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The 5 places in Iceland you need to visit in 2018

Iceland is now the most sought after tourist destination for its unparallel atmosphere. Iceland is no doubt one of the finest places on earth for its natural beauty and wonders. Iceland now has the reputation to be the land with the greatest varieties in entire Europe. It is often known as the land of fire and ice due to its diverse and contrasting landscapes. Iceland is home to both glaciers and volcanoes at the same time. It is also the blessed land where the great natural phenomenon of the Northern lights occurs. Iceland has a lot to offer to you from the natural wonders of the land to the rich cultural heritage of the people.

Viewing the Northern Lights in Iceland.

To have a memorable trip to Iceland you need the help and guide of the locals and tourist guides who can provide you with accurate and right information. We also help tourist by providing genuine services by helping them tour Iceland and visit some of the most important places in Iceland. We aim at providing the Best tour in Iceland to help our clients have a memorable stay. Our services cover almost all the important tourist attraction in Iceland. To have the best experience on your trip to Iceland it is very important to find the best places to visit. For which we have made a list of the top 5 tourist destinations in Iceland for you.

1.   The Reykjavik is a must visit destination in Iceland as this place has a mixture of experiences to offer to you. The famous Blue Lagoon Geothermal spa of Iceland which is located in a lava field in the Reykjanes peninsula is located here. This place is a famous destination for its natural wonders and a vibrant nightlife.

2.  The Skaftafell is also filled with the works of natural wonders such as Glaciers, peaks and the Svartifoss waterfall. The Skaftafell is a reserved area and also a national park with beautiful landscapes. This place is also very famous among tourist as it is one of the most important camping sites in Iceland.

3.   The Jokulsarlon which is also a glacier lagoon is a worth visiting place in Iceland. The blue waters which are dotted by icebergs create a unique and mesmerizing view. One cannot just afford to blink an eye from the natural beauty of this lagoon.

4.    Every tourist visiting Iceland also must visit the island village of Vik, which is a small village in the southern most part of Iceland. This village is an important staging post and one of the most beautiful villages in the world. The village is covered by beautiful black sand beach and cliffs which are a stunning creation of nature.

5.   Skogar is also one of the most rated tourist destination in Iceland as the village offers some of the best views of waterfalls and scenic landscapes. This place is also famous for its open-air folk museum which has some of the finest pieces of art. Skogar is also a famous hiking destination and camping site for tourist who loves to blend with nature.

The Top 5 Dos and Don’ts- Iceland Travel Tips In Christmas

Traveling to Iceland can sound quite fun and interesting as the country is bestowed with natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. Iceland is a small Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. This country is volcanically and geologically active for this very reason the country has beautiful landscapes and natural wonders in it. Iceland is home to some of the most top rated tourist attraction in the world as the country has wide ranges of natural wonders and beautiful landscapes. Due to its location, the country also witnesses uncommon phenomenon like the Northern light and sunshine at midnight. Overall it is a special place to visit and witness the natural wonders and the uncommon phenomenon of the planet earth.

Northern lights from Djúpavík Westfjords

But before travelling to Iceland there is a list of Do’s and don’ts you should know to have a successful and worth remembering the trip. Iceland Travel can be quite tricky sometimes for a number of reasons. So you will always need the help of the locals or tourist guide in your stay in Iceland. But to help you ease out we have a list of do’s and don’ts for your trip to Iceland.



  1. The weather in Iceland can be a little tricky. A sunny day can just turn into a quick turn of snow flurries so it is very important to dress up well and carry a raincoat with you at all times.
  2. You should be extra careful while driving in Iceland and always keep in mind that this is not the place to showcase your talent and driving skills as the roads are slippery and prone to accidents. So it is very important you read the signs and take the right side while driving.
  3. Make sure you see the northern light while in Iceland as this is a unique phenomenon that occurs only in some parts of the world. The Northern Lights are stunningly beautiful and worth watching.
  4. Never miss a chance to dip yourself in the hot water spring but before doing this always shower yourself with soaps for hygienic purpose.
  5. Do not tip in Iceland restaurants as they added all charges to the bill and moreover they consider tipping an insult to their effort.


