Top 10 Iceland tours in 2020: Northern Lights & Snaefellsnes Peninsula tour

If you are planning for a tour to Iceland, which is popularly known as “The land of fire and ice”, then you need not take stress for the pre-trip planning or be afraid of the high prices. Iceland tour in 2020 with a professional guide would be a great option to explore every gem of Iceland. Iceland is home to some stunning hot springs, beaches, glaciers and much more. A professional guide will help you to experience the best of these. Whether you wish for a tour to the golden circle or a Northern light viewing tour there are some trustable tours in Iceland, which will provide you enough options to choose from such as group tours, private tours, and multi-day tours, which will best suit your budget. 

With some of the best tour options available, visiting Iceland with your family would be the best thing to do in 2020. Pack your bags and get ready to explore Iceland with some great options for the Iceland trip in 2020. Choose the one, which is good for you and gives the most out of your money. 

Here are the top 10 best Iceland tours in 2020 that will make your trip memorable: 

Northern lights tour from Reykjavik: Most of the tourists who visit Iceland during the off-season have the inclination to explore Northern lights. It takes a 4-hour drive from Reykjavik to reach the Northern lights in Iceland. Visiting there during the late evening time will allow you to see beautiful lights dancing in the darkness, which looks mesmerizing. The northern lights season begins from late August and continues till mid-April. Moreover, you can upgrade your Iceland travel in 2020 to a more private Iceland Northern lights tour for just $17 more, which will make you travel by a mini-bus instead of a full-size bus. Do not forget to pack your windproof jacket to have a warm and cozy journey towards the enchanting northern lights tour in Iceland. 

Icelandic horse-riding tours through lava fields: If you are a wildlife enthusiast then it is the best Icelandic tour for you. Icelandic horses are considered to be the cutest animals on the planet. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to click pictures of these pretty animals and even ride on them through the Icelandic road trip. The Icelandic road Is pretty long to give you enough time to spend time with these cute horses and riding on them through the lava field. Make sure you wear layers during the trip, which will help you remain warm in the chilly weather. 

Hop and hop-off tour from Reykjavik: A hop and hop-off bus tour from Reykjavik gives you an opportunity to learn a lot about the rich Scandinavian culture and many more things about Reykjavik. The famous waterfront in Reykjavik is especially mesmerizing to watch. Do not get worried about your pocket during the trip because hop and hop-off tour from Reykjavik provides you with some cheap hotels under $80 per night. So, this makes it easy for you to have a stay in the town and catch your bus in the morning. Carry your cold-proof shoes during the Iceland trip in 2020 to avoid the frozen ground to get chilly on your feet. 

Silfra Fissure Snorkeling Tour: A trip that involves swimming in the arctic water can prove to be the best Iceland trip in 2020 for swimming enthusiasts. Silfra Fissure Snorkeling tour will give you an opportunity to swim between the tectonic plates in Iceland and make some good memories for a lifetime. It takes a 2 to 4 hours drive from Reykjavik to get here. Make sure you pack your swimming trunks before you put your feet down in the crystal-clear water. This Icelandic tour comes with all flotation devices and trained dive operators, which makes it suitable for all level swimmers. 

Icelandic whale watching tour from Reykjavik: Whale watching is something, which is not season-specific which means you can visit Iceland in any season to enjoy watching these pretty creatures. It takes a 3-hour drive from Reykjavik to reach this happening place. Visit with your family to have an educational and wonderful experience. Icelandic whale watching tours can prove amazing for both wildlife and photography lovers, as you will get a chance to photograph these majestic creatures. This Iceland trip in 2020 can prove amazing enough to be worthy of your money. 

Icelandic beer tasting and tapas food tour: If you are foody, then this tour is for you. However, buying food in Iceland can go out of your budget, so head to the Icelandic beer and tapas food tour in Reykjavik. A trip here will offer adventure as well as culture. Moreover, it offers an extremely affordable price of food and alcohol. Visit here with your family to try Icelandic beer and good food without spending much. Iceland tours in 2020 will be a perfect option to satisfy your taste buds. 

