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Planning to visit Iceland? Discover Icelandis the right answer to the question. It is the best among the tour operators in Iceland. Get to know us here.

As we all know, Iceland is a must-visit place for the wanderlusts as It has got all the beautiful landscapes present in nature. If you are looking towards exploring the amazing places of this beautiful country, a customized Iceland private tours is the best option to go for.

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Why choose Discover Iceland?

We are flexible – We organize amazing Iceland tours according to your personal preference. Our tour service offers different private tours Iceland packages which can be customized according to your wish and comfortability. You have the option to choose what places you want to visit; our driver guides will make it worth visiting. We create a vacation in Iceland keeping all your demands in mind. We work in a way to make your holidays truly special and worth remembering. Our packages are designed to include the best that the country has to offer. We make sure that the trip is accomplished with all your demands fulfilled.

Mercedes Benz GL 4×4 takes 4 pax + luggage

We help in planning – We are involved in the process of your journey from the beginning. We will help you in planning the Private tours Iceland so that you don’t miss out on any of the beautiful places. We are aware of all the popular tourist destinations, as well as the hidden gems of the beautiful country of Iceland. We would love to make your trip memorable and refreshing. We would even help you with your accommodation so that you only focus on enjoying your Iceland private day tours. We put everything in a unique package that combines an affordable blend of sightseeing opportunities as well as ample time to explore.

Pick a 4×4 Super Jeep tours or luxury SUV tour – We employ only the best vehicles that stand the test of safety as well as comfort. We use super jeeps and luxury minibusses/SUV to explore the breath-taking sites of Iceland like Langjokull Glacier, Landmannalaugar, Thorsmork, and Hveravellir.

Our mega Ford Excursion modified for 46″ tires, takes 7 pax + luggage

Choose from the various luxury vehicles that we have to offer from our mega Ford Excursion to Mercedes V Class that takes about 7 passengers with luggage.

Super Jeeps (4×4 modified trucks) are specially designed for the adventure off-roading tour to the glaciers. They are extremely comfortable and affordable, as it has huge space to fit up to 7 passengers at a time. So that you do worry about the comfort and enjoy the trip peacefully.

The Northern lights / Aurora Borealis

Experienced Guides – We are proud to be the industry leaders in the world of the tour and travels for Iceland. We have the required wisdom and understanding that is required to make your trip worthwhile. Our Driver guides love sharing their knowledge of the country’s old Sagas, nature, and folktales making sure that our customers get a lifetime fun experience.

They have been working as a guide for quite a long time, they have gained enough experience to make your Iceland private tours informative and fun.
We make sure that you immerse completely in this exciting experience and take back home only good memories.

Our Toyota Landcruiser is modified for 35″ tires and takes 4 pax + luggage

We firmly believe that our success depends on the success of your trip, so let go of all your doubts and leave it all to our hands.

Iceland Adventure Tours – We cover each and every spot of Iceland and no corner is left untouched thanks to our dynamic tour planning strategies and excellent execution. We cover various adventure spots of Iceland that guarantee you an adrenaline rush and will leave you spellbound.

Apart from visiting the breath-taking spots of Iceland, we would suggest you have some adventure as well. If you want to go for glacier hiking, caving or snowmobiling, we would organize it for you. We know you our job very well and we leave no stone unturned to make your trip a journey of a lifetime.

Glimpses of our best Private tours in Iceland:

1. Golden Circle Private Tours – It is the most popular tourist destination which pulls in the most travelers who come to Iceland. It is spread around 300 kilometers down south of Iceland. Discover Iceland tour service has five worthy stops amid the Golden Circle Private Tour visit.   If you are seeking out for more adventure and fun, our Golden Circle Glacier Super Jeep tour will offer 4×4 experience as we take you to Langjokull glacier in a modified 4×4 super jeep.

2. Grand South Coast Adventure Tours – In the south of the beautiful nation of Iceland, there exist various spectacular places to visit. The Eyjafjallajokull spring of gushing lava, difficult to pronounce, yet it is likely the most popular fountain of liquid lava on the planet today. You will experience the best sights that Mother Nature has to offer as you navigate through the complex allies of natural formations.

3. Northern Lights luxury Private Tours – Iceland is gifted with numerous natural wonders and The Northern Lights is one of them.  The Northern Lights are the showcase aftereffect of sun oriented particles entering the Earth’s magnetic field at top atmospheric levels, which from there on ionizes and show up as colorful lights in the sky. The view is certain to leave to mesmerized.

4. Borgarfjordur Super Jeep winter Tour –

In this Super Jeep winter Tour, you will visit Borgarfjordur and the beautiful Glacier Ice Cave. Borgarfjörður is a fjord in the west of Iceland that is close to the town of Borgarnes. It’s not a much-visited place in our Iceland private tours packages, however, it is a destination that is certainly worth a visit.

5. South Coast Ice Cave & Jökulsárlón – South Coast Ice Cave and Jökulsárlón will be a 3-day visit. It will begin with Reynisdrangar sea stacks, which are fundamentally basalt ocean stacks arranged under the mountain Reynisfjall close to the town Vík í Mýrdal. It is one of the most stunning places to visit in Iceland.

Know some of the facts before booking our Iceland private tours:

  • When it is advised to book the accommodation?

We take part in every aspect of your accommodation so that you face no difficulty in enjoying your Iceland private tours. We recommend you to check the times and prices of flights and then book your package to secure it on our website. Purchase your flights when your tour is confirmed by email. We will always be there for you. In case you miss the dates of your flight, feel free to contact us to change your tour dates. We have got you covered in all cases.

