Why Visiting Iceland Is One of The Best Travel Experiences?

Planning your travel after covid-19 is something you might have been looking forward to. Several countries are easing restrictions and opening up doors to global tourists. On this note, you can chalk out a extensive plan to travel across length and breadth of Iceland, a new hotspot for global travel enthusiasts. Its broad spectrum of natural marvels attracts thousands of tourists from various parts of the world, each year. You might want to know about the exact reasons to tour the country. Read on.

Self-discovery amidst enthralling Nature

When you participate in Iceland Super Jeep Tours conducted by Discover, a top-rated travel agency, you assure a memorable itinerary, with tons of experiences. From fjords to black beaches to lush grasslands, rugged mountains, lagoons, black beaches, glacial plains and many more, you would be completely enamored by the beauty Iceland has to offer. It would be a journey of discovering your soul, and knowing the spirits that reside in your heart.

Lesser number of tourists to be bothered about

Another top reason to visit Iceland is there are usually a lesser number of tourists in key spots of interests, unlike some of the coveted touristy places across the world. In your Iceland Super Jeep Tours, you would be easily able to explore the different regions smoothly, in a serene environment, without feeling the rush and without countering the issues of a long queue.

Safe and convenient travel on Super Jeeps

You have the opportunity to hire Super Jeeps in the tour, at affordable rates, which take you to all kinds of terrains, without any hassles. You would be totally satisfied at the effectiveness of these robust vehicles, especially when you are touring the nation with a large group of friends or family members.

Charm of unpredictability in weather conditions

You might get a creased forehead at first, after reading the term ‘unpredictability’. But, the fact is, at the end of the tour, you would fascinatingly recall how it rained at one moment, and the day became sunny and snowy the next moment! Fast changing weather conditions are one of the hallmarks of Iceland, which you would rarely find any other country.

Magical Nature in all forms

As mentioned in the beginning of this blog, the Nature offers you all its beauty splendidly, in several forms. You can enjoy winter spots on a snowy valley, you can enjoy watching puffins along coastlines, you can stroll lazily on black sand beaches, you can sail calmly through glacial waters – the list is almost endless! Keep in mind that if you want to enjoy the Iceland tour to the fullest extent, then visiting to multiple regions is a must-have plan in the itinerary.

Buy a travel package from Discover

Discover has good reputation in the industry as a premier travel agency, catering to global tourists with customized Super Jeep travel packages in different parts of Iceland. You can consider purchasing a nice package from them, meeting all specific requirements of your tour plan.

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Why you should get around Iceland in Iceland Super Jeep

Traveling to Iceland is a lifetime experience. However, the experience becomes memorable when you thoroughly explore the varied terrains of the country. It is practically tiring and expensive when you solely depend on public transport and break journey to achieve the feat.

What can be a better option? You may consider doing a guided private tour in a Super Jeep for the purpose. The vehicle is robust, safe and reliable. You can conveniently travel across Iceland.  Being a heavily modified vehicle it makes sure to get your through the most challenging landscape in comfort and joy.

It is crucial to buy a tour package from a reputed travel agency to avail the facility of touring in a Super Jeep. Read on to know more details on this matter.

Going to Thorsmork Valley 

Discover, a top-rated travel agency, organizes Iceland Super Jeep Tours, which make it easy to dig through the various tourist spots in the country.

  • You can conveniently opt for traveling to the famous Thorsmork Valley by a Super Jeep.
  • You will experience multiple river crossings on the way
  • The rates are competitive and suit your budget especially when 3-5 people share the private tour.
  • While driving across the park, you may stop at the famous waterfall of Seljarlandsfoss on the way
  • Book your Thorsmork Super Jeep Adventure tour now

Immersive experience Langjokull Glacier

You also have the choice in Iceland Super Jeep Tours to experience the mighty glacier of Langjokull. It is amongst the second largest glaciers in Iceland around 953 sq kilometers Ice cap.

  • You can drive through the deep snow via Super Jeep
  • We let the air out of the tires to get better flowtation in the deep snow
  • This is amongst the most extreme 4×4 experience to get from Iceland
  • We ofer a visit to Langjokkull Glacier on our Private Golden Circle Glacier tour.

Tour to Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is yet another beautiful place where you can drive on a rented Super Jeep.

Chasing the Northern Lights

How can one forget the immense exciting of witnessing Northern Lights while touring Iceland?