Golden Circle tour from Reykjavik: It takes 8 hours of driving to travel from Reykjavik towards the golden circle tour. It has proven to be the bestselling guided tours in Iceland. If you go for the golden circle full-day grand tour, then you will get an opportunity to experience every gem of the golden circle including waterfalls, thermal pools, and geysers. A trip here can prove to be the perfect Iceland trip in 2020 as it offers a great experience at an amazingly affordable price. Moreover, if you do not wish to travel for the whole day, then you can switch to a 6-hour golden circle afternoon tour, where you do not need to devote your whole day and comes with more affordable prices as compared to the full-day option. 

The Snaefellsnes peninsula tour: Located at the heart of Kirkjufell mountain, it takes 11 hours of driving to reach here from Reykjavik. Choosing a Snaefellsnes tour will offer you to explore the stunning rocky coastline, lava fields, mountains, waterfalls and more. This Icelandic travel in 2020 will provide you an off-beat experience with representing the beauty of the Snaefellsnes peninsula. 

Crystal ice cave tour in Skaftafell national park: Located at the Skaftafell national park, It takes 3 hours of drive from Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon to reach this beautiful crystal blue ice cave. This stunning ice cave makes one of the best Icelandic tours by providing you with amazing pictures to cherish for a lifetime. Visit here with your family during the winters and do not forget to pack your snow pants, which will keep you warm and cozy while you enjoy the beauty of this majestic crystal blue ice cave in Iceland. 

Landmannalaugar and the Icelandic highlands tour: It takes 11 to 16 hours of driving to reach here and is worth the effort. Landmannalaugar, which is also known as the pearl of the highland, is one of the best Icelandic tours, which can provide you with long-lasting memories. However, the highlands are not always accessible and need to be checked about the timings before you plan to visit here. It offers you to explore the stunning active volcanic landscapes and wilderness of the Icelandic highlands. However, this tour is not for weak hearts, it is full of wild adventure and requires most of your time and stamina. This Icelandic trip in 2020 is active and lasts a little longer providing you with thrilling adventure, where you need to drive by yourself through dangerous roads and river crossings. So, if you are a risk-taker, then Landmannalaugar and the Icelandic highlands tour is a perfect choice for you. 

Even after shortlisting the best tours in Iceland, there are several more questions, which keeps on popping up in your mind such as safety issues during the travel, best time to travel, best Icelandic tour company and if it would be better to book tours in Iceland, which needs to be answered before you begin with your packing. 

Is it safe to travel to Iceland?

Iceland is a country, which has been reported with an almost negligible crime rate over the years and is often known as the world’s safest country. However, information such as rough driving conditions, extreme weather, and availability of health services should be searched about well in advance before you plan a trip to Iceland.

What is the best time of the year to go to Iceland

The best time to visit Iceland varies according to the place. Although, the best time to visit Iceland is considered during the summer season. Whereas, February, march September and October would be the perfect time to explore the northern lights. 

Is it better to book tours in Iceland?

Choosing to book tours in Iceland is a decision, which you might not regret making. Visiting Iceland would give you several opportunities to explore the most beautiful gems of Iceland including hot springs, Glaciers, beaches, highlands and much more providing you with long-lasting memories to cherish.

What is the best Iceland tour company?

Several Icelandic tour companies like Discover Iceland and various other road scholars are considered to be the best Iceland tour companies. You can book private tours of Iceland to discover the most popular as well as the least popular places in Iceland.

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Things to Know Visiting Iceland in February?

Iceland is fast creating a niche in the global tourism map. It is a lovely country with varying terrains and unpredictable weather that is attracting more and more tourists each year. If you have a passion for traveling, Iceland should be in your traveling plans. But a recent trend that has drawn attention in the Iceland tourism industry is several tourists are traveling the country in February. Although you can travel to Iceland throughout the year, there seems to be a spurt in the number of travelers during February, which is quite amusing.

Memories and a favorable winter

People who wanted to dig the February factor have interviewed some tourists to know the reasons. One of the Italian tourists said her mother is Icelandic. She prefers the country due to its snow and fairytale-like landscape. Iceland Private Tours by the emerging operator Discover Iceland are particularly significant as they ensure a vivid exploration of the country. February is undoubtedly the most preferable month to travel because it gives you opportunities to enjoy the same, at the same time not being affected by pangs of winter like in December. You are able to stroll around the small towns, admiring the impeccable beauty of nature from close quarters.

