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What should you wear in Iceland and How to prepare for the Holidays?

Iceland is located in the northern part of the Atlantic current. The island’s geography hence creates a temperate climate with the frequent oceanic breeze and cold weather conditions. Temperature is relatively mild but a single day often records several transitions regarding the weather.

It generally is unpredictable. A sunny day can suddenly change with blizzards or storms in a matter of minutes. To have a splendid time at Iceland’s unique heritage one needs to pack efficiently keeping in mind the season, weather forecasts, geography and accessories required for hiking. Here we’ll go through the best ways in which one can make the most in Iceland without any trouble.

What to wear in Iceland tour?

Checking the weather forecasts is a must. It’s always good to know about the weather so that we can appropriately pack our things. During the months of June, July and August the weather is mild, showing sunny days frequently. However, the conditions are always transitional, so one may come across sudden blizzards or storms even during sunny days.

Lightweight sweaters, woolens, and jackets will suit perfectly with the weather. It is also feasible to wear layers so as to take off or put on whenever it becomes necessary. Hence, for the base layer normal inner-wears and long sleeve T-shirts will work out fine. Do remember to keep mufflers, gloves, heavy-duty boots and similar trekking accessories.

As for September to May the weather conditions are quite cold. This brings out the best heritage of Iceland. Apart from the marvelous natural tranquility, the picturesque sights and incredible adventures are simply unending. One will require a good stock of woolens ranging from woolen inner-wears to warm sweaters and jackets. The person can also wear layers of thermal t-shirts to feel comfortable.

Icelandic wool is also a great material. It serves as a prominent aspect in Icelandic fashion as well. Such clothes are best suited for the weather and will definitely keep the person comfortable at all times.

What are the accessories one must keep?

Other accessories include sunscreen, sleep-masks, swim-suits, sunglasses and medicines for emergency purposes. Furthermore, it isn’t much of a worry if someone forgets something important as there are numerous shops where one can get everything he/she needs. However, proper woolens are mandatory.

Iceland offers an abundance of natural hot springs and spa centers that are the hub of relaxation. Keep a towel to dry up fast and avoid any discomfort. Cool breezes constantly keep blowing so it is always efficient to avoid catching a cold by drying up quickly.


Iceland is a great place to enjoy. People from all over the world come to witness a distinct natural heritage and experience surreal adventures. The night life in Reykjavik is marvelous and is the hub of lifestyle shopping as well. To enjoy the place without any hindrance one should necessarily be aware of the weather conditions of the place. Furthermore, with proper knowledge, one can efficiently pack and get prepared for the adventures that lie ahead.

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Top Tips for a Short Break in Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a wondrous place to visit. It is one of the best tourist destinations of the world and shares the unique heritage of a snowy ice-filled region. If you are looking for a splendid time in such magnificent parts then the best place to be is in Reykjavik Iceland.

What to know about Reykjavik Iceland?

It is a fun filled place and offers unending things to do for explorers coming from all across the world. There are various activities to partake, for instance, a tour to check out the Northern Lights and perhaps a swim at the incredible Blue Lagoon. To make things clearer here are ten great tips for you to enjoy a marvellous vacation over there.

Be sure to book in advance

Travelling expenses are obnoxiously high in such parts but there are always alternatives. Whereas the local taxis may cost well up to twenty Euros for a mere ten-minute drive and available coaches might end up with disappointing facilities, family-run tour operators are conveniently available with good services and cheap rates.

Research is important

It is best to know about the place before embarking on a trip. Proper knowledge saves a lot of time, effort and of course money. One will eventually pay loads for traveling and hotel bookings without proper knowledge.

Be careful about the vehicle

A 4×4 vehicle is best suited for the terrain. It will in-fact be challenging to manoeuvre other vehicles on the icy road especially without proper driving experience on such parts. (family-run tour operator) is known to provide the best services for day tours from Reykjavik Iceland, with jeeps, other four-wheeler vehicles, and professional drivers.

The Blue Lagoon

This geo-thermal spa is a favourite for travellers. The warm water provides the perfect ambiance amidst the snowy region. Advance booking through the internet will help save time and money or else it gets somewhat tough to get into the lagoon over there immediately post reaching.

Take a tour to the Northern lights

It sometimes becomes a disappointment when the lights don’t appear but has the best solution for it. They provide a free ride if the lights don’t appear during the first trial. Furthermore, advance booking procedures will favorably curb the high expenses.

Hallgrimskirkja is recommended for sight seeing

This massive church building has a magnificent architectural form and offers the best picturesque setting for travellers.

The Harpa Concert Hall

This hall is a neat architectural design and is known for organizing exciting events. The glass structure of the building is also another fascinating feature.

Don’t miss the food

Iceland has a variety of exquisite cuisines to offer. The Fish Market is a great place to dine where the tastiest fish/meat dishes, drinks, and desserts are all included in an affordable budget.

