Iceland: A Journey to the End of the Earth

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to the world’s most peaceful and happiest country? How would things seem to be over there, or perhaps how is the culture over there? Well, we can all start our realization with the fact that Iceland is not just about ice and snow.

The country has a distinctive cultural heritage. One will not only learn about the Nordic civilization and Viking histories but also get to taste some of the world’s most unusually prepared yet tasty cuisines. Ever heard of fermented shark? It is traditional for Icelanders including many more dishes of lamb, sea-food, sea-birds and bread.

The country can best be experienced through Iceland Tours Cheap offers that are provided by tour operators. It certainly becomes a hindrance to go on your first visit, either alone or with family/friends and need to spend plenty to explore, learn about places and visit popular destinations. So, it is always feasible to take professional help.

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Let us take the instance of Discover Iceland. If you have a look at their website you’ll come to know that the operator serves compatible vehicles for touring purposes, as well as accommodations for over-night stay and guides to simplify the touring experience.

Under keen observation one will get to know that without such services the very same tours will cost somewhat higher, firstly because the country is expensive. Everything ranging from transportation to food and lodging will cost obnoxiously high, especially during tourist-visiting seasons.

Speaking of visiting seasons, vacancy is a major issue because the international visits are statistically rising year after year. The number accounts to over millions annually, so it gets really hard to find instant bookings. Unless one uses tour operator services it is literally impossible to obtain confirmed bookings anywhere under affordable rates.

Let’s have a look at nature in its grandeur

The country is known for its wide-expanse of natural locations that not only serve as a peaceful retreat for travelers but also brings out the adventurer within everyone. Due to natural events that happened several years ago, such as tectonic movement and volcanic activity various alterations have happened over the country’s geography.

This eventually resulted in the formation of distinctive places that are nowhere to be found anywhere else on this planet. There are Black-Sand Beaches at the coastal areas that are filled with black soil. Such a place is perfect for the ones who seek spiritual fulfillment as well as relaxation away from the city. Furthermore, there are some of the world’s most beautiful and distinguished waterfalls whose beauty is till-date incomparable!

Adventure-seekers will have a brilliant time at the volcanic craters, feeling the heat radiate as they go underneath, or perhaps the iceberg caves that so beautiful and extraordinary. Apart from natural brilliance the modern way of life is also another fascinating trait of this country.

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The city where over half of the country’s native population resides, ‘Reykjavik’ is the hub of entertainment, Icelandic fashion, parties, events and festivals. People generally flood the streets especially during holiday seasons. Various international acts, including music festivals and cultural events are organized that attract tourists from all over the world.

So, we can thereby conclude with the fact that the journey to the end of this earth actually feels like the beginning of something new. The end is where nature’s most wondrous spectacle can be witnessed and Pagan/Nordic virtues can be relived once again. One’s life and soul certainly get rejuvenated in such magnificent parts of the world.

5 Beautiful, Natural Sights of Iceland

Iceland is truly a traveller’s paradise. The country is famous for things, places, culture and food that are nowhere else to be found on this planet. This includes peaceful natural retreats; distinctive terrain and not to forget a world of diverse culture and traditions.

Let us have a look at five of Iceland’s most beautiful, serene and picturesque natural retreats that should be on every aspirant traveller’s bucket list. Here we go!

Aurora Borealis

Also known as the Northern Lights, this natural phenomenon occurs due to chemical reactions in the sky when extracted particles from the sun enter the earth’s atmosphere and light up. This natural marvel displays strings of colourful lights dancing in a wavy pattern. Tours to see the Northern Lights serves an even better and surreal experience from the country’s photogenic viewpoints.

It is however important to check the weather conditions before embarking on your unforgettable Northern Lights Safari. The lights appear distinctly due to certain natural factors, such as clear and dark sky, or winter season too. So, it is best to stay updated with weather reports rather than returning disappointed.

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a man-made geothermal spa. It is surrounded by ice and snow-capped landscapes all over, making the place highly picturesque as well as tranquil. It is the only place on earth where one can swim in water where the temperature is always over 40-degree centigrade throughout the year and that too encompassed by a snow filled terrain, making the swimming experience somewhat ironic actually.

