Life After Coronavirus: Ready to travel as soon as its safe?

The ongoing Covid-19 crises have affected the lives of people in several ways. Currently, people are constantly dreaming of the moment when they will be able to return to their normal life routine, meet their friends, and start travelling again.

However, the biggest question arises that whether life after coronavirus will be normal or not?

Travelling after Covid-19-

Once, this global pandemic ends, it would take a very long time for the world to get back on the normal track, as several people will go moneyless and jobless. Travelling was the very first thing which was affected after the news of Covid-19 came in. This global pandemic has put a hold on the travelling era and it might take years to start over again. Naturally, everyone would want a long holiday, travelling different parts of the country once this pandemic comes to an end. However, the travel freaks might not like the idea that tourism will not be the same anymore as it was earlier. Covid-19 is going to leave a long-lasting effect on both travelling and the lives of people.

Travelling is proved to be good for the soul but it might not prove good for your health especially during this time of global crises. As per the increasing cases of coronavirus worldwide, it can be pictured that years 2020 and 2021 might not be travel friendly. Tourism entries to several countries might get opened after this unfortunate time but that would come health checks, loads of safety measures and heavy restrictions, which means travelling will not be safe anymore. 

Iceland travels

When it comes to tourism, travelling to Iceland is considered to be one of the most amazing and wonderful experiences of travel freaks. As it offers the most beautiful landscapes with geysers, hot springs, volcanoes and lava fields, that are spectacular to watch and explore. Iceland has plenty of natural attractions. The land of fire and ice is also popular for its several glaciers, beaches and mountains that gives the view of real paradise. But the question that arises here is that, whether Iceland travels will be safe after COVID-19 or not?

Travelling Iceland after Covid-19 

Currently, several countries are going through this coronavirus crisis with increasing cases in every 24 hours. Iceland also comes under this global pandemic with confirmed cases of total 1,799 people, 10 death cases, while recovered cases stands at 1, 750. As of March 31, 2020.

However, unlike other countries, neither Iceland travels have put any restrictions nor they have announced a lockdown in their country. According to the Government of Iceland (ministry of Industries and Innovation), Iceland is taking a very different approach to tackle this issue. Instead of testing people selectively, they are carrying out mass testing, which means every citizen in the country has to be tested if the report comes positive, those people are quickly isolated for 14 days. People in Iceland who doesn’t show any symptoms of coronavirus also need to undergo testing, so that they do not miss out any infected person. Moreover, there are no restrictions on Iceland travels. People are free to travel to Iceland and there is no special screening at the airports of Iceland. 


As soon as the travels restrictions are removed from their respective countries, people will look forward to their dream trips in Iceland, but travelling to Iceland after Covid-19 would demand a lot of safety measures, health checks and restrictions.

Tips for travelling Iceland after Covid-19

Wanting to travel after being shut for months is very natural and needful to relax your mind and soul, but it also requires some safety measure to keep in mind before you begin travelling.

The Icelandic authorities are not carrying out any special screening at the airport, but they have highlighted some important information for the tourists who wish to travel to Iceland. They emphasise that any tourist, who experience symptoms such as cough, fever and any other symptoms related to coronavirus should directly contact on the health line number 1700(+3545444113). This number is for those who call from a non-Icelandic number.

The coronavirus is showing fast-changing situations. Even if you are travelling to any unaffected place or a country without any outbreak, there might be possibilities that a particular place might develop new cases. In that situation, you need to rearrange your travelling plans or be ready to get quarantined in the worse situation.

There are several more tips to protect yourself if you are planning to travel to Iceland after COVID-19. These include: 

1. Washing hands: If you wish to go travelling in Iceland after Covid-19, always remember to wash your hands frequently with any soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

2. Use hand-sanitizer: In case you are not cannot wash your hands, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to keep your hands sanitized.

3. Wear a mask: Do not forget to carry and wear a face mask if you plan to go on Iceland travels. It will protect you as well as other people from catching coronavirus.

4. Avoid physical contact: When you travel to another country, avoid handshaking with people. They might be infected with the coronavirus.

5. Avoid touching your face: If you haven’t washed your hands in a while during the travel, do not touch your face, nose, eyes or mouth.

6. Contact health line number: While travelling to Iceland, if you experience any symptoms related to coronavirus, contact on their health line number 1700(+3545444113), if you calling from a non-Icelandic number.

These were some of the insights into the life after Covid-19, travelling Iceland after Covid-19 and some useful tip for travelling to Iceland post coronavirus.

