A Comprehensive Guide to Game of Thrones in Iceland

Where are the locations where Game of Thrones shooting was done? Are you curious to see the natural view which is beyond the bloody gate’s wall? Are you curious to know why Iceland is the place chosen for Game of Thrones shooting by the producers? How did the crew and cast of Game of Thrones get on shooting here? Scroll below to get a comprehensive guide to Game of Thrones Iceland tour.

Game of Thrones is the web series produced by HBO which is based on “A Song of Ice and Fire” Novels written by George R. R. Martin. This web series is worldwide famous. The web series is highly appreciated and watched among the youth, not only in one part of the globe but all over the world.

The first episode of Game of Thrones was aired in 2011. The reason for this web series catching millions of eyes is its incomparable audience holding story, cinematography, astonishing twists in the plot and mindset-provoking themes. The most important reason is the beauty of Iceland. The natural beauty of Iceland perfectly suits the view theme of Game of Thrones.

Since the release of the second season of Game of Thrones, directors and producers have found Iceland as the favourite place to shoot most of the scenes of the web series. Most of the memorable scenes of Game of Thrones are filmed in Iceland only. The producer says that Iceland has helped him to bring his imagination to reality and thereby helped the web series to touch millions of hearts.

Almost 10,000 viewers gathered in New Zealand to see the locations of Lord of Rings filming and in the UK, viewers gathered to see Harry Potter movie series shooting locations. In a similar way, thousands of people have plans to spend holidays in Iceland to see the landscapes which had a great contribution to the Westeros World.

Watching on the screens, the views of Iceland might appear so mesmerizing to anyone but when you visit Iceland, you can relive your favourite web series Game of Thrones experience in reality. Some of the places in Iceland are very easy o reach, as they are just off the main ring road while some of the places are highly inaccessible as some of the scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed on the top of the glaciers. Such places are reachable only via “F” Roads which are mostly covered with ice in winters.

Some of the locations are instantly recognizable the fans of Game of Thrones but some seem to be completely changed.

Hengilssvæðið, or Hengill mountain

Located in the Thingvellir south, this volcanic mountain is in the proximity of Reykjavik. This mountain is a famous hiking spot for hiking between Hengill and Reykjadalur Valley.

Þórufoss, or Thorufoss

It is a very popular waterfall in Iceland. It is a subsidiary of Golden circle of Iceland. Limited direction sign and zigzag roads make these places not much preferable by the tourists.

Real Alcázar Palace, Seville, Spain – Royal Palace Of Dorne

It is one of the most beautiful palaces across the world. Built by  Peter of Castile. a Christian king.

The Roman Bridge, Cordoba, Spain – Long Bridge Of Volantis

Another amazing place that you get to see in Games of Thrones is The Roman Bridge. As the name suggests, it was actually being built by the Romans at very initial time span but it was being reconstructed a number of times later on.

Doune Castle – Winterfell

It is located in between the point of River Teith where the Ardoch Burn flows into it. An ultimate eye catchy and fairyland kind of a castle where Games of Thrones was being filmed.

Tips to Spend Summer Season in Iceland

Iceland is blessed with beautiful sceneries and thrilling opportunities for adventures. The cool ambience of the country is well-known across the world. The travelers will get to experience the beauty of the country in an exciting manner. If you are not travelling to Iceland, certainly you will miss one of the best potions of the world that have been attracting the tourists due to its unparalleled beauty. Home to unreasonable excellence Iceland with its crazy settings makes an extraordinary and striking picture of magnificence and quality. It is known for its torpid volcanoes, geysers, grandiose waterfalls, peaceful lakes, sprawling glaciers and seething seas.

The Icelandic “Bridalveil Falls” are found in the Westfjords, but it’s not accessible but in summer and the shoulder season.

Iceland isn’t a trip for the timid or the favor holidaymaker. Making a trip to this island country needs mental quality to manage its frosty coldness, uncovered and fruitless wild tough scenes and the perils that ice slush or snow can bring to the easygoing drifter. It is, in any case, a paradise for nature sweethearts and scene picture takers and Iceland tour offers a test in its assorted variety a deceitful simplicity. Exploring this intriguing, magical country is an unforgettable experience, so if you’re looking to travel to a truly unique destination, Iceland is the perfect place, any time of year.

Landmannalaugar is amazing place in the highlands

Summers are brief in Iceland and the end of August feels like early fall. Most tours and adventure trips end in mid-September. Backroads are closed from mid-October to mid-may. The prices fall and there are fewer travelers so most places are not so crowded. This is a great time to enjoy spectacular fall colors though they are different from the usual autumn color show. Since Iceland does not have a lot of trees the color changes are mostly in the grass mosses and low shrubs. For the best fall foliage travel on the east coast which has lots of trees. Bring warm clothes and be prepared for the possible cold weather though you might get lucky and experience summer temperatures for a short time.

