Planning an Exciting Trip to Iceland during Summer Months – The Essentials

Touring Iceland is a uniquely engrossing experience. The small Nordic island nation is rich in natural marvels. But, you need to plan ahead. Have you ever thought of visiting the country during summer months? Here are some simple guidelines you can consider.

Your summer tour to Iceland is bound to become successful.

Consulting a reputed travel operator

Discover is a top-rated travel operator having expertise in efficiently organizing Private Tours in Iceland at affordable rates. One of your main tasks should be seeking advice from a reputed travel and tourism service provider. It eases the planning process.

Customizing the package

You should have clear ideas about customizing the travel package of Private Tour Iceland. Prepare a list of destinations you want to visit. Prioritize the points. Discuss the itinerary with the travel agency. Ensure you can flexibly enjoy the provision of customization.

The summer months

The main summer months in Iceland are July and August. The weather begins to become warmer from late-June. Plan the tour focusing on this period.

Considering unpredictability of weather

Although the season is summer, you can still expect fast changing weather conditions. The weather can be chilly in the morning. The next hour it can become soothingly warm. There can be heavy showers in the later afternoon. The evenings can suddenly become windy.

Precautions for the pandemic

Keep in mind to take required precautionary measures due to Covid-19. As a foreign tourist, you have to mandatorily follow the government rules. Maintain the health safety standards.

Can the blue ice caves be visited?

One of the main attractions of any Iceland tour is exploring the mystic beauty of blue ice caves. Practically, the chances are not very high during bright summer days. Still, there are some caves that remain open to the tourists with their usual charm. Collect information from your travel agency.

You can watch thousands of puffins during summer days in coastal areas of the country.

Compromising with the Northern Lights

Without a doubt, the Northern Lights are the supreme reason for which an individual visits Iceland. Unfortunately, summertime is not the period when you can witness the magic of dancing solar dust. Clear winter skies are appropriate for the spectacle.

Photographing puffins

But you have puffins in summer months! Iceland is the country with the maximum puffin population in the world. You can watch thousands of puffins during summer days in coastal areas of the country. Do not miss clicking photographs of such vibrantly colorful birds.

Going on a hike

The terrain is lush green and clear of ice in summer months. The breeze is cool. Spirits remain high. It is the perfect time to go on a hike. The sinewy trails remain clean. Exploring the hinterlands of the country through hiking tours is a fascinating experience.

Set the itinerary confidently

There should be no confusion in determining the itinerary of the tour. Discuss the issues with a top travel agency. Chalk out the priority areas for the tour. Keep some flexibility within the plan. Try to get aware of the relevant details. Remain positive in attitude. Your summer tour to Iceland is bound to become successful.

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What Can You Do in Three Days with Iceland Private Tours?

Do you think three days won’t be enough to explore Iceland? This topic will prove otherwise. Indeed, those who visited this part of the world in the past will say that you need at least a few months to see everything Iceland has to offer. While it’s true in some ways, you can still accomplish a lot in seventy-two hours. If you wish to find out how, then you should continue reading. This write-up contains a comprehensive guide on how you can spend three days in this European tourist gem. You should also be able to customize your trip to get an immaculate experience.

1.    The Golden Circle: Three-day Iceland Private Tours is available at Whether winter or summer, rain or shine, there’s nothing better than the Golden Circle tour from the South Coast. It will take you through the must-see locations, including Iceland’s most popular waterfalls, ice caves, geysers, lagoons, and everything else.

2.    Enjoying the winter: The winter months are the perfect moments to explore this country with Private Tours Iceland. If you’re looking to spend your winter holidays at a magical wonderland, take a three-day trip. It will give you an entirely different perspective on every majestic spot in this Nordic nation. Winter is also the perfect time to see ice caves, go skiing, ride snowmobiles, or search for the Northern Lights.

3.    Lagoons and ice caves: If your flight lands in Reykjavik in the morning, you should take a tour that begins in the afternoon. Flexible tour schedules prevent busy or short-on-time tourists from wasting their time. Golden Circle tours, for example, are available throughout the year. While a few spots may become inaccessible due to heavy snowfall during the winter, you’ll still have enough on your plate. These tours start in the afternoon and take you through a journey touching all of Iceland’s hits. You’ll get a chance to see an ice cave from the inside and take a dip in the warm, soothing waters of the Blue Lagoon.