For the meantime, stay safe at your home and keep yourself updated on COVID-19.


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Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Tour

Iceland is truly blessed with natural beauty that holds the power to simply leave you spellbound It is known for its black beaches, rocky lava fields, mesmerizing glaciers, and incredible natural phenomena. Considering its vast landscapes, covered with lush green forests, amazing wildlife, huge mountains and beautiful coastlines, it certainly is a place that one needs to visit at least once in their lifetime.
With its white, snow-covered, mystic glaciers and magnificent volcanoes that are no less than a thing of beauty. There exists somethings are required to be experienced to truly feel their worth. And visiting Eyjafjallajokull Volcano is one of them. It is a paradise in every sense. It welcomes thousands of adventure enthusiasts with open hands every year. Plus, the rugged landscape exists for those who want an adrenaline rush.

Our modified Toyota Land Crusers can take you off the beaten track.

Come and visit the famous Eyjafjallajokull volcano, also known as E15, and experience the sublime beauty of Iceland. It is completely covered by a massive 100 ice cap. The tour will take you on an adventure ride through vast landscapes and great hangout spots. You will also get the opportunity to visit various well-known locations along with many hidden gems of the land of fire and ice. The large volcanoes, glaciers and hot springs will leave you wanting for more. If you are looking for a fun ride that not only includes natural wonders but is also filled with adventure then this tour is just right for you. Get to experience numerous places of divine natural beauty and get lost in this paradise called

About tour
Eyjafjallajokull is a part of the smaller ice caps of Iceland. It is an active volcano that has erupted recently in 2010. The region consists of a volcano that is entirely covered by an ice cap. The ice cap has many outlet glaciers and covers an area of about 100 square kilometers. Out of many outlet glaciers, most are to the north. Gigjokull glacier flows into Leonid while Steinholtsjokull glacier flows into Steinholtslon. The mountain is 1,651 metres high and is known for a 4 km crater that opens to the north.

On the way to Thorsmork we visit Gígjökull, the largest glacier outlet of Eyjafjallajökull (you remember the infamous eruption of 2010 that disrupted air traffic all around the world).

First, we will head to the Solheimajokull Glacier and explore the rich geography of the glacier. Then you will also get to explore the beautiful South Coast of Iceland. You will experience the thrill of walking over the thick ice as we take you for a hike on a glacier. You will get to visit Seljalandsfoss & Skogafoss waterfalls and see the lovely water hitting the magnificent rocks, making a pleasant sound. Plus, experience the breath-taking Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach that is sure to leave you spellbound. So hurry up and pack for a tour that will be with you for the rest of your life.

There is never a chance to get away from your busy work life. Stay lost in south of Iceland serene beauty. Come along on a journey that you will cherish for your life. This tour gives you the chance to get in touch with Iceland’s absolute tranquillity. Be prepared to be overcome by the beauty of the majestic Eyjafjallajokull volcano. This tour is especially designed for those who find adrenaline rush in travelling on the rugged lands and seek adventure. So if you are looking for a remarkable experience in Iceland, then this might be the tour for you. Travel across places of glorious natural beauty and enjoy all the fun that Iceland has to offer.

If you go to the South Coast of Iceland, this is one of the best known attractions… the black-sand beach and its columnar basalt rock formations :) But beware of the waves! It is a very dangerous beach. We run this tour either by minibus, or super jeep.

Why choose this tour?
This is a tour that takes you to the 2010 erupted volcano Eyjafjallajökull that is bound to leave you in surprise. You will get to explore the enormous volcano along with waterfalls and black sand beaches
and more on this one hell of an adventure. Volcano safari on a super jeep tour is a great idea as our expert guides will take you through exclusive scenery that is only possible on wheels. So don’t forget
to bring your camera to capture the beautiful sites that Iceland has to offer. However, this tour is not just about the mighty volcano but also about more stops on the way to the beautiful Icelandic

We are an agency that works according to its client’s demands. We plan this tour so that you can enjoy the journey to the fullest. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. In view of this, you
reserve the right to change the route and take different routes depending on the site that you like to visit. We are very flexible and obedient to your commands.
We make sure you immerse yourself fully in this exciting experience and only take good memories back home. A specially trained and certified guide is available on our tours. We strongly believe our success depends on your trip success, so let go of all your worries and leave everything to our hands.

