The Best Place and Time to Travel to Iceland: Why Visit Iceland?

Hut Landmannalaugar Hot Springs

If you have no idea what Iceland is famous about, then, it is the nation which has experienced an eruption of tourism, due to its heavenly and mesmerizing beauty and landscapes of ancient glaciers and rugged fjords. It is one of the most hotly contested places of tourism. It has innumerable places to travel and things to do as entertainment- the place will leave you open mouthed and crave for more even after your holiday package expired!

Here are the best and the most recommended places you should not miss seeing having step your foot on this magical land:

The Northern Lights

Iceland Northern Lights

Also called the Aurora Borealis, a celestial natural phenomenon that can be well sighted from Iceland. The northern lights accompanied with Super jeep adventure, is one of the tourist attractions that triggers tourist to make them want to travel to Iceland.



This incredible waterfall is the highest waterfall of the place and it’s the best place for adventure loving people who love to take a daring aesthetic picture of the mother-nature.

The Blue Lagoon Spa

Blue Lagoon Iceland
Blue Lagoon

You might, not want to dip yourself in this luxury healthy steamy bath with so many beautiful landscapes to look at for your sore and strain eyes.

Gullfoss and the grand Golden circle

Gullfoss Falls Winter Tour 4x4
The magnificent waterfall seen in its winter clothing during the super jeep tour with Discover Iceland.

Golden Circle TourThis is a place you should again not hesitate to visit.

Great Geyser

Great Geyser

Have you ever seen hot spring water gushing out of the earth and rise up several meters high in the sky? If not, then, do not miss the opportunity of taking a glimpse at this nature’s beautiful occurrence.

Landmannalaugar, Glacier Park, Raufarholshellir and Hornbjarg are also top places, people love to visit.

Ice Cave

Ice Cave day tours in Iceland

Have you ever dreamt of walking inside of a cave surrounded and covered by Ice? Well! Do not ever make the mistake of not taking a glance and walking under Ice Caves.

Besides these places, Iceland offers you with myriad activities to keep you lively and thrilled all day long- Snowmobile and reindeer encounter, exploring lava tubes, Horseback riding and Whale and puffin watching are a few to mention.

Snowmobiling is an activity that can be done all year round. There’s no lack of snow on Glacier Langjökull, near the Golden Circle.

The best time to visit Iceland 

No matter what month it is, there is no denying Iceland is not seasonal, but it always gives the best experience all throughout the season. You will encounter good and bad weather in every season. June, July and August are Iceland’s warmer months with the most daylight and is regarded as summer in Iceland. People usually prefer this season and is regarded the best time to visit Iceland, but like mentioned earlier, Iceland is always thrilling.

Iceland Tour

Why Iceland?

By now you already know why people prefer Iceland for a holiday destination. Its ethereal and aesthetic beauty is the central reason for the attraction. Here are a few reasons why you should plan a travel to Iceland.

  • The amazing hot springs.
  • The best place to go camping.
  • Family friendly.
  • Lake Pingvallavatn, where you can take the best dive of your life into the clear water of the lake.
  • Best for horseback rides and cycling.

Iceland is one weird place you will never get over with. It is a place where you keep finding new things after every exploration and would leave a scar of beauty in your heart forever!