11 Engrossing Activities You Can’t Afford to Overlook in your Iceland Tour Itinerary

Spicing up your tour to Iceland with lots of activities is exciting. You can plan ahead of the tour about the particular activities you would prefer to indulge. Iceland has plenty of natural marvels. The Nordic island nation offers you lots of opportunities to enjoy.

A top pick would certainly be the famous Godafoss Waterfalls.

Get enchanted by the Waterfalls

The superb Iceland Private Tours, organized by Discover, introduce you to numerous captivating waterfalls across the country. A top pick would certainly be the famous Godafoss Waterfalls, in Southern Iceland.

Seydisfjordur is a hamlet you should prioritize to visit in your Private Tour Iceland

Discovering the beauty of Seydisfjordur

Seydisfjordur is a hamlet you should prioritize to visit in your Private Tour Iceland. It has a charming, rustic landscape. If the visa of the Private Tours Iceland permits, you can take a Wednesday ferry from the village to Denmark.

It takes merely a 15-minute drive to the lovely Kolugljúfur Canyon off the Ring Road

Strolling at the Kolugljúfur Canyon

It takes merely a 15-minute drive to the lovely Kolugljúfur Canyon off the Ring Road through the outskirts of Reykjavik. The place is relatively unknown to the touristy crowd. You would enjoy its remoteness and the exclusive viewpoint it offers.

Horses in Iceland are unique.

Riding on a horse

Horses in Iceland are unique. They are pure-bred. Try exploring the local terrains on a horseback. The experience would be sweetly memorable. But, it is an advice not to feed the animals.

Getting mesmerized with scenic churches

Iceland has many churches. Whether you are exploring a city, town or hamlet, you would come across a church. The delicate architecture of any given church is arresting. You would be fascinated by the intricate built of each of them.

Lupin flowers are beautiful, vibrant, purple flowers that grow in the grasslands of Iceland.

Witnessing the charm of Lupin Flowers

Lupin flowers are beautiful, vibrant, purple flowers that grow in the grasslands of Iceland. Their unique charm would capture your imagination. But, to witness the flowers, you have to particularly visit the country during summer months.

Getting few dips in a natural hot spring is almost like a ritual for any tourist visiting Iceland.

Rejuvenating your spirits in Natural Hot Spring

Getting few dips in a natural hot spring is almost like a ritual for any tourist visiting Iceland. One of the best examples of Hot Springs is at Hrunalaug. You would instantly feel a gushing youthful energy after your bath.

The Peninsula’s National Park is world-famous.

Visiting the majestic Snaefellsnes Peninsula

It is located in the Western Iceland. The Peninsula’s National Park is world-famous. It also has a ‘black church’. You would fall deeply in love with the gripping beauty of the place. Do not forget to carry a high-definition camera to frame its wonders.

Stokksnes is a locale known for its black, shiny dunes.

Exploring the mystic Stokksnes

Stokksnes is a locale known for its black, shiny dunes. The place has an imposing backdrop of a mountain range. It is a private area where you need to pay a nominal fee to enter.


Do not miss the opportunity to spend at least a day in a campervan in the lap of Icelandic lush green terrains. It is a soulfully adventurous experience.

You would be in awe of the panoramic view from Dyrholaey.

Enjoying the viewpoint at Dyrholaey

You would be in awe of the panoramic view from Dyrholaey. It is near to Vik, a popular camping town.

Gear up

Start prioritizing the activities mentioned in this web blog. Plan accordingly. Get ready for a magical immersive experience.

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Top Reasons to Purchase Iceland Holidays Package for Your Next Tour

Iceland is definitely a country full of dreams for any global travel enthusiast. You would be enthralled at each step, when you traverse through the variegated terrains of this beautiful and captivating Nordic country. There are lots of practically valid reasons to pack your bags to Iceland in your next travel expedition.

Choosing the best service provider

Before digging through the reasons to travel in Iceland, you need to choose a top-rated travel agency. On this note, you can safely trust on the professional services of Discover, an agency with huge reputation in tailoring custom Iceland Holidays Package at reasonable rates. It is fully guaranteed that you would have a memorable tour.

Getting immersed in the magnificence of Reykjavik

Most of the tourists commit a mistake of overlooking the capital city, Reykjavik, and allot all their touring time in exploring the hinterlands and countryside. But, when you have availed Iceland Holidays Package, from a trusted service provider, ensure that you roam around the beautiful city of Reykjavik, thoroughly enjoying an immersive experience of knowing the genuine Icelandic culture. There are world-class restaurants, clubs, museums and gardens, aplenty in the city. Cycling through various lanes and alleys would also refresh your mind.

