When Is the Best Time to Explore Iceland On A Budget?

Iceland happens to be one of the most popular tourist spots in the world. Those who harbor vigor and adventure in their hearts should pay this European country a visit. Then again, even globetrotting fanatics who had the unforgettable taste of wanderlust think twice before adding Iceland to their list of places to visit. After all, exploring this country can be extremely expensive. If you’re one of these people, you should go through this write-up. This handy guide will provide useful to you. Here you’ll learn about the best time to visit Iceland, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

1. The cheapest time: Just like every other tourist spot in the world, exploring Iceland without spending too much money is possible during the off-season. Super Jeep Tours in Iceland offered by www.discover.is won’t pinch your pocket if you plan your visit in autumn. In reality, the off-season starts from early autumn and continues into the late spring between September and May. Tourists are hard to find from January to May, which means flights, accommodations, and car rentals won’t cost you a lot.

2. The best time: Now, there’s a bit of a difference between the cheapest time and the best time to visit this country. Super Jeep Tours in Iceland will be all the more enjoyable in April and May because they are the warmest, sunniest, brightest, and driest months. Basically, you get around sixty days to plan your trip and enjoy the best, as well as the cheapest visit to this Nordic nation. Daylight remains around 13 to 20 hours during these two months. Naturally, you get enough time to explore every location.

3. Springtime: You have to acknowledge the fact that everything in Iceland is a bit different from the rest of the world. Springtime in this part of the world isn’t what you expect. The mountains remain covered with snow until mid-May, and the temperature bounces backward and forth between -2 and 10 degrees Centigrade. The brightness of the sunlight increases and the amount of time daylight remains in the sky begins to increase by 6.5 minutes every day. Numerous species of birds return to the island to nest and mate, including the world-renowned Atlantic puffin. Iceland’s fauna also comes into action during this period.

4. Things to do: So, how will you pass the time in Iceland in April and May?

  • See the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis.
  • Set out on a journey to search for puffins.
  • Explore ice caves from the inside.
  • Ride exotic Icelandic horses.
  • Take a trip around the Golden Circle or visit the South Coast.
  • Go for a swim in the Secret Lagoon, Iceland’s biggest natural geothermal lake.
  • Ride snowmobiles.
  • Go inside a lava cave.
  • Enjoy snorkeling at the Silfra Fissure.
  • Hike along the Icelandic trails.
  • Go camping.

Final words

As you can see, there will be more than enough on your plate if you plan your visit to Iceland between April and May. Additionally, you can avoid the crowds, explore the best locations in peace, and witness the unearthly beauty of this geographically and geologically unique destination without spending an arm and a leg.

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Why Visiting Iceland Is One of The Best Travel Experiences?

Planning your travel after covid-19 is something you might have been looking forward to. Several countries are easing restrictions and opening up doors to global tourists. On this note, you can chalk out a extensive plan to travel across length and breadth of Iceland, a new hotspot for global travel enthusiasts. Its broad spectrum of natural marvels attracts thousands of tourists from various parts of the world, each year. You might want to know about the exact reasons to tour the country. Read on.

Self-discovery amidst enthralling Nature

When you participate in Iceland Super Jeep Tours conducted by Discover, a top-rated travel agency, you assure a memorable itinerary, with tons of experiences. From fjords to black beaches to lush grasslands, rugged mountains, lagoons, black beaches, glacial plains and many more, you would be completely enamored by the beauty Iceland has to offer. It would be a journey of discovering your soul, and knowing the spirits that reside in your heart.

Lesser number of tourists to be bothered about

Another top reason to visit Iceland is there are usually a lesser number of tourists in key spots of interests, unlike some of the coveted touristy places across the world. In your Iceland Super Jeep Tours, you would be easily able to explore the different regions smoothly, in a serene environment, without feeling the rush and without countering the issues of a long queue.

Safe and convenient travel on Super Jeeps

You have the opportunity to hire Super Jeeps in the tour, at affordable rates, which take you to all kinds of terrains, without any hassles. You would be totally satisfied at the effectiveness of these robust vehicles, especially when you are touring the nation with a large group of friends or family members.

Charm of unpredictability in weather conditions

You might get a creased forehead at first, after reading the term ‘unpredictability’. But, the fact is, at the end of the tour, you would fascinatingly recall how it rained at one moment, and the day became sunny and snowy the next moment! Fast changing weather conditions are one of the hallmarks of Iceland, which you would rarely find any other country.