4.    To the North: You may be thinking that you have to stick to the South Coast and the Golden Circle if you have only three days to spare. However, that isn’t the case. There’s much more in Iceland, and you should consider visiting the northern section of the island. Some of the lesser-known locations occupy the northern regions of Iceland. Three-day tours are perfect for folks who wish to avoid noisy and distractive crowds and experience the more enchanting side of Iceland. In reality, these short trips can take you places most travelers never get to see.

To conclude

As you can see, there’s much to gain from just three days. Some of the best highlights of three-day tours include visits to rare lava fields, geothermal zones, and the quaint towns of Dalvik and Akureyri. A trip to the northern regions will also let you get up close and personal with whales. Indeed, the seas to the northern area are full of whales. If you go there, there will be a 99-percent-chance of seeing one in action. What more can you ask for?

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Exciting Activities You Can Get Engaged into In Iceland As A Tourist

Iceland is an impeccably beautiful island country, floating on the Atlantic Ocean, away from the European Mainland. Each year, its popularity is growing, as tourists from all over the world flock in to witness the scintillating marvels of Nature, in various regions of the country.

Choosing a touring agency

If you plan to go for a Private Tour Iceland, then select DISCOVER, a superbly efficient and highly reliable travel agency, focusing their travel-related consulting services on Iceland. The company has a slew of travel packages to offer, as various forms of Private Tours in Iceland, which you can flexibly explore. The rates are quite competitive as per the market standards.

Knowing what to do in your tour

Before choosing a travel agency or service package, it would be useful to make a list of exciting activities you could do as a tourist, in Iceland Private Tours. You can pick specific activities from the list concentrating on adding immense value to Private Tours Iceland, and accordingly proceed with your plan in a much more satisfying way, making the experience sweetly memorable.

Exploring the wonderful Snaefellsnes Peninsula

You would be totally enamored in witnessing the variegated categories of terrains at the Peninsula. From rugged fields of lava to snow-capped mountains to dramatic coastlines, The Peninsula offers you stunning views of various forms of Mother Nature, capturing your imagination and even going further. The beauty of the glacier at the place is its crowning glory.

Strolling in Reynisfjara – the black sand beaches

Have you ever been to a beach anywhere in the world that has black sands? You haven’t because coastline in Southern Iceland is the only place where you would find such miraculous natural beaches! The place is also marked by stunning, mountainous landscape with different kinds of rock formations, giving a mystic element to the location.

Bathing in Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is not far away from Reykjavik, the Icelandic capital. The waters at the Lagoon are said to have tremendous medicinal properties, curing skin diseases, and helping you to detoxify from inside. You could have water-massages at the location. The scenic beauty of Blue Lagoon is fascinating, too.

A whale-watching session at Husavik

An incredibly exciting activity you must not miss as a tourist in Iceland is participating in a whale-watching session at a place called Husavik. You would be taken on a small ship in the middle of the ocean, where you could watch the different antiques of whales. Oftentimes, the place is termed as ‘The Whale-watching European Capital”. You can also spot dolphins and porpoises.

Exploring the Nature Reserve at Hornstrandir

Many of the tourists miss this activity, but, you can prioritize an exploration of the captivating Nature Reserve at Hornstrandir. It is remote, and it is has a mind-blowing scenic magnificence. You can watch Arctic foxes at The Reserve.

If budget permits add more activities

It’s obvious that you have a budget for your travel plan. If you are in a position to spend more, you can add more activities to the list.

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Choose A Private Tour Iceland That Takes You To Djupalonssandur

Djupalonssandur, also called the Black Lava Pearl Beach is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the fairytale island of Iceland. The name of the destination is somewhat difficult to pronounce for everyone except the Icelanders. Therefore, this topic will stick to “Black Lava Pearl Beach.” Of course, the Sneafellsness peninsula has other mind-blowing destinations to offer, but the black lava pearl beach takes the cake. It’s like stepping into a wonderland of lava. The beach is just a short drive away from the main road to Djupalonssandur, and you can leave your rented vehicle at the parking lot just above Djupalonssandur.

  1. The journey begins:

    You can visit the black lava pearl beach by choosing Private Tours in Iceland from Once you leave your vehicle, your guide will lead you towards the beach on foot down the Nautastigur path, or the Path of the Bull. This path will take you through a field of lava with massive formations created by the same. According to previous visitors and avid travelers, it’s the most beautiful section of the beach. You’ll also spot a peculiar rock there with a hole in it called Gatklettur. If you peek through it, you’ll notice the Sneafellsjokull glacier.