The South Coast of Iceland


What is the tours’ difficulty level?
We offer tours at varying levels of difficulty. It is not a problem if you don't have a previous adventure travel experience, our tour guides make everything look easy and fun. Does the tour has a decided plan? Yes, the tour is well-planned in advance. But we call ourselves different for a reason. Our travel agency always keeps its client’s demands on the top. We can customize the tour according to your convenience.

Do I need a local tour guide?
Getting a tour guide by your side will improve your travel experience during your journey. A good guide will clarify the local culture and traditions and give you a lot of knowledge about the places you want visit. We select our guides very carefully to ensure high standards of service. Our guides know all the popular tourist destinations along with the hidden gems of Iceland.

How should I pack for my trip to Iceland?
It is recommended to pack warm clothes along with snow boots as Iceland is covered with thick ice throughout the year. Moreover, packing hiking boots would be a great idea to climb up the sky-high mountains of Iceland. Also, don’t forget to pack your crampons and ice axe along with safety glasses for extra protection. Remember to pack everything waterproof, as it could start raining at any time of the day in Iceland.

Considering Eyjafjallajokull an active Volcano, how safe is the tour?
Eyjafjallajökull is completely safe to visit and is flocked by tourists every year. It is considered a must-visit location by many tour agencies of the South Coast. The town of Hvolsvöllur also has visitor’s
center near the volcano that takes care of all the adventure-loving tourists.


Our satisfied customers will tell you to make the right decision.

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Private Ice Cave Tours in Iceland

What are the ice caves? 

Ice caves are the natural process and are formed during the winter. They are known as Crystal Caves because the magnificent light through the blue ice makes them look like crystals. There are many ice caves in Iceland whose appearance and position change every year due to the weather condition. Discover Iceland provides the best Iceland Private Tours. 

The structure or design of the ice caves is not permanent. The seasonal process of melt/freeze has a vast effect on the ice caves and glaciers. During summer, the warm weather removes the existing structure and craft the new caves.

During the multi-day tour with Discover Iceland. Good hotel and comfortable tour on super jeeps.

How it is formed? 

In summer, the glacier melts and the meltwater flows inside the glacier and forms the hastening rivers of cold water. Further, the freezing cold rivers flowing inside the glacier form channels through the glacier. 

In winter, the glacier stops melting and as a result, there is no flow of melt Water Rivers. Since during summer meltwater makes passage inside the glacier. The passage and water are still inside and hence the river tunnels look brightly blue crystalline ice caves and are reachable to tourists. With Iceland Private Tours you will get a chance to see these wonderful and amazing ice caves. 

A cave located in Mount Kverkfjöll, North Iceland is very difficult to reach. It was formed by the geothermal activities. Many caves are formed by a combination of seasonal meltwater and hydrothermal heat. 

The Most Famous and Visited Ice Caves are-

The Crystal Ice Cave 

In this cave, you will see many extraordinarily clear quartz-like crystalline freeze water. It is the most popular ice caves and located in Vatnajökull. 

This cave is famous for its great whirls of strong jewel blueness and has an endless aquamarine opening at the end of the cave. It has the largest glacier in Europe. 

It will take you 3 to 4 hours from Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon to reach a crystal ice cave. You will discover wonderful glacial scenery while traveling through the Crystal Ice Cave. People travel across the globe to view or to visit this ice cave. Iceland Private Tours provides a special way to experience the crystal ice caves

Katla Ice Cave 

This beautiful ice cave is also located in Vatnajökull. This cave has a beautiful contrast of different colors like pale blue, grey, white, and black and this attractive contrast gives a really dramatic cave to explore. 

This cave also has magnificent light blue ice and has more than two entrances. 

Hiking can be done on the glacier. Iceland Private Tours also provides the hiking facility and with this, you can visit on the glacier. With hiking, you will get a chance to discover the natural Vatnajökull ice cave. 

This is the man-made tunnel inside Glacier Langjökull. The entrance is from the West side of the Glacier.

Langjokull Ice Cave 

It is the second-largest glacier in Iceland. The surprising fact is that this ice cave is man-made. It has incredible patterns on the roof of the ice river and is surrounded by white ice and is layered with grey stripes from the ash of volcanic explosions. This cave is totally dark. Another similar cave is located in Mýrdalsjökull.


FAQ section 

What is the best time to visit ice caves in Iceland? 