Iceland is a land of mixed wonders with many beautiful exciting attractions like the natural ice caves which are really stunning and breathtaking in view. These ice caves are indeed beautiful impressive sites which attract a lot of tourists each year. But all ice caves are not permanent as they melt during the summer season but most of them survive the short summer of Iceland.


Iceberg Lagoon of Jökulsárlón, in south east Iceland.

If one gets a chance to watch the midnight sunlight the sky in different tones of pink and yellow then they will have had a beautiful experience already. This midnight sun lets one enjoy the long summer days of Iceland even more. It is out during summer months and the best place to see it would be near the sun voyager or by Grotta Reykjavik.  Summer is a great time to visit Iceland since it is an ideal spot for whale watching hiking and exploring the numerous outdoor activities the country has to offer. Experience the interesting summer nightlife with activities ranging from midnight golf to street parties with dancing and live music.

10 Icelandic Foods and Drinks you must try in your visit

Icelandic Food is not as widely known as its natural landscape beauty offers. Gradually with the involvement of time and skill, particularly chefs improvising and infusing ingredients into the local foods the picture has changed drastically since.

The Private tours of Iceland offer you ample time to execute what truly you want to do. If you happen to be a foodie, choosing the private tours of Iceland can be your best option to explore the finger-licking Icelandic food.

Given below are some of the foods and drinks you should definitely try when traveling to Iceland.


Skyr is a dairy product made out of cheese which is similar to yoghurt. It is low in fat and high in protein and is one of the cultural Icelandic food that has been consumed for over a thousand years. As usual, you can have it served with milk and a sweet topping like berries or other fruits.


Icelanders love the meat of Lamb and Sheep. This meat is readily available than beef. They are roasted or made into hearty stew. The slow roasted lamb is preferred by the majority Icelanders. If you are daring enough you can go for the smoked Sheep’s head.

Fermented Shark

Fermented Shark locally known as Hakarl is the national dish of Iceland. While the consumption of this particular dish is relatively low even for the locals, just try it to have the notion that you have to experience this Icelandic food to the fullest.

Hot Spring Rye Bread

You will find the dark rye bread and butter served with many other meals which are a popular Nordic bread where it is baked by burying near the hot spring. They are sweet and is available in most of the grocery stores.

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Hot Dogs

The hot dog is very popular in Icelandic food. Get yourself hooked up at Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, to enjoy the best of iconic lamb and pork hot dogs. It is a small hot dog stand in Reykjavik but Iceland’s most popular restaurant. It has been serving good hotdogs since 1937.


It is seabird which is usually smoked or boiled in milk. As the national dish Hakarl, it is another dish not widely consumed. It is one of the delicacies on the Icelandic food menus throughout the country. It tastes close to beef and has a distinct seafood taste.

Fish stew

Known as Plokkfiskur in Iceland, it is a traditional Icelandic dish prepared from boiled cod or haddock mashed together with the white sauce, onions, and potatoes. Icelanders love to fish and they always use fresh fish which is no exception in this dish. This famous fish stew is also served with dark rye bread and butter.


Icelanders are crazy for coffee. In most of the streets, you will find local coffee shops and cafes. Owing to good competition by the numerous shops for good coffee, the coffee in Iceland is incredible. Of all the coffee beverage, Latte is the most popular one.


A local spirit which is similar to unsweetened schnapps. It is the country’s national alcoholic beverage and taste close to vodka. The drink is famous during the Porrablot winter festival.


The Icelandic beer has alcohol contents of about 2.25 per cent making it very light and a popular beverage. It goes well as you scout for amazing places in search of good foods.

The Best Guide to Reykjavik, as Wonderfully Weird as Ever

Reykjavik, the capital-city is situated in the northernmost part of the world. It is the cultural hub of Iceland and along with the showcase of tradition the city is also the perfect place for night-lovers because of an extraordinary nightlife. More than half of the country’s population resides within or around the city whereas the other parts are sparsely populated.


Apart from a modern way of life, the city has everything starting from museums to restaurants, pools and beaches where the events are never ending. The display of classical features is what makes the city even more distinctive than any other in the world.

Plan for private tours in Iceland straight from Reykjavik city

Plan your private Iceland adventure tour or simply walk the city by foot and you’ll definitely have a splendid time amidst natural sceneries, historic places, cultural hubs, cafes and many more! Here are some of the city’s highlights visitors shouldn’t miss.


Swimming pools

There are many popular swimming pools in the city. One is the Sundhöll Reykjavíkur which is situated a few meters behind the Hallgrímskirkja Church. The pool is enclosed within a building whose origin dates back to 1937. It is in fact the oldest pool in Reykjavik.

Vesturbæjarlaug is also another one of the popular pools in the western part of the city. It’s an outdoor pool housing a few saunas and hot tubs. One more famous site is the Laugardalslaug pool situated at one of Reykjavik’s recreational centers. These are all ideal spots for the ones who wish to relax comfortably within the city.

