Iceland during COVID-19 ~ What life is like in Iceland

Some issues turn out to be so dangerous that it changes our overall way of living. As per the government orders, people are shut in their homes during the lockdown to break the chain of COVID-19 spread. Due to this, people’s life has been affected in many ways and lurching economy. The majority of the countries are going through this lockdown for more than 3 months now and still, they are experiencing great difficulty in adjusting with it, as coronavirus outbreak has snatched away from their freedom, which is considered the biggest asset in a human’s life. 


Iceland, ‘the land of fire and ice’ also went under lockdown but not as same as the other countries. Iceland took a very different approach. Unlike other countries, Iceland did not announce a complete social and economic lockdown. They took the approach of massive testing and tracing where people with no symptoms were also tested. This helped in quickly quarantining those who tested positive for coronavirus for 14 days and allowing the rest of the population to move outside of their homes while following the social distancing rules. 


Iceland, being the popular tourist spot is famous for several beautiful attractions such as geysers, hot springs, beaches, mountains, valleys, volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, and much more. Iceland is highly dependent on its tourism. However, there is a sudden fall in Iceland’s tourism just after the news coronavirus outbreak came in. Till February 2020, the average tourism rate of Iceland stood at 1,33,001, while during the months of March-April, it dropped to 79,873, which made quite a difference in just a time.

Iceland during lockdown: 

With a total Icelandic population of 3, 36, 130 people as of March 31, 2020, Iceland reported a total confirmed case of 1,799 people, 10 deaths, while recovered cases stood at 1, 750, as of February 2020. Moreover, Iceland news showed that people are were facing the infection rate of 1 case per 204 inhabitants, which led to the northern village of Hvammsatngi going into isolation. Instead of isolating the total population if Iceland, they performed massive testing and tracing. Rigorous testing helped the Icelandic government to track people who are infected and directly isolating them for 14 days. 


This test-and-trace method in Iceland helped them to tackle this global pandemic more quickly and easily. Every person in Iceland went under testing even if they didn’t show any symptoms of coronavirus so that they do not miss out any infected person. Along with this rigorous testing, the Icelandic authorities came up with the phone tracking app, which helped them in tracking the potential interactors. Moreover, the contact tracing team of Iceland made phone calls to those who were suspected of coming in contact with any COVID-19 infected person. This unusual approach of tackling the pandemic made Icelanders continue their life with ease without going under a complete lockdown. Moreover, it helped them to recover from this issue a bit quickly, with witnessing 106 cases per day to now single digits, even zero on some days. Only those who were tested positive for COVID-19 were isolated along with their close acquaintances, the rest of the citizens continued a pretty normal life.

Moreover, Iceland tourists during COVID-19 did not go into quarantine, those who showed no symptoms of COVID-19 were allowed to roam without any restrictions. With the arrival of spring in Iceland, it came with isolating only some of the villagers in Iceland, this helped to avoid other people from being forced into their homes.


According to Iceland news, a very limited amount of restrictions were put on the citizens by allowing a total of only 20 people to gather at a time while adhering to the social distancing guidelines of maintaining a six feet gap from each other. Several offices and places such as hair salons, night clubs, pools, gyms, art galleries, churches, doctors and, dentist’s offices were closed during a hard time of March and April. 


As per the Iceland news, now, the citizens, as well as Iceland tourists during COVID-19, are allowed to gather in public places, while following social distancing. Post-May, 6, 2020, the Icelandic authorities started to slowly remove the restrictions by allowing up to 50 people to gather at a time instead of 20, as it was earlier. Universities and high schools are also ready to open in Iceland with permitting only 50 people at a time while following the two-meter distancing measures. In addition to this, several stores and places in Iceland such as hair salons, museums, physical therapy clinics, pharmacies, grocery stores, and massage parlors are ready to be opened with the same social distancing rules. Iceland is now gradually removing the lockdown. 


Other activities are also ready to start again for the citizens and Iceland tourists during COVID-19. People will be allowed to take part in outside sports activities but with several restrictions imposed on such as four individuals to be allowed to play at a time while maintaining social distance and limited sharing of sports equipment, which should be cleaned after every use. However, some facilities such as the gym, swimming pools, nightclubs, bars, and similar establishments will remain closed for the time being. 


According to the Iceland news, there are no special screenings at the Iceland airport right now and people are free to travel to Iceland, but the Icelandic authorities have highlighted the concern by stating that if the tourists travelling to Iceland or Iceland tourists during COVID-19 who have travelled from high-risk countries such as China, Iran, Italy, South-Korea experiences illness or any symptoms connected to coronaviruses such as cold, cough, fever, and headache should directly contact on the health line number 1700(+3545444113). This number only applies to those who call from the non-Icelandic number. 