Visiting the mystic lake of Myvatn

Head to Northern fringes of the country, where you would get a wonderful opportunity to witness the mysticism of Lake Myvatn. Not many tourists visit the lake area. The other name for it is ‘The Fly Lake’. The gorgeousness of the lake is bound to captivate you, and you could also witness series of naturally formed volcanic rocks around it.

Witnessing the beauty of Dettifoss Waterfall

When you already have an itinerary that takes you to Northern Iceland, it would be a mistake to miss the regal Dettifoss Waterfall. It has an approximate height of 44 meters. The crescendos of milky white crystal clear waters would totally fascinate you with their scenic magnificence.

Exploring the marvelous West Fjords

Traveling to further north of the country, you would be witnessing the marvelous beauty of West Fjords, which have an association with folklores and old traditions. You could visit the Hornstrandir, arguably the most enigmatic bird cliffs in Iceland. In the vicinity, there is the imposing mountain of Bolafjall. If you are traveling during March and April, you would be able to see thousands of puffins at this location.

Snowmobiling in Golden Circle

Without a trip to Golden Circle, the trip to Iceland is regarded as incomplete, by the opinions of travel experts. Plan the tour during winter months, at the end of the year, or in January, if you want to experience the thrills of traveling. There would be valleys fully covered with soft, wooly snow. The popular recreation during these times is snowmobiling. You can also go for snorkeling if you wish.

Make a priority list of activities

The wise thing is to make a list of activities you want to do and accomplish while touring Iceland. Choose the ones that suit you the most.

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Visit Iceland in the Spring: Private Tour Iceland

Spring is undoubtedly the coolest and most soothing month when you can visit Iceland. Make an itinerary to explore the mystic Nordic country. You may also take suggestions from a reputed tour operator.

Months of March and April are truly great times to visit Iceland. It is springtime. Some people also opine May is within spring, too. Actually, spring and summer intermingle in this country. The Nature is in full bloom. The chances of witnessing Northern Lights are arguably the most during this period.

Exploring the whole country by renting a Super Jeep is probably the best option. You will be able to dig through many natural marvels conveniently.

Why do you need a reputed travel agency?

Before delving deeper into the topic of traveling Iceland during springtime, know basic things about why do you need a reputed travel agency to set the plan. Discover is an excellent tour operator, conducting well-knit Private Tour Iceland, for global travel enthusiasts at affordable rates.

  • They are professional and know all interesting spots of the country.
  • You will receive full value for what you spend.
  • There are provisions for customization, too.
  • You can flexibly choose a package.

The magic of Northern Lights during spring

  • Northern Lights are considered the single-most important attraction in Iceland.
  • You might have watched documentary films and several images of the phenomenon.
  • If you do not witness Northern Lights while exploring the country in Private Tour Iceland, then your itinerary remains incomplete.
  • Spring nights are excellent times to watch the dance of colorful solar dust.
  • The sky is without clouds.
  • You will not have any problem to witness the magic of Northern Lights.
  • There are particular spots in Iceland from where you can clearly watch the Northern Lights.
  • Consult with your operator regarding this matter.

Lesser expenses

  • One of the greatest benefits of traveling to Iceland during spring is you will have to spend lesser amount of money.
  • It is off-season.
  • The services lower the prices across the country.
  • Whether you want to rent a Super Jeep or a room in one of the hotel, the rates are quite affordable. You do not have to spend a hefty sum.
  • You also enjoy customized rates for these services.

Lesser crowd

Another advantage of traveling during spring is you do not experience the rush of global tourists in Iceland. Less number of people visits the country in March and April. There will be smaller crowds. Exploring the top attractions of the country will be much more convenient.

Excellent weather conditions

It is beyond doubt that Iceland has the most soothing weather during springtime. You would thoroughly enjoy its beauty. There is gentle breeze and no snowfall. Yes, it is true that you cannot enjoy winter sports like snowmobiling; however, you will not require any special arrangement to travel across the country.

 Plan and travel

You should have a robust plan to travel in Iceland. Buying a travel package from a good travel agency will handle all itinerary details efficiently.

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What Are Romantic Things to Do During Iceland Tours?

Iceland is a dream destination for couples. If you are searching for a romantic refuge for your next tour, then aim for Iceland. The marvelous terrains of the country are bound to overwhelm you and your partner with their immense beauty and exotic shades.

  • You may choose to plan all alone and set on a tour.
  • But if you wish, you can opt for a travel agency too.
  • The expertise of a reliable travel agency will help you to design an itinerary packed with adventures and exciting activities that will kindle the romance in you both.

Do you want to know about various romantic things you can do touring Iceland? Read along.