The Harpa Concert Hall

This massive glass building is an architectural gem within the city. The building astounds everyone with its incredible façade and the interior designs that display the uniqueness of modern day architecture.

Many popular events take place over here, including Icelandic Symphonic Orchestra which is certainly a treat to the ears. It is one of the perfect destinations within the city for some entertainment and classical vibes.


Food in this country is unlike any other. Sea food, fermented shark, bread, seabirds, lamb dishes and many more traditional cuisines are available in its wide-expanse in the city. There are strings of restaurants, cafes and rooftop venues from where visitors can enjoy the views along with enjoying all the tasty treats the restaurants serve.

Enjoy the night-life

Reykjavik’s night-life is what attracts tourists from all across the globe. The streets light up and get flooded by a bustling crowd. Shopping, exploring and partying can all be done in remarkable ways. There are also various musical events taking place that feature international electronic artists as well as world-famous music bands.

Cafes, pubs and bars are usually open till 1 am on regular days, however on weekends (Friday and Saturday) such places are open till 5 am. Art lovers will also have a splendid time attending the theater, opera, poetry brothels and cabaret musical performances.

Art and culture

Speaking of art Reykjavik has a stunning display of its tradition, history and culture at the museums, galleries and places around town. One such is the famous sculpture, the Sun Voyager situated at the seaside coast beside the Harpa Concert Hall.

One can also go check out fascinating sculptures at two of the city’s largest museums, namely Asmundur Museum and Einar Jonsson Museum. There are also smaller places like the Hallstein’s Park where one would eventually come across many sculptures nestled at their respective spots.

Hallgrimskirkja is the largest church in Iceland, located in Reykjavik.

The Hallgrimskirkja Church

The church is visible from almost every angle of the city and is indeed an architectural marvel worth visiting. The location is picturesque and the prevalent quietude is what furthermore enhances the environment’s distinctiveness. The architectural design resembles gothic styles including features of modern-day expressionist architecture as well.

Visitors can take a complete panoramic or 360 degree view of the entire city from the tower. It is open every day except for Sundays or special occasions like concerts.

Top Tips for a Short Break in Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a wondrous place to visit. It is one of the best tourist destinations of the world and shares the unique heritage of a snowy ice-filled region. If you are looking for a splendid time in such magnificent parts then the best place to be is in Reykjavik Iceland.

What to know about Reykjavik Iceland?

It is a fun filled place and offers unending things to do for explorers coming from all across the world. There are various activities to partake, for instance, a tour to check out the Northern Lights and perhaps a swim at the incredible Blue Lagoon. To make things clearer here are ten great tips for you to enjoy a marvellous vacation over there.

Be sure to book in advance

Travelling expenses are obnoxiously high in such parts but there are always alternatives. Whereas the local taxis may cost well up to twenty Euros for a mere ten-minute drive and available coaches might end up with disappointing facilities, family-run tour operators are conveniently available with good services and cheap rates.

Research is important

It is best to know about the place before embarking on a trip. Proper knowledge saves a lot of time, effort and of course money. One will eventually pay loads for traveling and hotel bookings without proper knowledge.

Be careful about the vehicle

A 4×4 vehicle is best suited for the terrain. It will in-fact be challenging to manoeuvre other vehicles on the icy road especially without proper driving experience on such parts. Discover.is (family-run tour operator) is known to provide the best services for day tours from Reykjavik Iceland, with jeeps, other four-wheeler vehicles, and professional drivers.

The Blue Lagoon

This geo-thermal spa is a favourite for travellers. The warm water provides the perfect ambiance amidst the snowy region. Advance booking through the internet will help save time and money or else it gets somewhat tough to get into the lagoon over there immediately post reaching.

Take a tour to the Northern lights

It sometimes becomes a disappointment when the lights don’t appear but Discover.is has the best solution for it. They provide a free ride if the lights don’t appear during the first trial. Furthermore, advance booking procedures will favorably curb the high expenses.

Hallgrimskirkja is recommended for sight seeing

This massive church building has a magnificent architectural form and offers the best picturesque setting for travellers.

The Harpa Concert Hall

This hall is a neat architectural design and is known for organizing exciting events. The glass structure of the building is also another fascinating feature.

Don’t miss the food

Iceland has a variety of exquisite cuisines to offer. The Fish Market is a great place to dine where the tastiest fish/meat dishes, drinks, and desserts are all included in an affordable budget.

The waterfalls are beautiful

Travellers stop by at the falls for spiritual relaxation, memorable pictures and overall experience the extraordinary views of such places.

Back-packing requirements

One will require a good stock of woollens, warm clothes and especially boots. The person will perfectly be able to adapt to the natural conditions of Iceland if equipped with all the necessary requirements for hiking.

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