Iceland news clearly shows that Iceland tourists during COVID-19 did not need to go into quarantine. This only applies to those who have returned from virus hotspots and experiences any kind of illness and symptoms of coronavirus. 

This is how life is going on in Iceland.  Steps taken by the government are turning out in everyone’s favor. People are under some restrictions but they can do their basic activities. We hope the world overcomes this situation and everything would become normal as soon.

We know will get through this very soon and people will again travel and have fun.

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Best Activities to do during Iceland visit in Summer


Iceland can be depicted as a standout amongst the most awesome and amazing places on earth. It belongs to a rich history and culture, and its local people are among the friendliest of any place on the planet.

The most frequent query our customers come up with is what is the right time to visit Iceland. Iceland is one of a kind tourist vacation spots that offers extraordinary travel experience throughout the year. Every season has its own advantages, but Iceland in summer months is complete bliss to tour the places that Iceland has to offer. You can never get disappointed upon visiting Iceland anytime.

Summer, obviously, is the best known-season for Iceland travel. There are valid reasons behind why it is said so, the warmer climate, expanded sunlight, activities like music and art festivals, green landscape and open country roads clearing access to less visited and to some untouched parts of Iceland.

If you are making a plan to visit Iceland in summer, and thinking to do some fun exercises, you’ve gone to the ideal spot! Iceland has a ton of fun exercises for everyone. Regardless of whether you are searching for some adventure or fun activities for the whole family, Iceland in summer is the best option for you. Here is a rundown of the best activities to do in Iceland during your summer visit:

Cave tour

Iceland is a place filled with lots of caves of all shapes and sizes. Caves have a prominent place in the Icelandic history, as they were used as shelters for people or animals in cold winters.

It is difficult to know the number of caves present in Iceland since a large number of them are still to be found. Caving tour gets the chance to experience a different world which many others have not seen yet. Explore the underground world through your eyes.

The most popular caves are the glacier ice caves. The difference between normal ice caves and glacier ice caves is that ice caves are generally bedrock caves, which contain ice all year round, but the glacier ice cave gets formed within the glacier’s ice.

When you come to Iceland you will truly need to see characteristic blue ice glacier caves, however, those are just open mostly in the winters, from November until March.

Exotic Soaking

The second-best thing to do during the tour to Iceland in summer is taking a relaxing bath in the geothermal pools. You are welcome to the nation of endless access to both cold and high temp water! You can discover hot water springs fundamentally all over and bathe in them. You can find hundreds of hot springs surrounded by Icelandic greenery. The most popular geothermal pool is Blue Lagoon in southwestern Iceland.  The warm water of the lagoon is rich with benefitting minerals, often known as for curing some of the skin diseases. The location of this Blue Lagoon is easily accessible from the capital city of Iceland (Reykjavik). Another most visited lagoon is the ‘Secret Lagoon’, as the name suggests, the secret lagoon is situated in a wilderness location, spoiled not much.

There is also one geothermal pool located inside the Grjótagjá cave, the cave is hugely popular for the shooting place of one of the scenes of the world-famous series Game of Thrones.

Horse Riding

Horses in Iceland are quite well-known for their friendly and reliable nature. The horses found in Iceland are descendants of the ancient Vikings, that used to live thousands of years ago. So, they are an integral part of the Icelandic culture and provides comfortable rides to the country’s beautiful landscapes, especially to the untouched part of Iceland. This makes it a good thing to do if you are planning to visit Iceland in the summer months.

The Icelandic steed is an extremely beautiful creature. The little stature of the horse makes it ideal even for children to ride. Regardless of whether you are an experienced rider, or you are attempting it out of the blue, there are suitable horse-riding tours accessible for you. Appreciate the wonderful Icelandic nature while going on an Icelandic horse.

Super Jeep Tour

If you are looking out for a happy and stress-free time in your visit to Iceland in summer, you should choose Super Jeep Tours Iceland for complete comfort and exciting tour around the spectacular scenes of the place.

The country highlands are the super jeep’s regular living space. On a super jeep, you can cross streams, drive on glaciers, go to the highlands and significantly more that you couldn’t do on a customary vehicle or normal jeep. Explore the majestic attractions of Iceland like Grand South Coast, Great Golden Circle, Landmannalaugar Highlands, and the Northern Lights and many mores through super jeep tour by Discover Iceland.

The 4×4 modified super jeeps have highly comfortable seats which easily fit 4-5 people and provide huge comfort with utmost privacy. The driver guide of the super jeep makes sure you have a good time during the tour to Iceland in summer.

Whale and Puffins Watching

The summer season is incredible for whale and puffins watching. You get the chance to go out on a boat or stream and explore the Icelandic natural life. The fishing town of Húsavík is known as one of the best whales watching places in the world. There is a wide range of whales and dolphins you may see on a whale watching visit, and on the off chance that you are fortunate, you may likewise see the most popular Icelandic puffin!