Magical Nature in all forms

As mentioned in the beginning of this blog, the Nature offers you all its beauty splendidly, in several forms. You can enjoy winter spots on a snowy valley, you can enjoy watching puffins along coastlines, you can stroll lazily on black sand beaches, you can sail calmly through glacial waters – the list is almost endless! Keep in mind that if you want to enjoy the Iceland tour to the fullest extent, then visiting to multiple regions is a must-have plan in the itinerary.

Buy a travel package from Discover

Discover has good reputation in the industry as a premier travel agency, catering to global tourists with customized Super Jeep travel packages in different parts of Iceland. You can consider purchasing a nice package from them, meeting all specific requirements of your tour plan.

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Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iceland You Can’t Afford to Miss in Your Iceland Tours

You must have heard about the numerous natural marvels in Iceland you could witness as a tourist. From fjords to black beaches to lava fields to glacial formations – the list is apparently endless. But the beautiful Nordic country is also a abode for a slew of fascinating waterfalls. There are many small and big waterfalls, in the hinterlands of Iceland. Seeing them and capturing in camera is one of the most scintillating activities to enjoy while you are touring the country.


This is one of the less visited waterfalls in Iceland. When a reputed travel agency like DISCOVER plans your Iceland Tours, you have the flexibility to include sightseeing the waterfall in your itinerary. It is in the vicinity of the lovely Mt. Kirkjufell, in the emphatic Snaefellsnes Peninsula. You would have a memorable experience at the spot, especially as a travel photographer, due to the captivating scenic enigma of the place.


If you are keen in witnessing marvelous yet lesser visited waterfalls, then keep Hraunfossar in your priority list when planning itineraries for Iceland Tours. Its location is in the fascinatingly beautiful Borgarfjordur, in regions of West Iceland. The waterfall provides you one of the most spectacular scenic views you could witness in the whole of country.


As the list of waterfalls in Iceland is long, there is no dearth of choices for you, if you extensively focus on visiting both popular and less-visited waterfalls across the terrains of the country. The waterfalls of Bruarfoss are snugly located in Grimsnes, a place in Southwestern fringes of Iceland. The electric blue colors of the waters would strikingly capture your imagination. It is one of the most enthralling locations for nature photographers, in the whole nation.


If one of the itineraries takes you to the magnificent Skaftafell Nature Reserve, then don’t miss visiting the lovely Svartifoss Waterfalls. It is located amidst mystic basalt columns, which have a dark, blackish hue, formed naturally over thousands of years. These blackish hexagonal columns surround the milky white Svartifoss Waterfalls, creating an impeccably enamoring contrast hard to find anywhere else in the world.


It is one of the more famous Waterfalls in Iceland, which receives hundreds of tourists each year from all over the world. It has a historic saga related to it, which tells about the conversion of the country to Christianity. The name is fitting to the saga. It is the only waterfall to feature in the classic route of ‘Diamond Circle’.


Without any speck of doubt, Gullfoss is the most famous of all Waterfalls in Iceland. It is arguably the crown jewel of the heavenly Golden Circle. It is in the vicinity of Geysir geothermal region. Also, Thingvellir National Park is close to it. The mighty glacial river of Hvita in Southern Iceland is its location.

Set up the itinerary

As you already have a nice list, now, it is your duty to set up a good itinerary to witness most of the waterfalls in Iceland.

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Why you should get around Iceland in Iceland Super Jeep

Traveling to Iceland is a lifetime experience. However, the experience becomes memorable when you thoroughly explore the varied terrains of the country. It is practically tiring and expensive when you solely depend on public transport and break journey to achieve the feat.

What can be a better option? You may consider doing a guided private tour in a Super Jeep for the purpose. The vehicle is robust, safe and reliable. You can conveniently travel across Iceland.  Being a heavily modified vehicle it makes sure to get your through the most challenging landscape in comfort and joy.

It is crucial to buy a tour package from a reputed travel agency to avail the facility of touring in a Super Jeep. Read on to know more details on this matter.

Going to Thorsmork Valley 

Discover, a top-rated travel agency, organizes Iceland Super Jeep Tours, which make it easy to dig through the various tourist spots in the country.

