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A Helpful Guide for Rejoicing the Exploration of Blue Lagoon during Pandemic

Blue Lagoon is an exquisite marvel of Nature in Iceland. Iceland is not all about getting engrossed in the mystic charm of Northern Lights. There are multifarious beautiful natural beauties across its terrains. Blue Lagoon is one such captivating body of crystal clear, azure water epitomizing serenity. Traveling to Blue Lagoon, especially during the times of pandemic requires a bit more planning than the usual occasions. But, with the aid of a reliable tour operator, it is actually easy to plan for the trip in a hassle-free manner.

Traveling to Blue Lagoon

The impact that COVID 19 has

It is an undeniable fact that the pandemic is still affecting the travel and tourism industry to a significant account. Normalcy is returning at a slow pace. But, you don’t have to lose hope or keep aside your interest of exploring a lovely, fascinating country like Iceland. Private Tours in Iceland, as planned by top travel agency Discover, comply with all the set regulations of the government and diligently maintain the COVID 19 norms. If you belong to one of the approved countries according the Icelandic government’s list, then you are free to travel to the country.

Experience in a Private Tour Iceland the warm water of the Lagoon

Now, what actually is Blue Lagoon?

Obviously, you might be already excited to know about Blue Lagoon and its captivating beauty. It is one of a kind in the whole world. Its location among the lava fields of Iceland makes it more unique. You would be overjoyed to know and experience in a Private Tour Iceland the warm water of the Lagoon, which remains at 39 degree Celsius throughout the year. Yes, you read it right. Even in chilling winter months, when there is snow all across the nation, the water in Blue Lagoon still maintains the same temperature.

Healing properties

It is said that the water of Blue Lagoon has tremendous healing properties. It is rich in minerals that do a lot of good to your skin health. Taking a bath in water remarkably rejuvenates youthful spirits. You feel energized. There is a new leash of positive vibes in your soul. You become content after a long session of bath.

Blue Lagoon is in Reykjanes Peninsula

Where is it?

Blue Lagoon is in Reykjanes Peninsula. It is situated in the south-western fringes of Iceland. The landscape is barren and marked by peculiarly cone-shaped dormant volcanoes. If you plan to travel from the Reykjavik city, as it happens with most of the tourists, then it would take a 30-minute drive. On the otherhand, if you set the itinerary right from the Keflavik International Airport, then it would take merely a 15-minute drive to reach the Lagoon.

Following pandemic guidelines

Please keep in mind that you have to mandatorily follow the set of guidelines for tourists when you are exploring the place. The tour executives from Discover would provide you with necessary instructions that you should take seriously. In order to make your traveling experience memorable and enjoyable, this is very important.

Get in touch with experts

Talk to the representatives of Discover to know more informative details about the itinerary.

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Major Tourist Stops In and Around Golden Circle

There are generally two top priorities of visiting Iceland. The first one is of course experiencing the magically captivating Northern Lights – the dance of solar dust in the horizon. The second priority is getting immersed in the impeccable beauty of Golden Circle. The terrain offers more than you can imagine. Its biodiversity is incredibly fascinating. Each and every itinerary of any person visiting Iceland mandatorily has exploration of Golden Circle as a major activity. Did you know that there are some genuinely engrossing detours in and around the place? The rest of the blog talks about this.

Explore the incredibly wonderful Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park

Discover, a top travel agency, professionally arranges for customized Iceland Private Tours that you can utilize to explore the incredibly wonderful Thingvellir National Park, located in Golden Circle. You would be completely enamoured by the arresting beauty of the place.

  • It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • It would merely take 45 minutes to drive a super-jeep and reach the spot.
  • You would come across lava rock stretches in the park.
  • Also, the Thingvallavatn Lake is located here.
  • It is the largest natural lake in Iceland.
  • The park is also known for its green pastures, marked by birches and pines.
  • You can get involved in activities such as diving and snorkeling while exploring the park.
Geysir is in the Haukadalur Valley

Geysir Geothermal Area

This is yet another scenic stoppage in Golden Circle that you can enjoy in Private Tours Iceland, either on a solo trip or on a tour with a group of friends.

