Iceland in December | Everything You Need to Know

If you are planning a tour to visit Iceland this December, then there are some basic points you need to keep in mind. December is a favorite month for global tourists to unravel the mystic beauty of the Nordic island country, floating in the Atlantic Ocean. There are some crucial factors that are required to be considered – such as mode of transport, weather conditions, preparing one’s self, lodging, etc. Keep a note of all these important things and you would be relieved all through the itinerary.

Making Reykjavik as the center

When you are participating in Golden Circle Tours Iceland organized by Discover, then the wise thing to do is make a center at the capital city – Reykjavik. It is extremely easy and convenient to travel to Golden Circle from Reykjavik, especially when you are targeting the month of December. Taking the ring road from Reykjavik and reaching straight to the Golden Circle region is easy.

Making a list of places to visit

There are lots on fascinating places to explore in Golden Circle. You need to keep a list of all these places in order to remain organized.

  • You can visit the Gullfoss Falls, the famous Strokkur Geyser and the eminent Thingvellir National Park in Golden Circle Tours Iceland.
  • It is better to prioritize the places and visit them one by one.
  • The temperature is low in the region during December.
  • Take some time in hand when you plan the tour.

Hiring a Super Jeep

One of the most intelligent steps that you must try to take while visiting Iceland during December is hiring the services of a Super Jeep.

  • Usually, you will get all the relevant information from Discover.
  • You are going to avail a robust vehicle, fit to counter the snowy and slippery terrains of the country during December.
  • You can fully rely on the strong built and sophisticated features of the vehicle.

Having warm garments

It is needless to say that the winter season in Iceland is harsh.

  • In order to add value to your traveling experience, you need to be properly equipped with woolens and jackets.
  • Have some warm garments with you when you are exploring the beautiful places glazed in white snow.
  • Don’t forget to pack an extra bag of warm garments.
  • Wear a pair of high-quality gloves.
  • Also, if you have a plan to trek in the snow, then you need to pack a stick and a pair of gumboots.

Booking early

The month of December witnesses a rush of tourists from various parts of the world. It is judicious to book the slots much ahead in order to get the right kinds of lodges and touring spaces. Check out the official website of travel experts and service providers and surf through various packages. Choose the package that best suits your needs. You will get them at prices affordable to your pockets.

Enrich your tour with these tips

Try to implement the above-mentioned tips and enrich your upcoming trip to Iceland in December.

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Is It Better To Book Super Jeep Tour In Iceland?

Are you planning to explore Iceland in coming months? You can perhaps agree with top travel enthusiasts regarding traveling across the country – on Super Jeeps. There are some incredible benefits of touring the magnificent island country on a robust Super Jeep. The key is to consult with a reputed travel expert from the industry. There would be no hassles in setting and implementing a perfect itinerary. Read along to know in details about why it would be quite rational to book a Super Jeep.

Reaching to remote areas

Iceland is a country with a myriad of places across to its farthest precincts. Public transport does not take you there. Top travel industry service provider such as Discover arrange for marvelous Super Jeep Tours in Iceland that help you to reach those unique places at affordable prices. You would counter no issues in reaching the destination. You have the reliability provided by the Super Jeeps.

Championing all terrains

  • Iceland is rich in a wide range of terrains – from volcanic fields, snowy trails, lush green paths, rocky tracks and much more.
  • You need a vehicle that would provide a smooth driving experience.
  • Super Jeep Tours in Iceland trips are the apt ways to cover all terrains that Iceland has to offer you.
  • Whether you want to travel through gravel-laden paths or smooth surfaces, the vehicle is perfect for any category of terrain.

Strong and robust vehicles

If you are still in a dilemma about whether you should book a Super Jeep or not, then perhaps, you might try to understand its overall dynamics.

  • The built of the Super Jeep is strong and superior to most of the other vehicles.
  • It can easily ward off various harsh weather conditions.
  • Whether it is snowing heavily or raining, the vehicle would nicely protect your group under any climactic condition.
  • You can conveniently travel on a Super Jeep all throughout the year.
  • These vehicles are huge with an imposing presence on the road.
  • They have thick tyre diameters. Even if you drive through deep snow, there would be no issues in moving forward.

Not pricey

One of the major attributes of hiring the services of a Super Jeep is the rates you get are within your budget. You don’t have to spend lot of money to book the Super Jeep. The prices offered by Discover are quite affordable.

