Locating Northern Lights during Pandemic in Iceland

Northern Lights are dancing solar dust in the expansive sky

During the onslaught of COVID-19, especially during its second wave, there is no denial that international traveling has become extremely difficult. Planning a tour to Iceland is not exactly smooth to realize, when you are a foreign citizen. Nevertheless, it is not at all impossible to travel to Iceland, complying with all kinds of safety rules and regulations. You need to talk to your travel agency, and chalk out the itinerary accordingly. The main reason, in most of the cases, of touring Iceland is witnessing the magically gorgeous Northern Lights. It is possible to experience the brilliance, even during pandemic.

Iceland Private Tours organized by Discover

Firstly, what actually are Northern Lights?

Northern Lights are dancing solar dust in the expansive sky, particularly during winter season, and could be relished from strategic zones in Icelandic terrains. The interplay of lights, as you can enjoy in any of the Iceland Private Tours organized by Discover, would mesmerize you with its magnificence. Keep in mind that solar activity is the main factor that creates such a heavenly effect. You need clear, cloudless skies to witness the beauty of Northern Lights. But, you should be patient enough to get its glimpses.

Particular places where you can watch the Northern Lights

You can choose the outskirts of Reykjavik in Private Tours Iceland in order to capture the captivating Northern Lights. You can seek some expert help from a local guide to know about the best time to see the Lights. Staying in Reykjavik for just a couple of days may not serve the purpose. You need to keep more patience. You can also travel to North Iceland to see the Northern Lights. There weather is less unpredictable there. Another region where you can go is the Westfjords area in the south-western fringes of the country.

Particular places where you can watch the Northern Lights

A guided tour is helpful

You can depend on a guided tour to watch the Northern Lights. The local authorities, along with the professionals of a responsible touring agency such as Discover, take all the necessary precautions during the COVID-19 situations, to provide you a safe experience in your itinerary. Moreover, in a guided tour, you don’t have to hunt for places to watch the Northern Lights. There would be an Aurora Expert who would help the tourists to witness the magic of the solar dust, from a strategic zone. In addition, you might see some unexplored and less-popular landscapes during the tour.

The Super-jeep tour

If you have a more generous budget, then it is highly recommended to hire a 4X4 super jeep for the tour. You would be able to enjoy a more immersive experience across the capital city Reykjavik, and other parts of the country. Moreover, you would be able to set your own schedule for the tour activities. It would also be safer during the pandemic.

Places to watch the Northern Lights

Plan safely

Consider all the safety and health regulations when you plan a tour to Iceland. Try to maintain the protocol sincerely. You are guaranteed of an enjoyable tour when you abide by the rules set by the authorities during this pandemic.

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