A Comprehensive Guide to Game of Thrones in Iceland

Where are the locations where Game of Thrones shooting was done? Are you curious to see the natural view which is beyond the bloody gate’s wall? Are you curious to know why Iceland is the place chosen for Game of Thrones shooting by the producers? How did the crew and cast of Game of Thrones get on shooting here? Scroll below to get a comprehensive guide to Game of Thrones Iceland tour.

Game of Thrones is the web series produced by HBO which is based on “A Song of Ice and Fire” Novels written by George R. R. Martin. This web series is worldwide famous. The web series is highly appreciated and watched among the youth, not only in one part of the globe but all over the world.

The first episode of Game of Thrones was aired in 2011. The reason for this web series catching millions of eyes is its incomparable audience holding story, cinematography, astonishing twists in the plot and mindset-provoking themes. The most important reason is the beauty of Iceland. The natural beauty of Iceland perfectly suits the view theme of Game of Thrones.

Since the release of the second season of Game of Thrones, directors and producers have found Iceland as the favourite place to shoot most of the scenes of the web series. Most of the memorable scenes of Game of Thrones are filmed in Iceland only. The producer says that Iceland has helped him to bring his imagination to reality and thereby helped the web series to touch millions of hearts.

Almost 10,000 viewers gathered in New Zealand to see the locations of Lord of Rings filming and in the UK, viewers gathered to see Harry Potter movie series shooting locations. In a similar way, thousands of people have plans to spend holidays in Iceland to see the landscapes which had a great contribution to the Westeros World.

Watching on the screens, the views of Iceland might appear so mesmerizing to anyone but when you visit Iceland, you can relive your favourite web series Game of Thrones experience in reality. Some of the places in Iceland are very easy o reach, as they are just off the main ring road while some of the places are highly inaccessible as some of the scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed on the top of the glaciers. Such places are reachable only via “F” Roads which are mostly covered with ice in winters.

Some of the locations are instantly recognizable the fans of Game of Thrones but some seem to be completely changed.

Hengilssvæðið, or Hengill mountain

Located in the Thingvellir south, this volcanic mountain is in the proximity of Reykjavik. This mountain is a famous hiking spot for hiking between Hengill and Reykjadalur Valley.

Þórufoss, or Thorufoss

It is a very popular waterfall in Iceland. It is a subsidiary of Golden circle of Iceland. Limited direction sign and zigzag roads make these places not much preferable by the tourists.

Real Alcázar Palace, Seville, Spain – Royal Palace Of Dorne

It is one of the most beautiful palaces across the world. Built by  Peter of Castile. a Christian king.

The Roman Bridge, Cordoba, Spain – Long Bridge Of Volantis

Another amazing place that you get to see in Games of Thrones is The Roman Bridge. As the name suggests, it was actually being built by the Romans at very initial time span but it was being reconstructed a number of times later on.

Doune Castle – Winterfell

It is located in between the point of River Teith where the Ardoch Burn flows into it. An ultimate eye catchy and fairyland kind of a castle where Games of Thrones was being filmed.

Best Activities to do during Iceland visit in Summer


Iceland can be depicted as a standout amongst the most awesome and amazing places on earth. It belongs to a rich history and culture, and its local people are among the friendliest of any place on the planet.

The most frequent query our customers come up with is what is the right time to visit Iceland. Iceland is one of a kind tourist vacation spots that offers extraordinary travel experience throughout the year. Every season has its own advantages, but Iceland in summer months is complete bliss to tour the places that Iceland has to offer. You can never get disappointed upon visiting Iceland anytime.

Summer, obviously, is the best known-season for Iceland travel. There are valid reasons behind why it is said so, the warmer climate, expanded sunlight, activities like music and art festivals, green landscape and open country roads clearing access to less visited and to some untouched parts of Iceland.

If you are making a plan to visit Iceland in summer, and thinking to do some fun exercises, you’ve gone to the ideal spot! Iceland has a ton of fun exercises for everyone. Regardless of whether you are searching for some adventure or fun activities for the whole family, Iceland in summer is the best option for you. Here is a rundown of the best activities to do in Iceland during your summer visit:

Cave tour

Iceland is a place filled with lots of caves of all shapes and sizes. Caves have a prominent place in the Icelandic history, as they were used as shelters for people or animals in cold winters.

It is difficult to know the number of caves present in Iceland since a large number of them are still to be found. Caving tour gets the chance to experience a different world which many others have not seen yet. Explore the underground world through your eyes.

The most popular caves are the glacier ice caves. The difference between normal ice caves and glacier ice caves is that ice caves are generally bedrock caves, which contain ice all year round, but the glacier ice cave gets formed within the glacier’s ice.

When you come to Iceland you will truly need to see characteristic blue ice glacier caves, however, those are just open mostly in the winters, from November until March.