High comfort factor

The comfort factor is a major dimension that you must consider while travelling across Iceland. A Super Jeep renders you the perfect comfort when you are exploring the country. The interiors are sophisticated and rich in modern amenities that a top-notch vehicle might have.

Where can you travel on a Super Jeep?

There are multiple places and tourist-interest spots where you can drive to, on a Super Jeep. You can easily visit critical spots to watch Northern Lights. If you want to quickly and safely reach the Golden Circle from Reykjavik, then a Super Jeep is the perfect vehicle for you. Hire Super Jeep services for a memorable tour.

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What Are Romantic Things to Do During Iceland Tours?

Iceland is a dream destination for couples. If you are searching for a romantic refuge for your next tour, then aim for Iceland. The marvelous terrains of the country are bound to overwhelm you and your partner with their immense beauty and exotic shades.

  • You may choose to plan all alone and set on a tour.
  • But if you wish, you can opt for a travel agency too.
  • The expertise of a reliable travel agency will help you to design an itinerary packed with adventures and exciting activities that will kindle the romance in you both.

Do you want to know about various romantic things you can do touring Iceland? Read along.

Gazing at Northern Lights

  • Northern Lights are the primary attractions in Iceland.
  • Tourists from all over the world visit the country to have a glimpse of this dance of solar dust.
  • Discover, a top travel agency, arranges meticulously for sight-seeing in Iceland Tours that enable you to relish Northern Lights.
  • Keep in mind that clear skies are most idea conditions to watch it. Lying side-by-side just outside the camping tent and watching Northern Lights with your partner is a genuinely romantic experience.

Bathing in Blue Lagoon

When you are in Iceland, you can never undermine the significance of Blue Lagoon.

  • Its waters have medicinal properties.
  • It is really a thoroughly enjoyable experience to dip your body, along with your partner, in the lagoon, rejuvenating youthful spirits.
  • You will feel refreshed, with a gust of energy pouring in your veins.

Tell your travel consultant to put visiting Blue Lagoon as a top priority in Iceland Tours.

Having an elegant Dinner

It always feels great to treat yourself with an elegant and sumptuous dinner when you are touring a country with your partner. It will get you accustomed with a wide range of food items of Iceland.

  • There are many top-class restaurants in Iceland. You can choose one at Reykjavik. Being the capital city has its own advantages.
  • Select a well-known restaurant and book a dinner table for both of you. It will be indeed a tremendously romantic experience.

Hiking in Reykjadalur

For hiking enthusiasts, Iceland throws several opportunities for rejoicing the activity.

  • There are numerous trails across the length and breadth of the country.
  • For example, both of you can go to Reykjadalur on a super jeep and enjoy the hike there. The place also has a stream with warm waters. Both of you can take a bath to energize your spirits.

Going for a beer tour

When both you and your partner are beer lovers, it is a good idea to go for a short beer tour.

  • You can participate in a dedicated beer tour at Reykjavik.
  • You will be able to taste a completely different and exciting beer flavor. It is unique, indulging and smooth. A beer tour is a nice way to take a break from daily travel schedules.

Sit together and plan

Plan with your partner about the romantic itinerary that both of you would take while touring the beautiful Iceland.

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6 Reasons Why to Pick Iceland Private Tours to Visit Urridafoss

When you tour Iceland, then it becomes an ardent task to prioritize the places to visit. The reason is simple. There are too many tourist-interest spots in the country.

  • A wise way to plan for the tour is to make a shortlist of places you wish to visit and then number them according to priority.
  • It will make your exploration more manageable and organized. Urridafoss is counted among the most fascinating waterfalls in the country.

It would be a mistake if you skip it. There are some valid reasons to explore the beauty of Urridafoss. Read along to know about them in details.

Most voluminous of waterfalls

  • Urridafoss is the most voluminous of all waterfalls in Iceland.
  • Visiting it in Iceland Private Tours organized by Discover, a well-know touring agency, would be a nice feather in your travel cap.
  • There are tourists who actually miss exploring the captivating charm of this waterfall.
  • The scenic beauty of this natural marvel is bound to fascinate you to the fullest extent.
  • You would be more than satisfied in imbibing the natural vibes of the environment when you visit the famous Urridafoss.
  • The gushing water of the falls is a spectacular sight. Don’t forget to carry a high-definition camera with you to frame the beauty.

