Top Reasons for Visiting Iceland

Tourism industry has been witnessing a sharply rising interest among travelers to visit and explore the small Nordic country, Iceland, in recent times. People are authentically showing enthusiasm to unravel the beauty of this lovely country, known for its magnificent fjords, imposing lava fields, captivating black sand beaches, lush greenery with wildflowers during the summer months, melancholic coasts, beauty of its hamlets, and extravagance of its capital, Reykjavik. There are genuinely solid reasons to visit Iceland, as concisely explained below.

The natural marvel of Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights are arguably the major reason to visit Iceland. Several official and unofficial surveys have empirically concluded it to be the main attraction for exploring the country. The dance of solar particles in clear midnight skies, displaying a magical interplay of fluorescent hues with electric impressions is something you put on top priority in one of the Private Tours Iceland organized by the renowned travel company Discover.

When the sun shines during summer nights

If you visit Iceland during summer time, you would be amazed to witness that the sun never seems to set days after days, and barely gets dimmer after midnight. The fun of the Private Tours Iceland is, besides getting immersed in the local culture of the country, you also come across knowing unique natural phenomena that would seem alien.

The excitement of whale-watching

While other spots across the world don’t quite guarantee you about witnessing the antiques of a whale even in the middle of the ocean, Iceland never disappoints you. You are bound to watch many whales in a short session. You could watch rare species such as the humpback whales. The tours are immersive, imparting you a first-hand experience of watching the massive yet gentle sea giants from close quarters. Most of the whale-watching tours also let you watch hundreds of puffins, a signature to the pleasant weather conditions during summer months.

The charm of a soothing geothermal lake

The Blue Lagoon is one among many geothermal lakes in Iceland. The water is naturally hot due to geothermal activity beneath the famous Reykjanes peninsula. You can simply swim and revel in the waters, even during winter time! The warmth of the mineral-rich water rejuvenates your soul and imparts your body a youthful energy, with its healing properties.

Impeccable magnificence of Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is the most beautiful region in Iceland, with motley of display of forests, glacial lakes, mountain trails, geothermal areas, waterfalls and what not! From roaming in the captivating Thingvellir National Park to witnessing the enthralling Gullfoss Waterfalls, you can get engaged in a wide spectrum of activities at the Golden Circle.

The exuberant nightlife of Reykjavik

The capital city Reykjavik has its own appeal that keeps tourists glued to its fascinating nightlife. From high-end pubs to cozy eateries, you could flexibly hop around the lovely city, safely and merrily.

Have you already started planning?

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