  • Super Jeep is probably the most marvelous vehicle, which you can drive to various spots to get a glimpse of the fascinating dance of solar dust.
  • Capturing the magic of Aurora Borealis becomes easier when you are driving and exploring sightseeing spots on a Super Jeep.
  • You do not have to rely on public transports for viewing Northern Lights.
  • You can simply drive the Super Jeep to a suitable spot, park it beside and camp for the night.
  • Book you private Northern Lights Super Jeep tour now

Driving to Vatnajokull

Vatnajokull is yet another magnificent National Park where you can conveniently drive on a Super Jeep. You witness astonishing scenic beauty at the park. The amazing view is bound to give you goose bumps.  If you start from Reykjavik on Super Jeep, it does not take much time to reach the spot.

Buy your package today

Explore the tour packages on the website of a reputed travel agency. Buy a package that suits your itinerary the most.

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Why Iceland Super Jeep Tours are Famous?

Tourists planning to explore Iceland often get a dilemma. What is the best way to travel the country?

  • There are public transports at places that help you to an extent.
  • Also, you may get some assistance from private car services.
  • But if you are looking for greater reliability, then the best option is hiring a super jeep.

 In this case, the crux of the matter is getting hold of a reputed travel consultant or agency that arranges Super Jeeps for tourists. A little bit of internet research can help you to connect to the suitable company. Tours on Super Jeeps in Iceland are extremely popular. There are some valid reasons for this.

They come with customized packages

One of the greatest benefits of Iceland Super Jeep Tours organized by a top travel agency such as Discover is these tours are easily available through numerous customized packages.

  • You will have the liberty to choose the tour package as per your budget.
  • The expenses are customized and then adjusted for the Super Jeep services that you are hiring.
  • You may be on a shoestring budget and able to travel to only a couple of spots on a Super Jeep. There is no problem in this. The professional travel planner will customize your specific requirements accordingly.

All-terrain vehicle

Another illustrious benefit of availing Iceland Super Jeep Tours is the tremendous capacity of the vehicle to ward off every kind of terrain surface.

  • There are lots of varieties in terrains all across Iceland. From rocky paths to snowy trails to smooth roads to slippery tracks – the range is prolific.
  • A Super Jeep easily overcomes all kinds of surfaces with its efficient grip. You can easily drive on any surface. The terrain type will not create any problem for you.

Resists every weather

The weather conditions in Iceland are highly unpredictable. You will never be able to correctly predict snow, rains or sunlight.

  • You need a transport that provides you safety and security, irrespective of weather conditions.
  • The wisest decision you can take in such a case is hiring the services of a Super Jeep.
  • The vehicle has robust built and great technical features that make your drive safe and convenient.
  • Whether you are caught in heavy snowing or in a storm, you will not counter any hassles when you are inside a protective Super Jeep.
  • The resistance power of a Super Jeep is extremely commendable.

Spacious and comfortable interiors

Comfort factor is a major issue for most of the travel enthusiasts, especially when they are traveling to a place less-explored. What can you do to address this? There is an easy solution – you simply rent a Super Jeep.

  • A Super Jeep has terrific interiors with tons of comfortable features and sophisticate facilities. You will never get any scope to complain.
  • Also, there’s lot of space. Even if you are traveling with a large group of 8 to 10 friends, there will be no space crunch.

Explore super jeep options

Surf the net and explore various Super Jeep options that you can hire on your Iceland tour.

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Iceland Travel Guide 2021

Iceland Travel Guide 2021

Iceland is a magical place that gives the heavenly feeling to the tourists with its several natural attractions such as geysers, hot springs, lava fields, volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, glaciers, northern lights, and golden circle much more. Besides the fact that it is a densely populated country with a population of only 3, 23, 000 people, Iceland is a plethora of things and places to explore. Iceland is truly a magical tourist destination having the most amazing and breath-taking landscapes and sceneries in the world. It is also known as the land of fire and ice having plenty of natural attractions such as lava fields, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, massive glaciers, rugged terrains, and much more.

Tourists are attracted to the country due to its breath-taking landscapes and sceneries that are a much bigger attraction for the photogenic and photographers. Iceland has something or the other to offer in its every corner, it is a dream destination for everyone, which will surely make you stop at every corner to admire the beauty of nature and of course, to click some pictures. Iceland has a lot of hidden gems to explore. Iceland is a beautiful place that offers a lot to explore and a plethora of memories to cherish.

Travel facts of Iceland

There are several travel facts of the Iceland travel guide, which you need to know before visiting Iceland. These include:

  • The Icelandic language is majorly used in the country. However, some locals also speak English.
  • The krona currency is used in Iceland.
  • Iceland is a small nation having a very dense population of only 3,23,000 people.
  • Iceland is the most popular tourism spot. It receives a huge number of tourists every year from around the world. The number of tourists in Iceland increased from a million to two million in 2018.