Easy to reach

Are you thinking of how to access the scenic Urridafoss? It is actually very simple to reach the spot.

  • You can make your base the Reykjavik and hire a super jeep to drive through the circumventing Ring Road.
  • The waterfall is not far from the Ring Road. It is merely a short drive and will not take much time.
  • You will practically require very less resources to reach the spot with your family and friends in cozy Iceland Private Tours.

Not crowded

Another excellent reason to visit Urridafoss through a private tour is the place is neglected for unknown factors by most of the tourists. You can grab this opportunity and work it in your favor.

  • Don’t miss the chance to explore the waterfall in a serene environment, lacking the usual crowd of over—enthusiastic tourists. This will add more value to your tour experience.

Great refuge for a nice break

It is always refreshing to take a nice break somewhere in between when you have a packed schedule to visit numerous places.

  • Urridafoss can provide you that respite that you will be searching for while driving across the Ring Road.
  • It’s a beautiful refuge that will fill you with more energy for more robust traveling plans.

Doesn’t take much time to be explored

If you are short on time, then it is not a problem when you are visiting Urridafoss. It will not cut your schedule short as the place is not expansive and you can easily roam about and explore the area in half-an-hour or even less.


Once in a while, while maintain the heavy schedule of your Iceland tour, you would love to sit quietly in the vicinity of a waterfall for soul-searching. Urridafoss provides you that opportunity.

Check out a plan

Build a travel plan and book your plane tickets to visit Iceland for Urridafoss.

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How A Private Tours in Iceland Can Helpful for Trip?

Post-pandemic, are you planning to resume your passion to trot the globe? If yes, then you must never forget Iceland from your plans. It is one of the most outstanding countries loved by travel enthusiasts from every corner of the world.

  • Whether you are a new traveler or a repeat tourist, you will always discover something scintillating exploring through the terrains of Iceland.
  • There are deserts filled with black sands, volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, forests, gorges, icebergs, ice caves, and what not!
  • You can get involved in numerous activities on your trip. Continue reading to know more on this topic.


It is capital city of Iceland that has charm of its own. You can consider it as your base in your Private Tours in Iceland, meticulously organized by Discover, a top travel and tourism agency.

  • There are several interesting restaurants and eateries spread across the city.
  • You will experience myriad of Icelandic flavors by digging through the city alleys and by-lanes.
  • The atmosphere is vibrant and welcoming.
  • The famous Phallic Museum of Reykjavik attracts thousands of tourists each year.
  • The deco-style vintage structures of the city will more than impress you.

Exploring Westfjords

  • Westfjords is located in one of the remotest regions in Iceland.
  • It is in the vicinity of Ring Road. Choose summer or autumn months to reach the place.
  • You can also opt for winter, to taste more adventure, but be careful against heavy snowing while enjoying Private Tours in Iceland.
  • You can kayak in the calm waters of Westfjords, or prefer to hike at Hornstrandir.
  • You will have an opportunity to bathe in hot springs at this place and rejuvenate your youthful spirits.
  • If you are interested in local dishes, then you can taste them here with perfect Nordic flavors.

Arctic Coast

Who can forget the marvels of Arctic Coast when one is traveling in Iceland?

  • The premier attraction is of course the Northern Lights.
  • The showering solar dust is undoubtedly what mainly brings tourists to Iceland.

Other attractive places in Arctic Coast

But there are various other elements, equally fantastic and captivating, at Arctic Coast.

  • From lush green terrains during the summer days to wavy snowy hills in the winter, you will be able to experience a wide spectrum of natural wonders at this place.
  • The coast is located at the Northern region of Iceland.
  • If you wish, then you can get refreshed in geothermal pools. Visit sites where whale-watching is an exciting activity.
  • There are fishing towns along the coast that will further pique your interest about Iceland and its vast natural wealth.

Driving through the Ring Road

The Ring Road basically creates a circumference around Iceland, taking you to numerous picturesque places. You would really love to drive across the road on a super jeep. From Seljalandsfoss to Dettifoss, you can cover lots of captivating waterfalls in the way.

Start your plan

Are you already getting excited about your Iceland tour? Chalk out a smart plan and start packing your bags for coming weeks for some marvelously rich experiences.

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