  • The location of the Geysir is in the Haukadalur Valley.
  • You need to drive for approximately 50 minutes from Thingvellir to reach the area.
  • In the way, you can stop at the hamlet by the name Laugarvatn, and get immersed in glimpses of local culture.
  • There are lots of hot pools in Geysir Area.
  • From a distance, you could witness a tall gust of steam rising from vents in the ground.
  • Besides the Great Geysir, you can also find the Strokkur Geysir that has its own charm.
Gullfoss Waterfall is the last major stoppage in Golden Circle

Gullfoss Waterfall

  • It is the last major stoppage in Golden Circle Private tour.
  • From Geysir Geothermal Area, it would take only 10 minutes to drive to the place.
  • You would be truly astonished by witnessing the scintillating and imposing fall of milky-white enormous volume of water from valleys.
  • The effect is hypnotising at times. Don’t forget to carry a high-definition camera along with you.
  • During summer months, the fall can pour a whopping 5000 cubic feet of water each second.
  • In the vicinity of Gullfoss, you would find the magnificent region of Langjokull. It is a gigantic glacier that is the main source of water.
  • The river on which the water falls is called Hvita.
Golden Circle that you can enjoy in Private Tours Iceland

Traveling during pandemic

It is obvious that you need to abide by the regulations of the local authorities when you travel and explore Iceland during pandemic. The executives of Discover would guide you accordingly. Your tour becomes more enjoyable when you follow the instructions of the concerned authorities.

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Reykjavik, Your Focal City in Private Iceland Tours

When you travel to Iceland, the tour becomes more engrossing when you makes the capital city, Reykjavik, your base, and plan the itinerary to other regions of this beautiful country. Reykjavik has a charm of its own, and people often seem to neglect it, as they get allured by the marvelous terrains in the outskirts and far-off coastal areas. There are several places in Reykjavik where you can travel and explore the cultural traditions and energetic vibes of the city. Your tour would be very memorable when you plan the activities in and around Reykjavik.

Top agency such as Discover for your Private Iceland Tours

Cleanest and Greenest

When you buy a reasonably priced tour package from a top agency such as Discover for your Private Iceland Tours, in most of the cases, Reykjavik would be your focal city. You can also customize the itinerary centered on the city. Your travel experience becomes smoother and certainly more enthralling. It is one of the cleanest cities in the world. Also, the city is counted among the greenest places, globally. As far as safety is concerned, you would be delighted to know that Reykjavik is completely safe for tourists, arriving from any corner of the world.

Witness the magnificent Northern Lights

When can you visit?

This is a subjective questions and the answer depends on your personal plans and priorities. In a Private Tour Iceland, if your aim is to witness the magnificent Northern Lights, then visiting the city between November and February is a good idea. The nights are pretty long, and mostly cloudless – ideal to enjoy the magnetic brilliance of the solar dust. But keep in mind about the harsh winter of the region. On the other hand, if you are more inclined to hiking activities, then traveling during the summer months would be a good idea.

Booking a hotel room in Reykjavik

Where can you stay?

There are multiple accommodation options in Reykjavik. The simplest of them is booking a hotel room. There are cheaper lodges, too, which you can opt for, if your budget is tight. Moreover, you have the option of couchsurfing. Plan your accommodation in the country before you arrive.

Visiting the Sun Voyager

Visiting the Sun Voyager

It is one of the most popular tourist interest spots in Reykjavik – a metal structure of a Viking boat. You can take photographs here, capturing the melancholy of the sea coast and Mount Esja, faintly visible at the other bank.

Exploring the Flea Market

The Flea Market of Reykjavik attracts lots of tourists, as it sells plenty of local handicraft items at cheap rates. You also get several kinds of second-hand items here.

The City Hall plus the Pond

The City Hall plus the Pond

This is another attractive place in Reykjavik where you can spend quality time, roaming in the beautiful garden, enjoy beautiful nature.

Laugavegur is one of the most exciting locales in Reykjavik

Exploring Laugavegur

Laugavegur is one of the most exciting locales in Reykjavik, where there are numerous high-end shopping options. Also, you can visit plush restaurants here. You also get a taste of old town at this place.

Book a travel package to Reykjavik

Book a travel package

Visiting Iceland, especially its capital, should be your priority. Hence, purchase a suitable travel package for a memorable tour.

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Locating Northern Lights during Pandemic in Iceland

During the onslaught of COVID-19, especially during its second wave, there is no denial that international traveling has become extremely difficult. Planning a tour to Iceland is not exactly smooth to realize, when you are a foreign citizen. Nevertheless, it is not at all impossible to travel to Iceland, complying with all kinds of safety rules and regulations. You need to talk to your travel agency, and chalk out the itinerary accordingly. The main reason, in most of the cases, of touring Iceland is witnessing the magically gorgeous Northern Lights. It is possible to experience the brilliance, even during pandemic.

Iceland Private Tours organized by Discover

Firstly, what actually are Northern Lights?