Best places to visit in Iceland 

1. Akureyri

Akureyri tops the chart in the Iceland travel guide. It is a quint, small and a perfect place for photogenic people providing them with the most stunning and jaw-dropping views. Located in the northern part of Iceland, it requires a 5-hour drive from Reykjavik to reach here. It is further located at fjord end between the high mountains providing majestic views of the landscapes. It is the best place to visit in winter for those who love skiing and adventure. Moreover, it consists of some beautiful attractions such as Myvatn Lake, Dettifoss and a small village of Husavik for those who love fishing. The Akureyrarkirkja church on the hilltop gives a breath-taking view of the landscape below.

2. Isafjordur and the West Fjords

Most of the people might be unaware of this beautiful West Fjords and the small town of Isafjordur in the Iceland visitor’s guide. a trip to this place will make its money and time worth. It provides the most beautiful views, which are not something you should miss. This place is generally less populated and sceneries are soothing to the eyes while travelling through the stunning Fjords and lands.

3. Stykkisholmur

Located in west Iceland, it requires a travelling time of two hours to reach here from Rekjavik. This place in Iceland tourist guide is rested on a peninsula with small Islands surrounding it. This place provides you with plenty of things to explore such as the lighthouse, boat tour to various islands, birdlife, fishing village and a great place to have a meal.


Located in the southern part of Iceland, this place in Iceland tour guide requires a travelling time of 2.5 hours from Rekjavik to reach here. This small village is popular for several unique things such as rock formations, ocean views and black sand beaches. Moreover, if you visit here, you will get a chance to visit a tiny restaurant named Sudur-Vik, which provides majestic views of the sea and mountains from the hilltop.

5. Husavik

located in the northern part of Iceland, it takes 1.5 hours to reach here from Akureyri. This small village consists of beautiful coastlines, homes, and buildings. It is a perfect place for those who love fishing and whale watching.

6. Snaefellsnes

Traveling to Snaefellsnes would surely be a great adventure for you as it provides stunning coastal views and sceneries, making it the most beautiful place in Iceland travel guide. Moreover, the Snaefellsness peninsula is popularly known for having a mystical glacier, which is said to have some magical powers in it. This is not enough, it is also known as the entry point to the center of the earth, making it a must-visit place in guide to Iceland tours.

7. Hofn

hofn is located in the eastern part of Iceland. It requires a travelling time of around 6 hours from Rekjavik to reach here. While travelling from Rekjavik, you will come across the various southern part of Iceland including Vik, Jokulsarlon, Skaftafell Park and the big Vatnajokull glacier. Hofn is further located in the quaint village on the ocean providing best restaurants to spend the night. Do not forget to visit the Glacier Lagoon, it gives an incredible view of iceberg breaking and passing to the nearby oceans. There are more stunning places to visit here such as the city centre, Pakkhus, Humarhofnin and more.

8. Hvammstangi

Hvammstangi is a small place having a total population of just 580 people in Iceland tourist guide. But it’s beautiful rolling hills are something, which you should not miss. Located in the north-west part of Iceland on the Vatnsnes peninsula, this place consists of stunning rolling hills and ocean on each side. It is a good place to spend a night watching the beautiful coastal views. Visit this place in guide to Iceland tours to make your holidays memorable.



Egilsstadir is known to be the smallest town in Iceland tourist guide surrounded by majestic sceneries. It provides great hotels to stay at and watch heaven like views. Choosing a hiking tour from the multiple tours from Egilsstadir would be a great decision to make. Don’t forget the visit the Lagarfjot lake at the edge of Egilsstadir, which is famous for having a mythical creature to the Lochness monster in Scotland, which can give a chill in the bones. Moreover, the landscapes here are very similar to that of Canada having the beautiful views of evergreen mountains and trees. Egilsstadir also makes a perfect picnic spot in guide to Iceland tours to chill and watch the amazing rivers.


Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is the most popular place in the Iceland travel guide, which receives tons of tourists every year. This place provides a plethora of activities to do in both seasons. With longer days in summers, you can enjoy parades, poetry, and even party in the night with no worries of chilly winter. Moreover, if you wish to dance inside the glacier, head to the secret solstice.

Activities to do in Iceland tour guide

Scuba diving

One of the best water-based activities are offered at the Silfra in Iceland visitors guide. Silfra, which is considered as the world’s top dive site is located on a rift between the tectonic plates, these plates grow for about 2 cm every year, which enables the tourists to enjoy swimming between the Eurasian and American continents. This activity in Iceland tour guide is not for the weak hearts as it offers freezing glacier water of temperature between 2°C- 4°C even in a dry suit. Moreover, it is popular for its stunning visibility, where tourists can enjoy amazing neon colours and otherworldly topography. Scuba diving in Silfra can provide you with a chilly adventure like never before.