Exotic Soaking

The second-best thing to do during the tour to Iceland in summer is taking a relaxing bath in the geothermal pools. You are welcome to the nation of endless access to both cold and high temp water! You can discover hot water springs fundamentally all over and bathe in them. You can find hundreds of hot springs surrounded by Icelandic greenery. The most popular geothermal pool is Blue Lagoon in southwestern Iceland.  The warm water of the lagoon is rich with benefitting minerals, often known as for curing some of the skin diseases. The location of this Blue Lagoon is easily accessible from the capital city of Iceland (Reykjavik). Another most visited lagoon is the ‘Secret Lagoon’, as the name suggests, the secret lagoon is situated in a wilderness location, spoiled not much.

There is also one geothermal pool located inside the Grjótagjá cave, the cave is hugely popular for the shooting place of one of the scenes of the world-famous series Game of Thrones.

Horse Riding

Horses in Iceland are quite well-known for their friendly and reliable nature. The horses found in Iceland are descendants of the ancient Vikings, that used to live thousands of years ago. So, they are an integral part of the Icelandic culture and provides comfortable rides to the country’s beautiful landscapes, especially to the untouched part of Iceland. This makes it a good thing to do if you are planning to visit Iceland in the summer months.

The Icelandic steed is an extremely beautiful creature. The little stature of the horse makes it ideal even for children to ride. Regardless of whether you are an experienced rider, or you are attempting it out of the blue, there are suitable horse-riding tours accessible for you. Appreciate the wonderful Icelandic nature while going on an Icelandic horse.

Super Jeep Tour

If you are looking out for a happy and stress-free time in your visit to Iceland in summer, you should choose Super Jeep Tours Iceland for complete comfort and exciting tour around the spectacular scenes of the place.

The country highlands are the super jeep’s regular living space. On a super jeep, you can cross streams, drive on glaciers, go to the highlands and significantly more that you couldn’t do on a customary vehicle or normal jeep. Explore the majestic attractions of Iceland like Grand South Coast, Great Golden Circle, Landmannalaugar Highlands, and the Northern Lights and many mores through super jeep tour by Discover Iceland.

The 4×4 modified super jeeps have highly comfortable seats which easily fit 4-5 people and provide huge comfort with utmost privacy. The driver guide of the super jeep makes sure you have a good time during the tour to Iceland in summer.

Whale and Puffins Watching

The summer season is incredible for whale and puffins watching. You get the chance to go out on a boat or stream and explore the Icelandic natural life. The fishing town of Húsavík is known as one of the best whales watching places in the world. There is a wide range of whales and dolphins you may see on a whale watching visit, and on the off chance that you are fortunate, you may likewise see the most popular Icelandic puffin!

You would be glad by knowing the fact that Iceland is home to nearly 60% of the world’s total puffin population. If you are planning to visit Iceland in summer, between May to August, there is a good chance to see puffins as well as other rare species of birds here. In late springs, hundreds of puffins come offshore for breeding purpose. The Icelandic name for puffin is ‘Lundi’.

Go for Snorkeling

Iceland is one of the two places on this planet where you can see two earth’s tectonic (American and Eurasian) plates meeting above the surface. They both are drifting apart by 2 cm each year. What’s the good news? You can go for snorkeling in between these plates. If you want extra fun during your visit to Iceland in summer, it is a must-do activity as the water here is cleanest and you can see clearly under the water. You can’t beat the snorkeling experience in the Silfra fissure ever in your life.


How can you Avoid Crowds at Tourist Places during Iceland Tours?

In the recent Years, the Iceland has faced rapid increase in tourism that has led to the tourism growth. According to some surveys, there has been a whopping three sixty percent increase in the amount of global tourists especially to visit places like the beach of black sand called Reynisfjara in the Southern Iceland and the waterfall of Seljalandsfoss. This kind of a dramatic change has left both returning visitors and locals, all worried. People some time ago could set forth on discovering the places all by themselves however time shave change and it has become difficult to find a spot for parking as well. No more of the complaints though, this blog broadly discusses how rush hours can be avoided besides tour operators also arrange for a host of things.

Being realistic

The most important thing that one has to remember is that setting realistic expectations always keeps one happier. This is to make sure that you cannot expect only yourself to be at a certain place especially if it is a popular destination. Organizers like discover.is create customized Iceland private tours and in these Iceland Tours you have fun driver guides. There are super jeeps that are used as well as minibuses. Moreover, can be a total of 19 people at the max the trips are made extra comfortable. Hence slowing down is the best decision to avoid crowds which is only possible if you are tripping privately with organizers. You shall have an enjoyable experience besides frustration will not take the best of you.

