Reykjavik, Your Focal City in Private Iceland Tours

Reykjavik where you can travel and explore the cultural traditions

When you travel to Iceland, the tour becomes more engrossing when you makes the capital city, Reykjavik, your base, and plan the itinerary to other regions of this beautiful country. Reykjavik has a charm of its own, and people often seem to neglect it, as they get allured by the marvelous terrains in the outskirts and far-off coastal areas. There are several places in Reykjavik where you can travel and explore the cultural traditions and energetic vibes of the city. Your tour would be very memorable when you plan the activities in and around Reykjavik.

Top agency such as Discover for your Private Iceland Tours

Cleanest and Greenest

When you buy a reasonably priced tour package from a top agency such as Discover for your Private Iceland Tours, in most of the cases, Reykjavik would be your focal city. You can also customize the itinerary centered on the city. Your travel experience becomes smoother and certainly more enthralling. It is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Also, the city is counted among the greenest places, globally. As far as safety is concerned, you would be delighted to know that Reykjavik is completely safe for tourists, arriving from any corner of the world.

Witness the magnificent Northern Lights

When can you visit?

This is a subjective questions and the answer depends on your personal plans and priorities. In a Private Tour Iceland, if your aim is to witness the magnificent Northern Lights, then visiting the city between November and February is a good idea. The nights are pretty long, and mostly cloudless – ideal to enjoy the magnetic brilliance of the solar dust. But keep in mind about the harsh winter of the region. On the other hand, if you are more inclined to hiking activities, then traveling during the summer months would be a good idea.

Booking a hotel room in Reykjavik

Where can you stay?

There are multiple accommodation options in Reykjavik. The simplest of them is booking a hotel room. There are cheaper lodges, too, which you can opt for, if your budget is tight. Moreover, you have the option of couchsurfing. Plan your accommodation in the country before you arrive.

Visiting the Sun Voyager

Visiting the Sun Voyager

It is one of the most popular tourist interest spots in Reykjavik – a metal structure of a Viking boat. You can take photographs here, capturing the melancholy of the sea coast and Mount Esja, faintly visible at the other bank.

Exploring the Flea Market

The Flea Market of Reykjavik attracts lots of tourists, as it sells plenty of local handicraft items at cheap rates. You also get several kinds of second-hand items here.

The City Hall plus the Pond

The City Hall plus the Pond

This is another attractive place in Reykjavik where you can spend quality time, roaming in the beautiful garden, enjoy beautiful nature.

Laugavegur is one of the most exciting locales in Reykjavik

Exploring Laugavegur

Laugavegur is one of the most exciting locales in Reykjavik, where there are numerous high-end shopping options. Also, you can visit plush restaurants here. You also get a taste of old town at this place.

Book a travel package to Reykjavik

Book a travel package

Visiting Iceland, especially its capital, should be your priority. Hence, purchase a suitable travel package for a memorable tour.

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