When it comes to exploring stunning glaciers in Iceland, Snaefellsjokull is considered one of the most famous glaciers due to its reputation in the whole country.

Snowmobiling on these famous Snaefellsjokull glaciers in Iceland travel guide would be a great adventure to remember for a lifetime, where you can enjoy racing across the icy fields and between the snow mounds while enjoying majestic views of the glacier and the stunning summits of around 1,446 meters above the sea level.

Sea Kayak on the Fjords

Located near the Reykjavik, The Hvalfjorour is placed deep below the encircled mountains, which ranges for about 300 feet above the sea. Visit Hvalfjorour to have a great experience and enjoy sea kayaking over the calm and cool water of rough glacial fjords. Moreover, some professional guides will also assist you with paddling the sea kayak around the coastline and exploring the stunning glacial fjords up to the shores of the idyllic Icelandic countryside.

Exploring the lava tunnel

Iceland, which is also known as the ‘land of fire and ice’ consists of icy glaciers as well as some amazing volcanic eruptions in Iceland travel guide. Deep in the heart of Iceland, you can explore the subterranean playground and the windy lava tunnels while witnessing the twisted rocks formations made out of furious volcanoes. Located near the Reykjavik, visit the Leidarendi lava tube to explore this half a mile-long tunnel whose stretches will force you down on your knees and crawl due to its crooked formation. These formations occurred when the surface lava hardened. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you also may experience the bone-chilling volcanic eruption, which most of the tourists are not able to witness on their visits.


Festivals in Iceland tour guide 

To avoid any kind of inconvenience in the end, make sure you go through all the national holidays that take place in Iceland every year. Some of the holidays are very common and people are very familiar with them, these include Easter Monday, Christmas and New year holidays in Iceland. Apart from these, there are several more unique festivals celebrated in Iceland that offers a national holiday in Iceland. These include:

Þorrablot in February

Porrablot is a festival in Iceland that is specifically celebrated to honor the god Porri. Moreover, this festival is celebrated in midwinters to look forward to during the lunar time of the year. To celebrate this festival, restaurants are packed with the Icelanders enjoying the special menus and several locals throw parties to enjoy the traditional food of Iceland such as hakarl and svio.

Sjomannadagur on June 4:

 this festival involves the Icelander’s taking part in swimming races, mock sea-rescue and tug-of-war events. Just after this festival, the Icelanders celebrate Independence Day on June 17 every year.

Verslunnarmannahelgi in August:

 It is a traditional festival in Iceland where locals head to the countryside and enjoy the holiday by camping, drinking and partying.

Culture and etiquette for Iceland visitors guide 

The Icelandic culture revolves around the hidden people that are also called the huldufolk. These hidden people are analogous to elves and many people believe in this Icelandic culture. Moreover, there are several museums in Reykjavik that showcases the history of hidden people. This ancient belief of Iceland is respected by all the locals in Iceland.

Northern Lights over Iceland

Iceland is found to have the most approachable and friendliest people. There are endless opportunities for you to socialize and make new friends during the journey. As soon as you step on to the cool environment of Iceland, you will receive a very warm welcome from the locals of Iceland. Iceland is found to have the friendliest locals who make you feel like home and even share fairy tale stories and mystical folk with you. Moreover, you do not face any awkwardness while hitting the club alone, as the locals in Iceland are super friendly.


The Icelanders follow some basics etiquettes and expect their visitors to do the same by doing several things such as taking off their shoes before entering a private room. Moreover, people are not expected to tip in Icelandic restaurants, there is a separate tipping jar in many restaurants.

Best time to visit in Iceland

Both winters and summers are very different in Iceland, as both offer different types of activities to explore in each equally amazing season. Iceland has something or the other to offer during both the season. Some activities in Iceland can only be done during the winters such as exploring the northern lights, taking a dip in therapeutically beautiful hot springs and much more, while other activities belong to the summers in Iceland. Several adventurous and thrilling summer activities in Iceland will satisfy your craving your adventure and fun. The summers in Iceland are magically warmer and gives an equally enjoyable time as during winters. As compared to winters, the summer season in Iceland is considered to be the best time to go for a tour due to several reasons.

The weather in Iceland is surprisingly warm during summers. With longer days and more time of sunshine, you are provided with an endless list of activities and places to visit during summers, which includes camping, glacier excursions, road trips, hiking, watching midnight sun, puffins watching, and much more.