Going off the beaten path

Most of the visitors that visit Nordic Island often head towards touring South Coast or Golden Circle which is very normal because they really want to cover many spectacular spots on one day. However, with well organized Iceland Private Tours you get to enjoy perfect alternatives. Organizers arrange for trips to Iceland Snaefellsnes Peninsula whereby you get o visit quaint villages, waterfalls, fjords and so much more. You may also be accompanies to areas that are less visited and include Borgarfjordur and Ice cave glacier that are a part of the super jeep trip. There are personal trip combo deals where you are driven alone for aurora hunting. On a day trip of fourteen hours you can also be accompanied to Diamond beach and made to enjoy boat zodiac trip and boat amphibian trip.

The ocean and the iconic sea stacks of the South Coast.

Taking time

The most common mistakes of all include cramming a lot of spots into the schedule. This results in rushing from a spot to another and continuous ticking of destination. The best approach thus is limiting oneself to fewer spots in order to budget time so that you really enjoy the experience. There shall be no frantic snapping but only getting immersed in the views.

Arriving early

If there is the rental car then one should hit the road earlier for avoiding crowds. The trick is to beat morning traffic that can happen only when you are waking up early. Packing snacks helps and the strategic planning of the bathroom stops also helps in avoiding the crowds.

Iceland Guided Tours to the Land of Fire and Ice – Private Tours in Iceland

Are you looking for Iceland guided tours? We are here to help you out in every way possible.

Do you ever wonder why Iceland is so popular in the list of all the travel lovers? Things that make Iceland so special is the reason that, it is home to various incredibly beautiful landscapes and the weirdest place that you can ever travel to. For this reason, many people around the world would call the Icelanders lucky. Also, according to the Global Peace Index, Iceland is regarded as the safest place to live on earth. The place is more like a tourist paradise! There is not even a single mosquito and the crime rate of the place is comparatively very low! Isn’t all these facts amazing? Treat yourself with Iceland guided tours to explore the breathtaking beauty of Iceland.

The Cascades of Hraunfossar in Winter. Waterfall Hraunfossar is near Barnafossar.
Waterfall Brúarfoss in the area of the Golden Circle

Taking into account the natural beauties, it possessed the place is an attraction to many nature enthusiasts, photographers and tourists. This is the reason Iceland has become one of the hubs of tourism, with many Iceland guided tours. The amazing untouched nature, glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, lagoons, rivers, black sand beaches, lava fields, waterfalls and the northern lights account for the establishment of a myriad private tours Iceland to guide the travelers.

Here is a list of a few top tours in Iceland:

The Northern Lights private vacation tours

Superb aurora show around Christmas time.

One thing that makes Iceland so special is the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), a natural phenomenon of Light. It is sometimes accompanied with an adventurous ride in a 4*4 super jeep hunting for this celestial occurrence often making it a memorable one. Nothing can be more fun than camping out and waiting for the northern lights while sipping on a cup of hot coffee under the clear night sky! This could possibly be the best thing to experience in our Iceland guided tours package.

The Northern Lights are the most enchanting from Jan to March. In the event that you’re a functioning voyager who is looking for experience, at that point join the shocking Aurora Borealis with an exciting snowmobile experience. With the offers of Iceland guided tours, you will be amazed enough to explore Iceland.


The whale watching tours

The cold Arctic and the warm Atlantic make the Icelandic water to be a perfect breeding ground for a variety of aquatic animals. The place is known to be home for about 20 different species of whales. Husavik is known as the whale watching capital because it is the place to sight whales like the humpbacks, the blue whale and the fin whale. Hauganes and Dalvik, Isajordur and Snaefellsnes are few other places where you can sight whales. Snaefellsnes peninsula is one perfect place in Iceland guided tours to spot Orcas and sperm whales.

The amazing whale watching tours is the perfect sightseeing in Iceland. You will be amazed enough to watch whales which is a rare sight. Regardless of where you leave, the visits offer an uncommon and shocking chance to watch whales in their common habitat close by white-angled dolphins, harbor porpoises, seals, relaxing sharks, and different ocean fowls—including puffins, Gannets, gulls, Arctic Terns, and others—contingent upon the season. Whale watching visits are less during the day in the winter months however you can see the special reward of excellent and unmistakable landscape; snow-capped mountains, dusks, and potentially even the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. Contact us to explore what Iceland guided tour has to offer.


Golden Circle Mini-bus tour

The Grand Golden Circle is one of the common places in Iceland yet an inevitable place to visit to experiment with a variety of stunning sites that make it the place to experience the extreme natural beauty. The place is surrounded by the Geysir geothermal areas, the Gullfoss (the Golden Falls) and Thingvellir National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage site in Iceland) and many more exciting places. The Golden Circle route is also famous for many adventurous activities like snowmobiling, snorkeling, and ice hiking activities. It is suggested to either rent a 4×4 car or book Iceland guided tours with Discover Iceland to double the fun.