The waterfalls are beautiful

Travellers stop by at the falls for spiritual relaxation, memorable pictures and overall experience the extraordinary views of such places.

Back-packing requirements

One will require a good stock of woollens, warm clothes and especially boots. The person will perfectly be able to adapt to the natural conditions of Iceland if equipped with all the necessary requirements for hiking.

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Have a Wonderful Tour in Iceland

More and more people now make a beeline for Iceland. The reasons are obvious. It is proving to be one of the best vacation destinations in the world.

One has only to join any of the family run Iceland tours to find out the immense variety of attractions that Iceland boasts about. The topology of Iceland is like no other. From active volcanoes to lava plains and from forests to fiords and glaciers to steaming geothermal springs, the country has it all. There is something for everyone. This is perhaps the only place with a man-made geothermal hot water lake, the Blue Lagoon, where one can bathe in waters that are 40 deg C in temperature while there are snow and ice all around. If one searches, there are other hidden geothermal springs where one can take a dip in hot waters. Lake Pingvallavatn is the only place where one can dive down into a fissure and view the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates side by side. Where else but in Iceland can one descend into a volcano? It is possible at Thrihnukagigur, a volcano that is no longer active but has caves one can roam around in.

There is peace. There is serenity. It is Iceland with mesmerizing views, unique nature’s formations and a sunset and sunrise to die for. One can go camping in the wild and not fear wild animals because there are none or so few that they do not cause any worry. Iceland has ice caves that are just out of this world. The Langjokull glacier has a man made tunnel people love to explore. Iceland tour will take visitors to beaches where there are actually icebergs floating in the sea and one can mount one and cavort on the waves.

June and August are the most favored months for tours to Iceland for the simple reason that the weather is mild and, more importantly, the Sun shines at midnight. One can take a round trip to the Golden circle, return to the hotel in the evening, set out for a dip in the Blue Lagoon and then return to Reykjavik to take part in live music shows. Later, at around 3 AM one can have a late dinner. IF summer has its attractions so does winter. The stars are out and the skies are clear. Even though it may be quite chilly, people venture into the night. The simple reason that draws people out at night is the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, nature’s own display of fireworks. Views, destinations, and nightlife, as well as music go hand in hand with food. Iceland does offer unique foods, some of them daunting such as fermented shark. It takes a brave person to try out these foods. Iceland is one big happy country that welcomes tourists.

There are unique spots on the Golden Circle tour as well as other trips to waterfalls Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss and the unique black sand beach. Iceland tours by gives visitor’s options to visit the most famous spots as well as find a few hidden gems they can treasure in their memory.

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How to make Northern Lights

1. Get some Supersonic Solar Wind

In 1962 it was proved that empty space is awash with constant solar wind, blowing at 300 – 800 km per second.

From the Sun’s equator a constant stream of particles evaporates into space. Occasionally, violent gusts break free of the Sun’s gravitational and magnetic forces. These are flares and coronal mass ejections.

How does solar wind affect the other planets?

These electrically charged hurricanes are ferocious and relentless, and the planets line in their firing line. Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, bears the full brunt of the solar wind. Any atmosphere that this moon-like world may once have had has long been blown away, leaving its surface bathed in deadly radiation.

Mars is larger than Mercury and 4 times further from the sun. And yet even here it is thought that the solar wind has stripped away up to a third of its original atmosphere, leaving a veil one hundred times thinner than our own.

Venus, our nearest neighbor, has an atmosphere one hundred times thicker than ours. Modern space probes discovered a comet-like tail that stretches back to the orbit of the Earth. The clouds on Venus are also being eroded by the solar wind.

The Earth’s Moon has no atmosphere or intrinsic magnetic field, and consequently its surface is bombarded with the full solar wind.

2. Get a very good Magnetic Field

What about our own atmosphere? Alone among the inner worlds, the Earth has a magnetic field that stretches far out into space. This field deflects the solar wind and protects our atmosphere from erosion. It’s a force field fighting a constant battle with the sun.

Magnetic Field vs. Solar Wind – The Battle

The solar wind and the Earth’s magnetic field are steadily battling against each other. The magnetic field is being compressed by the solar wind. As this pressure increases and sends the particles along the magnetic fields and down to the polar areas of the Earth, then we see the northern lights or aurora, in the upper atmosphere.

3. Get Solar Plasma – Ask SOHO for that…

The light radiates outward from the chore of the Sun. In the outer layers, the heat moves to the surface in huge eddies called ‘convection cells’. These electrical currents of charged gas create magnetic fields inside the Sun. In some places strong magnetic fields push their way through the surface. They slow down the eddies of hot gas. The surface cools and darker sunspots appear. The electrically charged gas is called ‘plasma’.

The very stuff of life is built inside the Sun. The chore of a star is the ultimate fusion reactor. By complex nuclear reactions it changes material, it produces new particles that leave the sun.

The Solar Observatory SOHO can view the Sun in X-rays, ultraviolet and visible light. But SOHO doesn’t just look. It listens!