Accommodation in Iceland visitors guide 

As the tourism rate in Iceland is flourishing with every passing year, the tourism industry of Iceland is coming up with new hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, and apartments to provide a long and comfortable stay to their visitors. With increasing demand every year, Iceland is now booming with the best places to provide a stay for tourists. There are several accommodations in every part of Iceland. These include:

Accommodation in Keflavik and Reykjavik: Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland and the most popular place that receives tons of visitors every year. It offers a wide range of accommodation in the country that best suits your demand and budget.

Accommodation on the south coast and golden circle: the golden circle is the most visited place in Iceland, which is popular for its three locations i.e. pingvellir national park, geyser geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall. Several hostels and hotels are available for the tourists who wish to have a full day tour at the Golden circle.

Accommodation in Skaftafell: the Skaftafell natural reserve has its hotel that gives accommodation to the visitors visiting the incredible places here such as glaciers and waterfalls ion a full-day tour.

Gear and packing list for tour to Iceland 

If you plan to visit Iceland, make sure you pack every necessary items and clothes regardless of the season, in which you are visiting, as the weather of Iceland is quite unpredictable. Here is a list of the necessary items that you would need on your trip to Iceland.


list of clothes would be needed on the trip to Iceland would include one pair of jeans, shorts, bathing suits, six t-shirts, eight pair of socks, one long-sleeved t-shirt, one pair of hiking boots, one pair of sneakers, and other necessary items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, a bottle of shampoo, razor, shower gel, dental floss, towel and deodorant.

Medical kit for safety purposes

Accidents are unenviable, so it is advisable to carry a small medical kit with you on the trip, which would include Band-Aids, antibacterial cream, earplugs, hand sanitizer, hydrocortisone cream, and Tylenol.

Miscellaneous items

to be on the safer side and avoid any kind of risks while you are heading to your dream place, there are some more miscellaneous items that you should carry with you on the trip, these include a combination lock, plastic bags, zip-lock bags, charger, and LifeStraw.

How To Manage Expenses During A Trip To Iceland

Iceland is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world right now. However, it comes with a massive price tag attached to almost everything. The prices quoted by the hotels, shops, restaurants, and bars will make you think that you’ll return home penniless. Nevertheless, everything in Iceland will be worth every dime that you spend. After all, the fanaticism for Iceland among travelers isn’t going to hit a wall anytime soon. It’s evident from the fact that the number of tourists is increasing every year. Then again, it doesn’t make sense to empty your pockets during your stay in the Land of Fire and Ice. So, what can you do to save your money?

Iceland Private Tour in Mercedes GL

Avoid hotels: An excellent way to save money in Iceland is to avoid staying in hotels. Most hotels are in Reykjavik and along the Ring Road. All of them are very expensive. If you can avoid hotels, then you will be able to save money for the Super Jeep Tours in Iceland that you can book from www.discover.is. You can have a much more affordable yet comfortable experience in guesthouses. These complexes are small and they usually consist of reasonably-priced cabins. Some of them even serve breakfast.

Go for a smaller car: A few our Iceland Private Tours cars are pocket-friendly. Now, specific areas in the country require you to drive a four-by-four. Without such an SUV, you won’t be able to stray far from the Ring Road. Then again, hiring a four-by-four is going to bite off a huge chunk from your funds. That’s why you should go for a smaller vehicle. While you will miss a few things, you can drive along the Ring Road and see enough waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, and geysers.

Drink water from taps: If you choose to buy water bottles in Iceland, then you’ll run out of money too fast. Fortunately, tap water in Iceland comes from clean, natural springs. The water is safe enough for anyone to drink. However, you should let the tap run for a few seconds before taking a sip. Otherwise, you have to taste the sulfuric smell. You won’t need anything more than a refillable water bottle and drink water without paying for it during the entire trip.

Buy duty-free alcohol: No matter where you go, you won’t get a free drink in bars and restaurants. A standard mixed drink is quite costly. Instead of a bar, you should buy alcoholic beverages in bulk at markets. The prices are much more tangible there, but markets, where you can get alcohol, are few and far between, to say the least. You can also consider buying alcohol at the duty-free stores at the airport.

Snacking instead of dining: You deserve to treat yourself with one or two Icelandic dinners. Then again, you need to restrict yourself to one or two dinners only. Otherwise, you might have to wonder why your wallet feels light. Instead of spending money at restaurants, you should stop at gas stations and have sandwiches there. Don’t forget to stock up on snack items. You can also cook your own meals now and then.

To conclude

It does seem a better option to book a bus tour from Reykjavik. However, Iceland is one such destination that deserves exploring with as much freedom as possible. That’s why you should go with a travel agency that offers private tour packages. Or, you can rent and drive your own vehicle.

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