You cannot visit ice caves during the summers because the caves are filled with glacier meltwater. Winter season is the best time to visit ice caves and if we talk about the best month then it is from mid-November to mid-March. The chances of collapsing of a glacier are more in summer and hence it is dangerous to visit inside the cave during the summers. 

What should you carry? 

Since the temperature is cold enough hence it is advised that you should keep warm clothes, jackets, hiking boots, a camera, glacier equipment like a helmet, ropes, etc. If you take our Iceland Private tours then our team will provide you with the necessary and required equipment. 

Where the ice caves are located in Iceland? 

Ice caves are located in Vatnajokull National Park in Southeast Iceland. it will take you 4 to 5 hours drive from Reykjavik.


How you can get to the different ice caves? 

Either you can drive yourself, rent a car, or can opt for a bus tour. If you opt for the self-drive then make sure that the car you rent should be a 4 wheel drive because a car with 4 wheel drive features provides better traction control and grip on the icy and rough roads. Iceland Private Tours provides the best vehicles, if you want to go for self-drive or if you want a rented car. 

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Best Activities to do during Iceland visit in Summer


Iceland can be depicted as a standout amongst the most awesome and amazing places on earth. It belongs to a rich history and culture, and its local people are among the friendliest of any place on the planet.

The most frequent query our customers come up with is what is the right time to visit Iceland. Iceland is one of a kind tourist vacation spots that offers extraordinary travel experience throughout the year. Every season has its own advantages, but Iceland in summer months is complete bliss to tour the places that Iceland has to offer. You can never get disappointed upon visiting Iceland anytime.

Summer, obviously, is the best known-season for Iceland travel. There are valid reasons behind why it is said so, the warmer climate, expanded sunlight, activities like music and art festivals, green landscape and open country roads clearing access to less visited and to some untouched parts of Iceland.

If you are making a plan to visit Iceland in summer, and thinking to do some fun exercises, you’ve gone to the ideal spot! Iceland has a ton of fun exercises for everyone. Regardless of whether you are searching for some adventure or fun activities for the whole family, Iceland in summer is the best option for you. Here is a rundown of the best activities to do in Iceland during your summer visit:

Cave tour

Iceland is a place filled with lots of caves of all shapes and sizes. Caves have a prominent place in the Icelandic history, as they were used as shelters for people or animals in cold winters.

It is difficult to know the number of caves present in Iceland since a large number of them are still to be found. Caving tour gets the chance to experience a different world which many others have not seen yet. Explore the underground world through your eyes.

The most popular caves are the glacier ice caves. The difference between normal ice caves and glacier ice caves is that ice caves are generally bedrock caves, which contain ice all year round, but the glacier ice cave gets formed within the glacier’s ice.

When you come to Iceland you will truly need to see characteristic blue ice glacier caves, however, those are just open mostly in the winters, from November until March.

Exotic Soaking

The second-best thing to do during the tour to Iceland in summer is taking a relaxing bath in the geothermal pools. You are welcome to the nation of endless access to both cold and high temp water! You can discover hot water springs fundamentally all over and bathe in them. You can find hundreds of hot springs surrounded by Icelandic greenery. The most popular geothermal pool is Blue Lagoon in southwestern Iceland.  The warm water of the lagoon is rich with benefitting minerals, often known as for curing some of the skin diseases. The location of this Blue Lagoon is easily accessible from the capital city of Iceland (Reykjavik). Another most visited lagoon is the ‘Secret Lagoon’, as the name suggests, the secret lagoon is situated in a wilderness location, spoiled not much.

There is also one geothermal pool located inside the Grjótagjá cave, the cave is hugely popular for the shooting place of one of the scenes of the world-famous series Game of Thrones.

Horse Riding

Horses in Iceland are quite well-known for their friendly and reliable nature. The horses found in Iceland are descendants of the ancient Vikings, that used to live thousands of years ago. So, they are an integral part of the Icelandic culture and provides comfortable rides to the country’s beautiful landscapes, especially to the untouched part of Iceland. This makes it a good thing to do if you are planning to visit Iceland in the summer months.

The Icelandic steed is an extremely beautiful creature. The little stature of the horse makes it ideal even for children to ride. Regardless of whether you are an experienced rider, or you are attempting it out of the blue, there are suitable horse-riding tours accessible for you. Appreciate the wonderful Icelandic nature while going on an Icelandic horse.

Super Jeep Tour

If you are looking out for a happy and stress-free time in your visit to Iceland in summer, you should choose Super Jeep Tours Iceland for complete comfort and exciting tour around the spectacular scenes of the place.