  • You can conveniently opt for traveling to the famous Thorsmork Valley by a Super Jeep.
  • You will experience multiple river crossings on the way
  • The rates are competitive and suit your budget especially when 3-5 people share the private tour.
  • While driving across the park, you may stop at the famous waterfall of Seljarlandsfoss on the way
  • Book your Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure tour now

Immersive experience Langjokull Glacier

You also have the choice in Iceland Super Jeep Tours to experience the mighty glacier of Langjokull. It is amongst the second largest glaciers in Iceland around 953 sq kilometers Ice cap.

  • You can drive through the deep snow via Super Jeep
  • We let the air out of the tires to get better flowtation in the deep snow
  • This is amongst the most extreme 4×4 experience to get from Iceland
  • We ofer a visit to Langjokkull Glacier on our Private Golden Circle Glacier tour.

Tour to Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is yet another beautiful place where you can drive on a rented Super Jeep.

Chasing the Northern Lights

How can one forget the immense exciting of witnessing Northern Lights while touring Iceland?

  • Super Jeep is probably the most marvelous vehicle, which you can drive to various spots to get a glimpse of the fascinating dance of solar dust.
  • Capturing the magic of Aurora Borealis becomes easier when you are driving and exploring sightseeing spots on a Super Jeep.
  • You do not have to rely on public transports for viewing Northern Lights.
  • You can simply drive the Super Jeep to a suitable spot, park it beside and camp for the night.
  • Book you private Northern Lights Super Jeep tour now

Driving to Vatnajokull

Vatnajokull is yet another magnificent National Park where you can conveniently drive on a Super Jeep. You witness astonishing scenic beauty at the park. The amazing view is bound to give you goose bumps.  If you start from Reykjavik on Super Jeep, it does not take much time to reach the spot.

Buy your package today

Explore the tour packages on the website of a reputed travel agency. Buy a package that suits your itinerary the most.

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Why Iceland Super Jeep Tours are Famous?

Tourists planning to explore Iceland often get a dilemma. What is the best way to travel the country?

  • There are public transports at places that help you to an extent.
  • Also, you may get some assistance from private car services.
  • But if you are looking for greater reliability, then the best option is hiring a super jeep.

 In this case, the crux of the matter is getting hold of a reputed travel consultant or agency that arranges Super Jeeps for tourists. A little bit of internet research can help you to connect to the suitable company. Tours on Super Jeeps in Iceland are extremely popular. There are some valid reasons for this.

They come with customized packages

One of the greatest benefits of Iceland Super Jeep Tours organized by a top travel agency such as Discover is these tours are easily available through numerous customized packages.

  • You will have the liberty to choose the tour package as per your budget.
  • The expenses are customized and then adjusted for the Super Jeep services that you are hiring.
  • You may be on a shoestring budget and able to travel to only a couple of spots on a Super Jeep. There is no problem in this. The professional travel planner will customize your specific requirements accordingly.

All-terrain vehicle

Another illustrious benefit of availing Iceland Super Jeep Tours is the tremendous capacity of the vehicle to ward off every kind of terrain surface.

  • There are lots of varieties in terrains all across Iceland. From rocky paths to snowy trails to smooth roads to slippery tracks – the range is prolific.
  • A Super Jeep easily overcomes all kinds of surfaces with its efficient grip. You can easily drive on any surface. The terrain type will not create any problem for you.

Resists every weather

The weather conditions in Iceland are highly unpredictable. You will never be able to correctly predict snow, rains or sunlight.

  • You need a transport that provides you safety and security, irrespective of weather conditions.
  • The wisest decision you can take in such a case is hiring the services of a Super Jeep.
  • The vehicle has robust built and great technical features that make your drive safe and convenient.
  • Whether you are caught in heavy snowing or in a storm, you will not counter any hassles when you are inside a protective Super Jeep.
  • The resistance power of a Super Jeep is extremely commendable.

Spacious and comfortable interiors

Comfort factor is a major issue for most of the travel enthusiasts, especially when they are traveling to a place less-explored. What can you do to address this? There is an easy solution – you simply rent a Super Jeep.

  • A Super Jeep has terrific interiors with tons of comfortable features and sophisticate facilities. You will never get any scope to complain.
  • Also, there’s lot of space. Even if you are traveling with a large group of 8 to 10 friends, there will be no space crunch.

Explore super jeep options

Surf the net and explore various Super Jeep options that you can hire on your Iceland tour.

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