  • Do I need a local tour guide in the private tours Iceland?

During your ride, having a tour guide by your side will improve your travel experience. A good guide will be able to explain the local culture and traditions and provide you with a lot of information about the places you are visiting. We choose our guides very carefully that ensures high service standards. Our guides are aware of all the popular tourist destinations, as well as the hidden gems of the beautiful country of Iceland.

  • How long does it take to explore Iceland?

It depends on the time of year that you are planning to visit. For a completely immersive experience, we would recommend a full week tour. You can modify the trip and choose the destinations by yourself. At Discover Iceland, we offer a personalized experience with an extensive amount of options and resources to choose from.

  • When is the best time of year to take Iceland private tours?

Since Iceland is beautiful all year round, the best time to visit will be different from person to person. It depends on how you want to explore this beautiful country. The sights and the season can prove to be a major determinant in this. Off chance you’re going to Iceland to pursue Aurora Borealis, we’d suggest you visit between October and March at that point, as there’s higher perceptibility over these months. Remember that the aurora season clashes with winter conditions. Hence, pack according to the expected snowfall and temperatures that are tough. The springs would be a nice time to visit Iceland if you’re looking forward to a trip with a milder climate. Thousands of people visit every year to experience the beautiful attractions like Thingvellir National Park that are the pride of Iceland in every sense.

  • Is it recommended to rent a GPS or Wi-Fi in Iceland?

We recommend renting a Wi-Fi device during your Iceland private tours. It is often seen that rental of the GPS is not reliable enough and is not capable of finding accommodation. A Wi-Fi device gives you access to navigation maps, emails, social media, and keeps you connected to the internet.

  • How should I pack for my trip to Iceland?

Iceland is cold throughout the year. It is recommended to pack warm clothes along with snow boots. We also recommend packing hiking boots to climb up the sky-high mountains of Iceland. You will also be required to pack everything waterproof, as it could start raining at any time of the day in Iceland. Moreover, don’t forget to bring along crampons for your shoes for the tough terrain of Iceland.

Contact us now on to create custom private tours Iceland with one of our fun personal driver guides. We use super jeeps (modified 4×4 trucks) and minibusses. Our super jeeps can take a maximum of 6-9 passengers, though most often we travel with 4-5 customers. Asides from the off-roading, one of the benefits of these vehicles is the extra comfort they provide, with more leg space and nice seats.

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Golden Circle Glacier | Super Jeep Private Tour

Join us in our 4×4 super jeep adventure to this popular attraction, adding a visit to Langjökull Glacier.

Thorsmork Nature Valley | Private SuperJeep Tour

Thorsmork is a fantasy realm for hikers and nature lovers of all ages. This is the best off-road tour!

Golden Circle | Grand South Coast | Combo Private Tour

Tour the south coast to see volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls. Off the beaten track with a very small group.

Grand South Coast Tour | Private Super Jeep Tour

Tour the south coast to see volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls. Off the beaten track with a very small group.

South Coast & Jokulsarlon | Ice Cave | 3 Day Private Tour

Visit the glacier near the Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon and the other highlights of the South Coast.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula – Private Day Tour

Shaped by the ocean, the glacier, and volcanic activity with fjords, waterfalls and quaint villages.

Iceland Panorama | Custom Multi-Day Tour

This will be your personal and private tour, customized to your needs and wishes.

Golden Circle Classic Private Tour

Tour the classic Golden Circle Private Tour. We’ll show you some extra gorgeous locations.

South Coast Ice Cave & Jokulsarlon | 2 Day Tour | Private Tour

Visit the glacier near the Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon and the other highlights of the South Coast.

Landmannalaugar & Golden Circle | 2 day Private SuperJeep Tour

Mega tour of 2 or 3 days in Landmannalaugar in winter, and the Golden Circle.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula | 2 Day Private Tour

We customize overnight private tours for family or friends traveling together.

Combo Private Tour Deal: Golden Circle & Northern Lights

Aurora hunting where we drive all alone. You get two extra local tours if you don’t see anything on the first night.

Mission Blue Ice | South Coast Ice Cave & Jökulsárlón | 3 Day Tour

Visit the glacier near the Jökulsárlón Iceberg Lagoon and the other highlights of the South Coast.

Borgarfjordur | The West | Private Day Tour

One of the less visited areas, the Borgarfjörður region, will surprise you with its scenery and activities.

Disco Northern Lights luxury Private Tour

Evening Private Tour for up to 7 pax

Westfjords Strandir | 3 Day Private Tour

The quoted price is for a group of 4 people. We visit the Strandir region by the Arctic Ocean.

Landmannalaugar and Hekla | Super Jeep Tour

The highlands of Landmannalaugar are know for the colorful rhyolite mountains and the geothermal pool.

Mývatn Nature Must-Sees | Private Day Tour

Full day tour on a comfortable 4×4 SUV. Departure is from Akureyri!

Northern Lights 4×4 | Private Super Jeep Tour

Aurora hunting where we drive all alone. You get two extra vacation tours if you don’t see anything on the first night.

Reykjanes South Peninsula Private Tour

Ideal if you want to see as much as possible, with little driving. Blue Lagoon as an option.

Landmannalaugar | Private Tour

A Private 4×4 tour to Landmannalaugar. Enjoy a hike and the hot geothermal pools.