The Sun’s surface ripples like a pond. It’s heaving. Every 6 minutes the entire star “breathes” in and out. Its gaseous ocean swells and dips, and a complex pattern of ripples shimmer across its surface, giving clues to the structure within. You can’t see inside the sun because it’s opaque. But you can hear inside the sun and learn its structure. It’s just like the tones of a musical instrument.

SOHO has already started to strip away the outer layers of the Sun. Beneath its surface it has discovered rivers of plasma, super heated gases that circle its poles.

Looking like the jet stream on Earth, it seems the Sun has weather too. But deep in the chore is that remarkable chemical factory. It generates stuff, all the matter that you and I are made of, from hydrogen and helium.

Do animals watch the northern lights?

Regrettably not. Well, we all knew of course that cows and horses are not interested in sunsets and other celestial phenomena. But that could be explained because a sunset is not a very active event.

The writer of these lines used to have a very beautiful and intelligent lady cat (smile) and decided to make a little experiment one night that there was a galvanizing display of northern lights. It was a really fast-paced and bright display. And cats can see very well in the dark, can’t they? So I made my cat look up toward the sky. Since felines are attracted to anything that moves fast, I thought that maybe she’d be captivated by this activity in the sky. But no… Zero interest, no matter what…

Does it follow, I wonder, that the more mesmerized we feel about auroras and sunsets and stars, that we’re therefore very human? And if we don’t get impressed by these marvels… are we therefore more “animal”? I wonder just how old a child we were, when we first begun to feel touched by beauty? Well, that’s just some thoughts!

The Experience

Some folks have said that they can hardly muster words sufficient to convey how profound an experience it was to watch a display of northern lights. A man said:

“I felt as though an angel – no hominine entity but the manifestation of a phenomenal universal force – was descending to Earth, its wings unfurling slowly, powerfully, ever so powerfully with grace, with ease but with unfathomable energy capable of creation, capable of destruction.

And slowly, powerfully, it waved its wings above us and then it began to dance. The awe lingers in me still.”


I’m in a state of shock

Hi Mark, it’s Tao. I’m in a state of shock. I went to sleep last night and I woke up and… I suddenly – I was in the strangest place I have ever seen. It was foggy and there were boats. They seemed to be waiting for me. They wanted to ferry me across a strange river.

I wanted to go in but I blinked, and suddenly I’ve been transported to another planet. It felt like Mars. It was red and rocky. The only difference was that there was water flowing through it, and ice and other strange liquids.

Tao’s Video of His Trip to Iceland

There were signs of some kind of civilization. My first thought was that I had been abducted by aliens. I felt that … my camera around my neck so I just started looking around and out of instinct I just started shooting.

Then I stumbled upon this power plant… There were these massive silver tubes and turbines spewing white steam and there were geodesic domes scattered around the landscape. And it was all being run by these strange creatures. They looked like sheep, and they were highly intelligent and they were communicating with each other telepathically.

Psychedelic Landscapes

Then I thought – of course I haven’t been abducted by aliens, that’s absurd. I must have just taken some very powerful hallucinogenic drug and I’m just at the peak of an immense trip right now. It was all so psychedelic. The landscapes… the bizarre plants, the colors, the impossible colors. Waterfalls everywhere I looked. The entire mood of the place was psychedelic.

But every time I closed my eyes and I’d open them and I was in a different place. I found myself driving down a road… then I was in a lava field… Then suddenly I was suspended over this massive waterfall. It was terrifying! Millions of gallons per second were flowing into this abyss and I was above it and I … I had this vertiginous feeling in my stomach. And this all made me think I must be dreaming.

Do you know it’s impossible to read in a dream? The only signs I saw seemed to be in this quasi Roman alphabet. But the words were so long that no human being could possibly pronounce them.

Dante’s Cold Inferno?

Then suddenly I breathed in and there was this overwhelming stench of sulfur in the air. And I thought – oh, Christ… I’ve died and gone to hell.

I was really worried about this because I remember Dante and The Inferno saying that the innermost circle of hell isn’t fiery. It’s a lake of ice. And I found myself in just such a lake, contemplating all the things I’ve done wrong in my life, and I thought … this is where I’m going to spend all of eternity.

Occasionally I’d see other people, and I’d try and talk to them, but they were far away and I couldn’t communicate with them. There was a profound sense of solitude in this mysterious place. The more time passed – I could feel like days were passing – but it never got dark.

And then I thought – there’s no way this can be hell though. There’s no way hell can be this beautiful. Where am I? Where am I? I kept saying.

And then just as suddenly as I’d appeared there, I opened my eyes, and I was home in bed again.

And I thought… wow, what a crazy dream I just had… how will I ever explain it to anyone? And then I turned, and as I floated back into consciousness, I saw my camera by the bed, and I flipped it on, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The pictures… that I’d taken in my dream, they’re all there!

Text credit: Tao Ruspoli

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