The Great Geyser

This natural geyser shoots water up to seventy meters high in the air. The water in such geysers reaches underneath the surface for nearly two thousand meters and sprouts with full throttle upwards when the maximum boiling point is reached. The great Geyser has been existent for over ten thousand years and is still active for visitors to come and witness.


It is popularly known as one of the most picturesque spots of Iceland. Travelers can go behind the waterfall and have a view from behind the falling streams. The environment gets further enhanced by lush green coverings and a misty surrounding. It eventually turns out to be a traveller’s favourite peaceful retreat and is often frequented by visitors for a splendid leisure time.

Lake Myvatn

The lake was first established in 1974 as a conservation area. It is surrounded by a majestic natural wonder, known as the Water Fall of the Gods. It is one of Europe’s most famous waterfalls. The serenity of the place is dominated by the sounds of the water currents and it indeed is soothing as well as relaxing to witness the former in person.

There is plenty more to witness at Mytvan, such as volcanic craters and beautiful lakes. One can also notice an extraordinary birdlife amidst such parts, perfect for photography or mere observance.

The hot springs near Mývatn in North Iceland. It’s just so colorful and surreal.

We have only gone through five of Iceland’s incredible and extraordinary locations. Truth be told, the list would be endless if we were to count every single feature. There are black beaches, ice-caves, waterfalls, mesmerizing natural landscapes and much more that are always greater than what meets the human eye.

So, conclusively we can state that the country is a sanctuary for the ones who seek adventure as well as spiritual peace or fulfilment amidst the confines of nature. It is the most peaceful country in the world for certainly the perfect reasons as visitors would notice.

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The Top 5 Dos and Don’ts- Iceland Travel Tips In Christmas

Traveling to Iceland can sound quite fun and interesting as the country is bestowed with natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. Iceland is a small Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. This country is volcanically and geologically active for this very reason the country has beautiful landscapes and natural wonders in it. Iceland is home to some of the most top rated tourist attraction in the world as the country has wide ranges of natural wonders and beautiful landscapes. Due to its location, the country also witnesses uncommon phenomenon like the Northern light and sunshine at midnight. Overall it is a special place to visit and witness the natural wonders and the uncommon phenomenon of the planet earth.

Northern lights from Djúpavík Westfjords

But before travelling to Iceland there is a list of Do’s and don’ts you should know to have a successful and worth remembering the trip. Iceland Travel can be quite tricky sometimes for a number of reasons. So you will always need the help of the locals or tourist guide in your stay in Iceland. But to help you ease out we have a list of do’s and don’ts for your trip to Iceland.



  1. The weather in Iceland can be a little tricky. A sunny day can just turn into a quick turn of snow flurries so it is very important to dress up well and carry a raincoat with you at all times.
  2. You should be extra careful while driving in Iceland and always keep in mind that this is not the place to showcase your talent and driving skills as the roads are slippery and prone to accidents. So it is very important you read the signs and take the right side while driving.
  3. Make sure you see the northern light while in Iceland as this is a unique phenomenon that occurs only in some parts of the world. The Northern Lights are stunningly beautiful and worth watching.
  4. Never miss a chance to dip yourself in the hot water spring but before doing this always shower yourself with soaps for hygienic purpose.
  5. Do not tip in Iceland restaurants as they added all charges to the bill and moreover they consider tipping an insult to their effort.


  1. Never drive off-road in Iceland as it is illegal and damaging to the fragile environment of the country. Doing this can land you in some serious problems.
  2. Do not expect anything cheap in Iceland as the prices there are crazily expensive even for foods. Even the Icelanders make fun of the expensive nature of the country.
  3. Do not wet your hair from any of the hot springs as the water contains sulfur which makes your hair stiff for days. It also damages your hair and makes your hair loss its natural softness.
  4. Do not plan your trips for hunting the northern light without considering the weather and aurora forecast.
  5. Be cautious while driving and never exceed the speed limits of 20 miles per hour as the weather can get pretty windy and dangerous.

What Can You See On the Iceland Golden Circle Tour?

Iceland, as a tourist destination is growing in popularity with more and more people from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA discovering its unique charms. For most tourists, one of the best ways to get an all-around experience of Iceland is to arrive here in summer and embark on what is known as the golden circle tour.