You would be glad by knowing the fact that Iceland is home to nearly 60% of the world’s total puffin population. If you are planning to visit Iceland in summer, between May to August, there is a good chance to see puffins as well as other rare species of birds here. In late springs, hundreds of puffins come offshore for breeding purpose. The Icelandic name for puffin is ‘Lundi’.

Go for Snorkeling

Iceland is one of the two places on this planet where you can see two earth’s tectonic (American and Eurasian) plates meeting above the surface. They both are drifting apart by 2 cm each year. What’s the good news? You can go for snorkeling in between these plates. If you want extra fun during your visit to Iceland in summer, it is a must-do activity as the water here is cleanest and you can see clearly under the water. You can’t beat the snorkeling experience in the Silfra fissure ever in your life.


Seven Fabulous Spring Adventures to Indulge in Iceland

Iceland during the spring season, the island nation emerges from the hibernation of winter and transcends into the warm sunlight of the spring. During this time, Iceland smells better and the landscapes getting greener, all thanks to the flowers that bloom during this season. Birds begin to chirp and thus filling Iceland with beauty and music.

A place of such contrast! Here in Landmannalaugar we can find Arctic Cotton blooming in the middle of the summer on wetlands, among lava fields. It’s a typical sight in the tundra regions. We call it fífa in Icelandic. In plural it’s fífur.

The country receives millions of visitors all-round the year in the hope of enjoying the world acclaimed ‘Iceland Adventure Tours’. During the spring season, one would be lucky to know that there are comparatively lesser visitors as compared to peak summer seasons where tourists from all over the world flock in to embrace the beauty and adventure of Iceland. Any season of the year, you will need at least a minimum of five to six days to embrace the amazing Iceland adventure tours.

There is a number of activities you can venture upon in this beautiful season of spring in Iceland.

Waterfalls and Hot springs

You will find that there are lesser visitors during this season which leave you free roads and more freedom. Drive along the roads to see the waterfalls where the water during this season is the strongest. Listen to the roar of waterfalls and the vapor pouring upwards by the strong winds. You can also enjoy the numerous Hot springs and geysers where waters with great pressure are seen pushing upwards in the form of a fountain.

Glacier Hiking

Get ready with all the kits as you prepare to hike along the blue glacier which is pure and serene. The experience will leave you breathless and want to hike more and more.

Whale watching

There are boats that fetch people in groups to see the water creature diving in the clear waters. You get so close to the whales and thus giving you an amazing experience.


Snorkeling is one of the adventure activities that will leave you wonderstruck. Snorkeling in Iceland means you are literally snorkeling in the deep water between the two continental plates of North America and Europe.

Tour to Thorsmork and Volcano Hiking

The valley is considered as a national gem by the Icelanders and is one of the most popular hiking trails in the country. The beautiful valley is composed of wild forest, stunning canyons, and cascading rivers. A recent volcano erupted in this place and since then it has continuously attracted visitors. Hike through the rough volcanic terrain where you can witness the first-hand effects of a colossal eruption mountain and enjoy the view it offers.


Iceland offers you the opportunity to enjoy the adventure of fishing in the rivers as well as lakes. There are designated fishing spots where you can hook for the day. There is a fishing guide to brief you on all important things for fishing.

Ice cave tours

Be there to see the unmatched beauty of an ice cave. You will need the super jeep to have a better comfort rides up to the ice caves. It is easy for anyone to be immersed in the spectacular view unfolded by the stunning formations.

Iceland has more to offer than you can actually see when you visit this beautiful nation. Firstly the landscape is the foremost thing that wows every visitors. The nation is also packed with amazing adventure activities that are just enough to set your adrenaline high.

Iceland: A Journey to the End of the Earth

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to the world’s most peaceful and happiest country? How would things seem to be over there, or perhaps how is the culture over there? Well, we can all start our realization with the fact that Iceland is not just about ice and snow.

The country has a distinctive cultural heritage. One will not only learn about the Nordic civilization and Viking histories but also get to taste some of the world’s most unusually prepared yet tasty cuisines. Ever heard of fermented shark? It is traditional for Icelanders including many more dishes of lamb, sea-food, sea-birds and bread.

The country can best be experienced through Iceland Tours Cheap offers that are provided by tour operators. It certainly becomes a hindrance to go on your first visit, either alone or with family/friends and need to spend plenty to explore, learn about places and visit popular destinations. So, it is always feasible to take professional help.

Want to know how you can get Iceland tours discount?

Let us take the instance of Discover Iceland. If you have a look at their website you’ll come to know that the operator serves compatible vehicles for touring purposes, as well as accommodations for over-night stay and guides to simplify the touring experience.