Northern Lights are dancing solar dust in the expansive sky, particularly during winter season, and could be relished from strategic zones in Icelandic terrains. The interplay of lights, as you can enjoy in any of the Iceland Private Tours organized by Discover, would mesmerize you with its magnificence. Keep in mind that solar activity is the main factor that creates such a heavenly effect. You need clear, cloudless skies to witness the beauty of Northern Lights. But, you should be patient enough to get its glimpses.

Particular places where you can watch the Northern Lights

You can choose the outskirts of Reykjavik in Private Tours Iceland in order to capture the captivating Northern Lights. You can seek some expert help from a local guide to know about the best time to see the Lights. Staying in Reykjavik for just a couple of days may not serve the purpose. You need to keep more patience. You can also travel to North Iceland to see the Northern Lights. There weather is less unpredictable there. Another region where you can go is the Westfjords area in the south-western fringes of the country.

Particular places where you can watch the Northern Lights

A guided tour is helpful

You can depend on a guided tour to watch the Northern Lights. The local authorities, along with the professionals of a responsible touring agency such as Discover, take all the necessary precautions during the COVID-19 situations, to provide you a safe experience in your itinerary. Moreover, in a guided tour, you don’t have to hunt for places to watch the Northern Lights. There would be an Aurora Expert who would help the tourists to witness the magic of the solar dust, from a strategic zone. In addition, you might see some unexplored and less-popular landscapes during the tour.

The Super-jeep tour

If you have a more generous budget, then it is highly recommended to hire a 4X4 super jeep for the tour. You would be able to enjoy a more immersive experience across the capital city Reykjavik, and other parts of the country. Moreover, you would be able to set your own schedule for the tour activities. It would also be safer during the pandemic.

Places to watch the Northern Lights

Plan safely

Consider all the safety and health regulations when you plan a tour to Iceland. Try to maintain the protocol sincerely. You are guaranteed of an enjoyable tour when you abide by the rules set by the authorities during this pandemic.

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Are There Risks Involved In Volcano Tourism In Iceland?

You might have read in news or elsewhere about the growing interest among global adventure enthusiasts and travelers in volcano tourism, centered mainly on exploring the mystic terrains of Iceland. The back and craggy volcanic fields smeared with grey ash, and streams of molten lava at a distance, together form a unique vistas with a captivating frame. Visitors generally remain in awe in discovering the untapped ‘dangerous’ beauty of Mother Nature. Now, the big question is – are there serious risks associated to volcano tourism? What are the important factors a traveler should take into account? The blog tries to throw light on these questions.

The recent eruption in Iceland

The recent eruption in Iceland

Geldingadalur Valley recently witnessed a volcanic eruption, in March this year. Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted almost after 800 years. The reputable travel agency, Discover, leaves no stones unturned in arranging affordable Private Tours in Iceland that also included customized visits to lava fields. There is an inexplicably magnetic charm in listening to the hissing of volcanic steam and crackling stones when lava meanders through the mountainous surface. The tours arranged by Discover comply with all kinds of safety norms. Nevertheless, as a responsible tourist, you have to remain cautious and abide by the local regulations even without being guided.

A new creed of passionate ‘Lava Chasers’

‘Lava Chasers’ is simply the name given to a new group of over-enthusiastic tourist who reach near the vicinity of a volcanic eruption, revel in the phenomenon of flowing lava, click photographs and share on social media platforms. The past decade has witnessed a remarkable spike in the number of Lava Chasers across the globe, including tourists participating in customized Private Tour Iceland packages.

A new creed of passionate ‘Lava Chasers’

An adventure in which people revel

You could travel by a boat on water-body by the side of the volcanic mountain or even walk straight to the fields, depending on the nature of location and status of the eruption. There are some tourists who hire helicopters to experience a top-view.

The damages that could occur

The volcanic smoke is mainly composed of sulfur dioxide that can cause severe damages to your lungs. In fact, a story from the other part of the world, New Zealand, says that many tourists died or were hospitalized due to sudden eruption of Whakaari Volcano. Hence, there are severe risks at times, and you need to be well-informed to tackle those.

Targeting the suitable eruptions

Targeting the suitable eruptions

A bit of research can make the experience a lot safer and enjoyable. Research centers and scientists continuously observe and study volcanoes. The ones in Iceland are less explosive in nature compared to other volcanoes in rest of the world. Usually, a concerned travel agency like Discover that conducts extensive volcano tourism has ample data about the site, and implements all the requisite safety measures. Choosing the appropriate site and distance would not be an issue for you.

Are you ready?

If you are mentally prepared for volcano tourism in Iceland, then book your travel packages and feel the additional rush of adrenaline. Happy traveling!

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