Have a fantastic experience with our Iceland 

Guided Tours. Golden Circle minibus tour happens to be one of the best experiences in Iceland that one should not skip while traveling there. Be flabbergasted by spouting fountains, amazing cascades, and authentic destinations.

Ice Cave & Northern Lights search tour

Iceland is the perfect place to walk under the crystal clear Ice cave giving you a thrilling experience, accompanied by the northern light search. There are several such Private Iceland Tours that have made Iceland a hub for tourism.

Ice Cave & Northern Lights search tour includes a visit to the natural ice cave, Diamond beach, the stunning Seljalandsfoss waterfall, and along with that it offers you great fantastic photo-shoot opportunities. We would profoundly suggest Iceland Guided Tours for anybody coming to Iceland.

South Iceland Tours

South Iceland is the most visited region in Iceland and on the off chance that it’s your first time in Iceland; you can’t turn out badly if traveling the radiant goals found in the Southern Region. The trip to Iceland thus makes you feel happy and satisfied. Iceland guided tours comprise a lot of benefits while you travel to Iceland.


The Blue Lagoon Private tours

One of Iceland’s famous sights is the Blue Lagoon, a pale-blue slash of geothermal-heated water that functions as a giant hot spring spa. The Blue Lagoon was created in 1976 by heated water flowing from a nearby geothermal plant into a centuries-old lava field. It is socially and physically healthy bathe you can ever get of your life. You can’t miss this Blue Lagoon in the Iceland guided tours.

For sure, Iceland is so striking delightful, peculiar, sentimental, and an incredibly amazing place for tourists. Iceland Guided Tours will help you visit Iceland in a more comfortable way and thus making your trip more memorable. This wonderful country is worth experiencing and it’s really soothing to discover the highlights of the Blue Lagoon. Blue Lagoon is a perfect method to relax after a bustling day of touring. Appreciate a reviving spa at this geothermal natural aquifer.

How to Book the Golden Circles Tours in Iceland

Iceland a magical place with its rough though stunning landscapes. It is one of those places that you can visit all year round. The perfect blend of the weather and the activities that take place in Iceland all throughout the year will definitely give you an amazing and an unforgettable experience.

Iceland is a land of wonders as the place has many exciting natural phenomenon’s and wonders in it. It is quite an interesting place to visit but the only thing that perhaps might stop you from getting this exotic experience is the wrong choice of Iceland holiday packages and guidance. “Discover Iceland” is a family-run tour operator, specializing in personal Iceland Tours for small groups. It is one such company that you can rely on to get the best experience out of your vacation holidays in Iceland. We take the pleasure in providing cutting-edge quality services for the demanding travelers with the help of our dedicated and enthusiastic, ever ready guides. Exclusive tours offered by Discover.is are operated on modified 4×4 trucks and jeeps with large tires and well-furnished minibuses with great interiors and entertainment facilities.

The Grand Golden Circle is one of the most common and most visited places in Iceland apart from the famous Northern Lights, Lagoon spa, snowmobiling, dog sledding, whale watching, etc. If you are going or have been to Iceland and did not see the Golden Circle, then it is equivalent to not seeing Iceland yet.  Discover.is also offers travelers with the best Golden Circle tours in Iceland. Here are two prominent tours of Discover.is.

Golden Circle Glacier Super jeep tour

The mesmerizing winter landscapes in the highlands, during winter. This is a total off-road adventure.

This super jeep adventure will take you to numerous attractive places in Iceland. These jeeps are designed to give you the best experience while traversing through the adventurous landscapes of glaciers. The tires on the jeep are large enough to induce more friction and prevent unprecedented accidents while giving you a classy experience. You will have the opportunity to visit various famous sites that are located around the Golden Circles like the Thingvellir National Park, Lake Laugarvatn and the most admirable and famous waterfall in Iceland, the Gullfoss.

Spicy Golden Circle Minibus tour     

One of our minibuses during a day tour.

It is one of the most recommended Golden Circle tours in Iceland. You will yield a great value through this tour since you will be able to see the main highlights of the beautiful places around. It will ensure that you won’t miss out on the prominent places like the Geyser Strokkur and the Gullfoss Falls.

The popular geyser Strokkur is in the route of the Golden Circle, and one of the 3 highlights.

The Grand Golden Circle is a compact tour that takes you to a series of remarkable and diverse sites in Southwest Iceland. There are also myriad afternoon tours to experiment the taste of the place in the broad daylight. The days are long in summer, so you get more time during the afternoon for sightseeing to realize the best value of your money. You will be able to witness the beautiful steamy hot boiling water spout out up to 30 meters high above the ground level. It happens in the interval of every 7 or 8 minutes and it will leave you mesmerized at its sight. Iceland is a place where you will get to see many such jaw-dropping natural phenomenon, so choose the right guide to get the best experience of your trip.