  1. Pieces of a trawler:

    As already mentioned earlier, a Private Tour Iceland is what you need if you wish to explore Djupalonssandur. Just make sure that you choose the right tourism service providers because not everyone will take you there. Once you reach the beach, you’ll spot bits and pieces of a British trawler called The Epine GY7. It became a wreck on the night of 13th March 1948 on the east of Dritvik Cove. The disaster led to the death of fourteen people. An Icelandic rescue team from a neighboring village managed to save five people after spending two long hours in an attempt to reach the vessel.


  1. Pearls of Djupalon:

    Upon exiting the lava field, you enter the black lava pearl beach. Of course, there aren’t any pearls lying there, but the Icelanders call the smooth black pebbles the Pearls of Djupalon. While those black lava pearls are under the protection of the Icelandic government, you may notice a few people wearing jewelry studded with those stones. After all, the polish and shine on the stones can rival any other gemstone.

  1. A distinctive rock:

    There’s a distinctive lava rock on the beach called Songklettur or the Singing Rock. This majestic rock is reddish in color. The Icelanders say that it’s the Church of the Elves. You probably know that the people of this Nordic nation believe in the existence of fairies and elves. If you don’t, then you’ll know it once you get there.


  1. A word of caution:

    Just keep in mind that you behave respectfully once you get to the Singing Rock. Avoid climbing on it or creating a racket. Even if you think that an elf is nothing more than a child’s figment of imagination, you should ask the permission of these creatures to visit their habitation or churches. Don’t forget that being respectful is the key to earning the trust of the Snaefellsnes peninsula like any other country.


Final words

It’s safe to say that Djupalonssandur is a lesser-known spot that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. You’ll realize it once you get there. Add this location to your list because you won’t regret it.

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The Uniqueness Of Icelandic Horse

Icelandic horse is a symbol of Iceland’s pride. The horse has a tremendous significance in Iceland’s history, since mini-Ice age through Viking battles and later settlements. When you travel to Iceland and drive on a Super Jeep on Ring Road, circumventing the coastal areas, you will witness these lovely creatures calmly grazing on meadows. There are full-fledged horse farms in the country where these horses are reared. Their amiable, unique features are enticing enough to make you wish to ride them, merrily trotting through the local terrains. There are lots of enriching facts pertaining to their uniqueness.

Sweet temperament

In any of the Private Tours Iceland impeccably organized by a top travel agency such as, you will have the opportunity to come across these horses. The sweetness of their temperament will instantly win your heart. Icelandic horses are shy when you first interact with them and may seem stubborn animals. But gradually, they become friendly. Some of the hiking trails that you can experience in Iceland provide you a scope to ride on these horses.

Small, mighty, impressive gait

An Icelandic horse is smaller than the usual breed of horses that you come across in other parts of the world. It has a robust build with a superior gait (way of trotting), generally five in number. All other horse breeds have three, or a maximum of four gaits. Even as a novice rider in one of the Custom tours in Iceland, riding an Icelandic horse would be comfortable, with a relaxing jaunt, due to its soft gait.

Multiple patterns and hues

Yet another astounding fact that makes the Icelandic horses genuinely unique is the wide range of vibrant colors and delicate patterns in which they come. It has been observed that these horses can come in more than 40 colors, besides 100 distinct patterns. Common hues are brown and chestnut.

Glass-eyed enigma

If you are fortunate enough, you may come across a horse that has big, watery eyes in light blue color. Such a horse is locally known as glass-eyed, and appears like an angelic creature.

Some fun facts

  • Iceland has a committee that has an authority to name the horses in a certain way
  • For more than 1000 years, locals have bred the horses in their pure forms
  • There are approximately 80,000 horses in the country
  • Iceland has only a single breed of horse
  • Icelandic horses are excellent runners and expert swimmers, even in deep, chilling waters

Horse Day

May 1 in the year 2015 had been declared as ‘The International Day of the Icelandic Horse’ by the organization ‘Horses of Iceland’. The objective of such an initiative has been to dedicatedly raise awareness about the well-being of Icelandic horse, its protection, and breeding. It also bears a huge cultural significance to the polity of the country.

Ride and experience

When you travel to Iceland, ensure that your itinerary has horse-riding activity, at least once. Experiencing the regal charm of the animal in first-hand is exactly what you need to add value to your tour.

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