The country highlands are the super jeep’s regular living space. On a super jeep, you can cross streams, drive on glaciers, go to the highlands and significantly more that you couldn’t do on a customary vehicle or normal jeep. Explore the majestic attractions of Iceland like Grand South Coast, Great Golden Circle, Landmannalaugar Highlands, and the Northern Lights and many mores through super jeep tour by Discover Iceland.

The 4×4 modified super jeeps have highly comfortable seats which easily fit 4-5 people and provide huge comfort with utmost privacy. The driver guide of the super jeep makes sure you have a good time during the tour to Iceland in summer.

Whale and Puffins Watching

The summer season is incredible for whale and puffins watching. You get the chance to go out on a boat or stream and explore the Icelandic natural life. The fishing town of Húsavík is known as one of the best whales watching places in the world. There is a wide range of whales and dolphins you may see on a whale watching visit, and on the off chance that you are fortunate, you may likewise see the most popular Icelandic puffin!

You would be glad by knowing the fact that Iceland is home to nearly 60% of the world’s total puffin population. If you are planning to visit Iceland in summer, between May to August, there is a good chance to see puffins as well as other rare species of birds here. In late springs, hundreds of puffins come offshore for breeding purpose. The Icelandic name for puffin is ‘Lundi’.

Go for Snorkeling

Iceland is one of the two places on this planet where you can see two earth’s tectonic (American and Eurasian) plates meeting above the surface. They both are drifting apart by 2 cm each year. What’s the good news? You can go for snorkeling in between these plates. If you want extra fun during your visit to Iceland in summer, it is a must-do activity as the water here is cleanest and you can see clearly under the water. You can’t beat the snorkeling experience in the Silfra fissure ever in your life.


Tips to Spend Summer Season in Iceland

Iceland is blessed with beautiful sceneries and thrilling opportunities for adventures. The cool ambience of the country is well-known across the world. The travelers will get to experience the beauty of the country in an exciting manner. If you are not travelling to Iceland, certainly you will miss one of the best potions of the world that have been attracting the tourists due to its unparalleled beauty. Home to unreasonable excellence Iceland with its crazy settings makes an extraordinary and striking picture of magnificence and quality. It is known for its torpid volcanoes, geysers, grandiose waterfalls, peaceful lakes, sprawling glaciers and seething seas.

The Icelandic “Bridalveil Falls” are found in the Westfjords, but it’s not accessible but in summer and the shoulder season.

Iceland isn’t a trip for the timid or the favor holidaymaker. Making a trip to this island country needs mental quality to manage its frosty coldness, uncovered and fruitless wild tough scenes and the perils that ice slush or snow can bring to the easygoing drifter. It is, in any case, a paradise for nature sweethearts and scene picture takers and Iceland tour offers a test in its assorted variety a deceitful simplicity. Exploring this intriguing, magical country is an unforgettable experience, so if you’re looking to travel to a truly unique destination, Iceland is the perfect place, any time of year.

Landmannalaugar is amazing place in the highlands

Summers are brief in Iceland and the end of August feels like early fall. Most tours and adventure trips end in mid-September. Backroads are closed from mid-October to mid-may. The prices fall and there are fewer travelers so most places are not so crowded. This is a great time to enjoy spectacular fall colors though they are different from the usual autumn color show. Since Iceland does not have a lot of trees the color changes are mostly in the grass mosses and low shrubs. For the best fall foliage travel on the east coast which has lots of trees. Bring warm clothes and be prepared for the possible cold weather though you might get lucky and experience summer temperatures for a short time.

Iceland is a land of mixed wonders with many beautiful exciting attractions like the natural ice caves which are really stunning and breathtaking in view. These ice caves are indeed beautiful impressive sites which attract a lot of tourists each year. But all ice caves are not permanent as they melt during the summer season but most of them survive the short summer of Iceland.


Iceberg Lagoon of Jökulsárlón, in south east Iceland.

If one gets a chance to watch the midnight sunlight the sky in different tones of pink and yellow then they will have had a beautiful experience already. This midnight sun lets one enjoy the long summer days of Iceland even more. It is out during summer months and the best place to see it would be near the sun voyager or by Grotta Reykjavik.  Summer is a great time to visit Iceland since it is an ideal spot for whale watching hiking and exploring the numerous outdoor activities the country has to offer. Experience the interesting summer nightlife with activities ranging from midnight golf to street parties with dancing and live music.