  1. Never drive off-road in Iceland as it is illegal and damaging to the fragile environment of the country. Doing this can land you in some serious problems.
  2. Do not expect anything cheap in Iceland as the prices there are crazily expensive even for foods. Even the Icelanders make fun of the expensive nature of the country.
  3. Do not wet your hair from any of the hot springs as the water contains sulfur which makes your hair stiff for days. It also damages your hair and makes your hair loss its natural softness.
  4. Do not plan your trips for hunting the northern light without considering the weather and aurora forecast.
  5. Be cautious while driving and never exceed the speed limits of 20 miles per hour as the weather can get pretty windy and dangerous.

What Can You See On the Iceland Golden Circle Tour?

Iceland, as a tourist destination is growing in popularity with more and more people from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA discovering its unique charms. For most tourists, one of the best ways to get an all-around experience of Iceland is to arrive here in summer and embark on what is known as the golden circle tour.

The golden circle tour is so named because it covers a sort of circle around the island and some of the finest spots are located on this route. offers one of the best golden circle tour Iceland based for first timers and for tourists who return again, enchanted by the island’s attractions. There are several ways to do the Golden Circle tour in Iceland. One is in a 4×4 super jeep with giant wheels and a drive-in attendance. It could be a bit expensive so the next best thing is a tour of the circle in a standard luxury Mercedes minibus in a small group up to 19 passengers on each tour, something most tourists prefer. There are standard attractions and then there are those off the beaten track. Discover Iceland’s guides also offer some hidden and delightful surprises to tourists undertaking the GC Tour.

The most famous and must visit places on the Iceland golden circle tour by are Thingvellir National Park, The Geysir Geothermal area, Gullfoss Waterfalls and the pseudo red craters at Rauoholar, the black sandy beach and crater Kerio. It can be a pretty straightforward tour starting with Thingvellir. The Park is unlike any others in the rest of the world. For one, it is where the European and American continent landmasses meet and one can actually dive down the Silfra and touch the two tectonic plates. The Park is of historic importance to Icelanders, the site of democratization of the country that goes as far back as 930 AD when the term itself was unheard of. It has been the meeting place of “parliament” since then and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The drive on the golden circle takes tourists to the Geysir Geothermal area and then on to Strokkur, a Geysir that erupts with clockwork regularity every ten minutes. Next on the itinerary is Gulfoss waterfall, a scenic and enchanting spot to watch water cascading down 32 metres. If one joins the right tour there is a chance to go rafting on the river Hvita that feeds this waterfall. The boat ride is an entirely enthralling experience. The hidden facts that not many people know is that Gulfoss is connected with Sveinn Bjornsson who became the country’s first president before which he was a lawyer who handled the case of Sigriour, the daughter of the original owner of the Gulfoss, embroiled in a legal battle to prevent the damming of the waterfall to generate power.

This is just scratching the surface. can offer customised tours and detours on the Golden Circle that make it a uniquely absorbing experience.

Top Important Tips for Going to Iceland

Iceland is a fantastic place to spend your holidays. It is globally renowned for its abundance of natural wonders, exciting night-life, adventure-hikes and distinctive natural features that exists nowhere else on this planet. Ranging from world famous glaciers, including the second largest in the world to ice caves, black-sand beaches and volcanic remains, the splendour of Iceland is indeed incomparable.

Here are the ten tips for Iceland tours that will evidently satisfy travellers and with such proceedings one can in-fact make the most out of a single visit.

Choose the best day tour operators in Iceland

Tour operators are the best way to start off with a trip. Furthermore, with facilities, they provide several options for the benefit of travellers. With reference to Discover Iceland ( we can understand the functioning of such operators in a better way.

The company provides efficient transport systems that include luxury SUV 4×4 jeeps and luxury SUV 4×4 minibuses. The jeeps are customized especially for the rough terrain of Iceland and have spacious interiors that make travelling highly comfortable as well. The volcanic activities and tectonic movements have now created zones that are hard to reach with regular vehicles. Such luxury SUV 4×4 jeeps are customized with bigger tires and enhanced suspension that allows travellers to venture into the adventurous parts.


