available date you have.
  • We will email you in the afternoon to let you know if we are going out or not.
  • If we cancel the tour: you can email us and reschedule for tomorrow.
  • If the tour is operated but we do not see the lights: then we offer you ONE extra attempt for free, in our minibus.
  • We need to know a.s.a.p. if you will take that extra attempt or not (so that we can organize vehicles & guides).
  • We only run the tour when we have rather clear skies and the aurora forecast is promising.
  • We monitor the weather and Northern Lights forecast using Icelandic Met Office, belgingur.is and the Geophysical Institute.
  • The cost is only refunded when the tour cannot be operated, even once.
  • There’s no guarantee of actually seeing the Northern Lights.

Why do the northern lights occur?

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PRICE: 9,500 ISK


  • Minibus tour out of Reykjavík
  • Maximum 19 passangers
  • You can cancel anytime
  • 1 extra attempt if nothing seen
  • Hunting for the Aurora Borealis


  • Season: mid Sep – mid Apr
  • Duration: up to 4 hours
  • Hotel or bus stop pick up: from 20.30 and can take up to 30 minutes
  • What to bring: warm winter clothes (no jeans) and good shoes.

What should I wear?

Waterproof footwear and very warm windproof clothing! Better not to wear trainers or jeans since they’re no good when cold or wet in the snow.