The golden circle tour is so named because it covers a sort of circle around the island and some of the finest spots are located on this route. offers one of the best golden circle tour Iceland based for first timers and for tourists who return again, enchanted by the island’s attractions. There are several ways to do the Golden Circle tour in Iceland. One is in a 4×4 super jeep with giant wheels and a drive-in attendance. It could be a bit expensive so the next best thing is a tour of the circle in a standard luxury Mercedes minibus in a small group up to 19 passengers on each tour, something most tourists prefer. There are standard attractions and then there are those off the beaten track. Discover Iceland’s guides also offer some hidden and delightful surprises to tourists undertaking the GC Tour.

The most famous and must visit places on the Iceland golden circle tour by are Thingvellir National Park, The Geysir Geothermal area, Gullfoss Waterfalls and the pseudo red craters at Rauoholar, the black sandy beach and crater Kerio. It can be a pretty straightforward tour starting with Thingvellir. The Park is unlike any others in the rest of the world. For one, it is where the European and American continent landmasses meet and one can actually dive down the Silfra and touch the two tectonic plates. The Park is of historic importance to Icelanders, the site of democratization of the country that goes as far back as 930 AD when the term itself was unheard of. It has been the meeting place of “parliament” since then and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The drive on the golden circle takes tourists to the Geysir Geothermal area and then on to Strokkur, a Geysir that erupts with clockwork regularity every ten minutes. Next on the itinerary is Gulfoss waterfall, a scenic and enchanting spot to watch water cascading down 32 metres. If one joins the right tour there is a chance to go rafting on the river Hvita that feeds this waterfall. The boat ride is an entirely enthralling experience. The hidden facts that not many people know is that Gulfoss is connected with Sveinn Bjornsson who became the country’s first president before which he was a lawyer who handled the case of Sigriour, the daughter of the original owner of the Gulfoss, embroiled in a legal battle to prevent the damming of the waterfall to generate power.

This is just scratching the surface. can offer customised tours and detours on the Golden Circle that make it a uniquely absorbing experience.

Have a Wonderful Tour in Iceland

More and more people now make a beeline for Iceland. The reasons are obvious. It is proving to be one of the best vacation destinations in the world.

One has only to join any of the family run Iceland tours to find out the immense variety of attractions that Iceland boasts about. The topology of Iceland is like no other. From active volcanoes to lava plains and from forests to fiords and glaciers to steaming geothermal springs, the country has it all. There is something for everyone. This is perhaps the only place with a man-made geothermal hot water lake, the Blue Lagoon, where one can bathe in waters that are 40 deg C in temperature while there are snow and ice all around. If one searches, there are other hidden geothermal springs where one can take a dip in hot waters. Lake Pingvallavatn is the only place where one can dive down into a fissure and view the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates side by side. Where else but in Iceland can one descend into a volcano? It is possible at Thrihnukagigur, a volcano that is no longer active but has caves one can roam around in.

There is peace. There is serenity. It is Iceland with mesmerizing views, unique nature’s formations and a sunset and sunrise to die for. One can go camping in the wild and not fear wild animals because there are none or so few that they do not cause any worry. Iceland has ice caves that are just out of this world. The Langjokull glacier has a man made tunnel people love to explore. Iceland tour will take visitors to beaches where there are actually icebergs floating in the sea and one can mount one and cavort on the waves.

June and August are the most favored months for tours to Iceland for the simple reason that the weather is mild and, more importantly, the Sun shines at midnight. One can take a round trip to the Golden circle, return to the hotel in the evening, set out for a dip in the Blue Lagoon and then return to Reykjavik to take part in live music shows. Later, at around 3 AM one can have a late dinner. IF summer has its attractions so does winter. The stars are out and the skies are clear. Even though it may be quite chilly, people venture into the night. The simple reason that draws people out at night is the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, nature’s own display of fireworks. Views, destinations, and nightlife, as well as music go hand in hand with food. Iceland does offer unique foods, some of them daunting such as fermented shark. It takes a brave person to try out these foods. Iceland is one big happy country that welcomes tourists.

There are unique spots on the Golden Circle tour as well as other trips to waterfalls Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss and the unique black sand beach. Iceland tours by gives visitor’s options to visit the most famous spots as well as find a few hidden gems they can treasure in their memory.

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