Under keen observation one will get to know that without such services the very same tours will cost somewhat higher, firstly because the country is expensive. Everything ranging from transportation to food and lodging will cost obnoxiously high, especially during tourist-visiting seasons.

Speaking of visiting seasons, vacancy is a major issue because the international visits are statistically rising year after year. The number accounts to over millions annually, so it gets really hard to find instant bookings. Unless one uses tour operator services it is literally impossible to obtain confirmed bookings anywhere under affordable rates.

Let’s have a look at nature in its grandeur

The country is known for its wide-expanse of natural locations that not only serve as a peaceful retreat for travelers but also brings out the adventurer within everyone. Due to natural events that happened several years ago, such as tectonic movement and volcanic activity various alterations have happened over the country’s geography.

This eventually resulted in the formation of distinctive places that are nowhere to be found anywhere else on this planet. There are Black-Sand Beaches at the coastal areas that are filled with black soil. Such a place is perfect for the ones who seek spiritual fulfillment as well as relaxation away from the city. Furthermore, there are some of the world’s most beautiful and distinguished waterfalls whose beauty is till-date incomparable!

Adventure-seekers will have a brilliant time at the volcanic craters, feeling the heat radiate as they go underneath, or perhaps the iceberg caves that so beautiful and extraordinary. Apart from natural brilliance the modern way of life is also another fascinating trait of this country.

Image Courtesy :

The city where over half of the country’s native population resides, ‘Reykjavik’ is the hub of entertainment, Icelandic fashion, parties, events and festivals. People generally flood the streets especially during holiday seasons. Various international acts, including music festivals and cultural events are organized that attract tourists from all over the world.

So, we can thereby conclude with the fact that the journey to the end of this earth actually feels like the beginning of something new. The end is where nature’s most wondrous spectacle can be witnessed and Pagan/Nordic virtues can be relived once again. One’s life and soul certainly get rejuvenated in such magnificent parts of the world.

Top Important Tips for Going to Iceland

Iceland is a fantastic place to spend your holidays. It is globally renowned for its abundance of natural wonders, exciting night-life, adventure-hikes and distinctive natural features that exists nowhere else on this planet. Ranging from world famous glaciers, including the second largest in the world to ice caves, black-sand beaches and volcanic remains, the splendour of Iceland is indeed incomparable.

Here are the ten tips for Iceland tours that will evidently satisfy travellers and with such proceedings one can in-fact make the most out of a single visit.

Choose the best day tour operators in Iceland

Tour operators are the best way to start off with a trip. Furthermore, with facilities, they provide several options for the benefit of travellers. With reference to Discover Iceland ( we can understand the functioning of such operators in a better way.

The company provides efficient transport systems that include luxury SUV 4×4 jeeps and luxury SUV 4×4 minibuses. The jeeps are customized especially for the rough terrain of Iceland and have spacious interiors that make travelling highly comfortable as well. The volcanic activities and tectonic movements have now created zones that are hard to reach with regular vehicles. Such luxury SUV 4×4 jeeps are customized with bigger tires and enhanced suspension that allows travellers to venture into the adventurous parts.


There is inevitably a lot to know about Iceland. Without proper research, one will likely face inconvenience during the entire trip. Let us go through some basic things you should know while travelling.


Iceland is known to have one extreme transitional climate. Whereas the day will see everything ranging from sunlight to storms and rain, it even gets difficult to sleep during the months of May to July as it never gets dark. Always stay updated on the weather forecasts and pack efficiently for the trip to avoid further inconvenience.


Iceland is known to be expensive, especially in and around Reykjavik where the party ambiance is at its peak. However, the local restaurants are relatively cheaper, where meals cost around 15-20$ and are quite sufficing as well.

Travel expenses also matter and due to the harsh conditions and natural terrain private vehicles are better to use. It is hence feasible to consult travel operators to obtain cost-effective services and thereby manage the entire travelling budget of the individual.


Over 80% of the country’s population resides in and around Reykjavik, so one can expect the rural scenes quite soon after travelling away from the main city. Fuel pumps are distanced; fewer eateries on the way to tourist destinations and the weather conditions might get severe along the way.

What/how should we wear?

It is appropriate to wear in layers. Judging from the transitional phases, one can effectively put-on or take-off thermal shirts or jackets when required. Sunburn is also another concern so it is better to keep sunscreen for protection and face masks for sleeping as well.

So, here we have all the basic need-to-knows about Iceland. Consider Discover Iceland ( because the operator also has accommodations around the Golden Circle, so travellers can have a comfortable place to stay whilst travelling to the popular zones. In conclusion, with proper guidance, knowledge and preparation travellers will certainly experience an extraordinary heritage within the country.

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