Gazing at Northern Lights

  • Northern Lights are the primary attractions in Iceland.
  • Tourists from all over the world visit the country to have a glimpse of this dance of solar dust.
  • Discover, a top travel agency, arranges meticulously for sight-seeing in Iceland Tours that enable you to relish Northern Lights.
  • Keep in mind that clear skies are most idea conditions to watch it. Lying side-by-side just outside the camping tent and watching Northern Lights with your partner is a genuinely romantic experience.

Bathing in Blue Lagoon

When you are in Iceland, you can never undermine the significance of Blue Lagoon.

  • Its waters have medicinal properties.
  • It is really a thoroughly enjoyable experience to dip your body, along with your partner, in the lagoon, rejuvenating youthful spirits.
  • You will feel refreshed, with a gust of energy pouring in your veins.

Tell your travel consultant to put visiting Blue Lagoon as a top priority in Iceland Tours.

Having an elegant Dinner

It always feels great to treat yourself with an elegant and sumptuous dinner when you are touring a country with your partner. It will get you accustomed with a wide range of food items of Iceland.

  • There are many top-class restaurants in Iceland. You can choose one at Reykjavik. Being the capital city has its own advantages.
  • Select a well-known restaurant and book a dinner table for both of you. It will be indeed a tremendously romantic experience.

Hiking in Reykjadalur

For hiking enthusiasts, Iceland throws several opportunities for rejoicing the activity.

  • There are numerous trails across the length and breadth of the country.
  • For example, both of you can go to Reykjadalur on a super jeep and enjoy the hike there. The place also has a stream with warm waters. Both of you can take a bath to energize your spirits.

Going for a beer tour

When both you and your partner are beer lovers, it is a good idea to go for a short beer tour.

  • You can participate in a dedicated beer tour at Reykjavik.
  • You will be able to taste a completely different and exciting beer flavor. It is unique, indulging and smooth. A beer tour is a nice way to take a break from daily travel schedules.

Sit together and plan

Plan with your partner about the romantic itinerary that both of you would take while touring the beautiful Iceland.

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6 Reasons Why to Pick Iceland Private Tours to Visit Urridafoss

When you tour Iceland, then it becomes an ardent task to prioritize the places to visit. The reason is simple. There are too many tourist-interest spots in the country.

  • A wise way to plan for the tour is to make a shortlist of places you wish to visit and then number them according to priority.
  • It will make your exploration more manageable and organized. Urridafoss is counted among the most fascinating waterfalls in the country.

It would be a mistake if you skip it. There are some valid reasons to explore the beauty of Urridafoss. Read along to know about them in details.

Most voluminous of waterfalls

  • Urridafoss is the most voluminous of all waterfalls in Iceland.
  • Visiting it in Iceland Private Tours organized by Discover, a well-know touring agency, would be a nice feather in your travel cap.
  • There are tourists who actually miss exploring the captivating charm of this waterfall.
  • The scenic beauty of this natural marvel is bound to fascinate you to the fullest extent.
  • You would be more than satisfied in imbibing the natural vibes of the environment when you visit the famous Urridafoss.
  • The gushing water of the falls is a spectacular sight. Don’t forget to carry a high-definition camera with you to frame the beauty.

Easy to reach

Are you thinking of how to access the scenic Urridafoss? It is actually very simple to reach the spot.

  • You can make your base the Reykjavik and hire a super jeep to drive through the circumventing Ring Road.
  • The waterfall is not far from the Ring Road. It is merely a short drive and will not take much time.
  • You will practically require very less resources to reach the spot with your family and friends in cozy Iceland Private Tours.

Not crowded

Another excellent reason to visit Urridafoss through a private tour is the place is neglected for unknown factors by most of the tourists. You can grab this opportunity and work it in your favor.

  • Don’t miss the chance to explore the waterfall in a serene environment, lacking the usual crowd of over—enthusiastic tourists. This will add more value to your tour experience.

Great refuge for a nice break

It is always refreshing to take a nice break somewhere in between when you have a packed schedule to visit numerous places.

  • Urridafoss can provide you that respite that you will be searching for while driving across the Ring Road.
  • It’s a beautiful refuge that will fill you with more energy for more robust traveling plans.

Doesn’t take much time to be explored

If you are short on time, then it is not a problem when you are visiting Urridafoss. It will not cut your schedule short as the place is not expansive and you can easily roam about and explore the area in half-an-hour or even less.


Once in a while, while maintain the heavy schedule of your Iceland tour, you would love to sit quietly in the vicinity of a waterfall for soul-searching. Urridafoss provides you that opportunity.

Check out a plan

Build a travel plan and book your plane tickets to visit Iceland for Urridafoss.

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