There is inevitably a lot to know about Iceland. Without proper research, one will likely face inconvenience during the entire trip. Let us go through some basic things you should know while travelling.


Iceland is known to have one extreme transitional climate. Whereas the day will see everything ranging from sunlight to storms and rain, it even gets difficult to sleep during the months of May to July as it never gets dark. Always stay updated on the weather forecasts and pack efficiently for the trip to avoid further inconvenience.


Iceland is known to be expensive, especially in and around Reykjavik where the party ambiance is at its peak. However, the local restaurants are relatively cheaper, where meals cost around 15-20$ and are quite sufficing as well.

Travel expenses also matter and due to the harsh conditions and natural terrain private vehicles are better to use. It is hence feasible to consult travel operators to obtain cost-effective services and thereby manage the entire travelling budget of the individual.


Over 80% of the country’s population resides in and around Reykjavik, so one can expect the rural scenes quite soon after travelling away from the main city. Fuel pumps are distanced; fewer eateries on the way to tourist destinations and the weather conditions might get severe along the way.

What/how should we wear?

It is appropriate to wear in layers. Judging from the transitional phases, one can effectively put-on or take-off thermal shirts or jackets when required. Sunburn is also another concern so it is better to keep sunscreen for protection and face masks for sleeping as well.

So, here we have all the basic need-to-knows about Iceland. Consider Discover Iceland ( because the operator also has accommodations around the Golden Circle, so travellers can have a comfortable place to stay whilst travelling to the popular zones. In conclusion, with proper guidance, knowledge and preparation travellers will certainly experience an extraordinary heritage within the country.

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How to Travel Iceland on a Tight Budget?

Iceland is one of the most extraordinary places on this planet. Apart from snow and ice, the natural sceneries are unbelievably beautiful. The tranquility and magnificence of Iceland are certainly beyond compare.

However, a trip to such a place can become highly expensive without proper research and knowledge. The budgetary limitations will eventually get in the way of a fully satisfied holiday, however, there are effective ways which can curb the rising expenses and save our initial investments for the trip. Here are the tips on how to travel Iceland under a suitable budget.

Advance bookings always help

In any case, ranging from flight to accommodation bookings, it is always better to book in advance. It saves a lot from our initial investment regarding the trip. Flights are available to Iceland from the United Kingdom or any other European city. Book the cheapest flight to the UK and further travel comfortably to Iceland.


Taxis and private transfers are always high-priced. Buses are relatively cheap but gets flooded with people and eventually becomes uncomfortable for groups to travel. Travel operators however offer great prices for such cases. For instance, Iceland travel packages by come with cheap rates, great vehicles, and quick services.

Seljarlandsfoss Waterfall on the South Coast

Fixing accommodations

There is a wide-expanse of hotels to choose from, ranging from cheap to luxury settings. There are in-fact accommodations with attached kitchens. A relatively cheap hotel will provide great services for customers and the attached kitchen will further solve the issue of food for the trip.

Travelling and activities

Expenses will be high regarding travelling unless one seeks the assistance of travel operators. offers great travel opportunities for people which include perfect day tours, tour to the city and a free tour of the northern lights show if the first trial to watch the lights goes in vain. Such services are not only affordable but innovative for the tourism industry as well.

Food and dining options

Food is known to be expensive in Iceland excluding some places and having to eat at the restaurants over there will drain the budget in a mere few days. The best thing to do is book a hotel with an attached kitchen. This will save the most important expenses for the trip. By getting the necessary groceries from the market, meals will not only turn out to be satisfying but will be healthy as well.

Proper research is always necessary

Before going out for any trip it is best to know about the place first. Proper research will keep us informed about the available systems, convenience, and geography. All such information not only helps us to know about the place but will also help us effectively in planning our itinerary for the trip according to our budget.

The perks of saving from our existing budget are endless. For instance, if we save from the initial booking costs and manage our food expenses by cooking on our own, the additional money will allow us to spend on more activities and the trip will eventually turn out to be a lifetime experience.

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