The Secret Lagoon Trip

Interviews of more tourists reveal that they have relevant knowledge about the astounding beauty that Iceland offers to globetrotters. From black beaches to the picturesque Golden Circle, Iceland Private Tours enable you to dig a host of marvelous options. A couple of Americans, when interviewed, said that the country is cold but not irritatingly chilling like New York in February. Moreover, the landscape usually remains wonderfully adorned with snowflakes, creating a mesmerizing view. They arrived in Iceland to witness the wilderness and the vibrancy of Nature that is in full form during February. Going for a trip to the Secret Lagoon is also among top priorities.

Witnessing the stupendous Northern Lights

A group of friends from China has visited Iceland with the main objective to experience and capture the Northern Lights that forms the crown jewel of any Iceland tour. They are working professionals who are always eager to explore the subtle beauties of Iceland in its terrains and small towns. In their interviews, they told that they crave for snowfall and wintery landscapes, as the place where they live in China doesn’t experience any snowfall. February is an excellent month to vigorously travel across the country, admiring its various scenic marvels. They find it specifically enchanting that mountains can be clearly viewed from a few Icelandic towns.

Erasmus students on exchange trips

When interviewed, young Spanish students told that they have arrived at the country as a part of the student-exchange program. They are extremely impressed by the enriching Icelandic culture and would recommend the country to any traveler. They find Iceland very unique and different from their home country.

Aim for vibrancy in your tour

You can choose any month for traveling to Iceland. But selecting February may ensure to witness lots of hidden treasures of the country in more vibrancy.

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10 places to visit in Iceland other than Reykjavik

Iceland, the capital city of Reykjavik is a popular tourist destination known for its natural beauty and wide-open spaces which provide majestic views of mountains, valleys and landscapes. Iceland is the hottest-cold-weather destination which can provide you with a lot to explore and a plethora of memories to cherish. Moreover, this exotic destination is not very far and easy to reach for many travellers. Some of the people might be unaware of the gems that it holds besides Reykjavik. Before you plan to visit this hot tourist destination, know about some of the places in Iceland, which will make your trip worth travelling for.

Here are the top places to visit in Iceland other than Reykjavik:


Akureyri tops the chart when it comes to exploring Iceland. This is a small, quint and a perfect place for photogenic people providing with spectacular views. Located in the Northern part of Iceland, it requires a 5-hour drive from Reykjavik to reach here. It is further located at Fjord end between the high mountains providing majestic views. It is the best place to visit in winters, for those who love skiing. Moreover, it consists of some beautiful attractions such as Myvatn Lake, Dettifoss and a small village of Husavik for those who love fishing. The Akureyrarkirkja church on the hilltop gives a stunning view of the landscape below.

Isafjordur and the West Fjords:

Most of the people might be unaware of the beautiful West Fjords and the small town of Isafjordur. But a trip here will make it a worthy journey for. It provides the most beautiful views, which are not something you should miss. This place is generally less populated and soothing to the eyes while travelling through the stunning Fjords and lands.


Located in West Iceland, it requires a travelling time of two hours to reach here from Rekjavik. This place is rested on a Peninsula with small Islands surrounding it. This place provides you with a plethora of things to explore such as the Lighthouse, Boat Tour to various Islands, Birdlife, Fishing Village and is a great place to have a meal.


Located in the southern part of Iceland, it requires a travelling time of 2.5 hours from Rekjavik to reach here. This small village is popular for its rock formations, ocean views and black sand beaches. Moreover, if you make a trip here, you will get a chance to visit a quaint restaurant named Sudur-Vik, which provides stunning views of the sea and mountains from the hilltop.


Located in the Northern part of Iceland, it takes 1.5 hours to reach here from Akureyri. This small village consists of beautiful coastline, homes and buildings. It emerges as a perfect place for those who love fishing and whale watching.

You can also book A Private Tour to explore Iceland even better!


Travelling to Snaefellsnes would surely be a great adventure for you as it provides stunning coastal views and sceneries, making it the most beautiful places in Iceland. Moreover, Snaefellsness Peninsula has a mystical glacier, which is said to have some magical powers in it. This is not enough, it is also known as the Entry Point To The Centre Of The Earth.


Hofn is located in the eastern part of Iceland. It takes a travelling time of around 6 hours from Rekjavik to reach here. While travelling from Rekjavik, you will come across the southern part of Iceland including Vik, Jokulsarlon, Skaftafell Park and the big Vatnajokull glacier. Hofn is further located in the quaint village on the ocean providing best restaurants to spend the night. Do not forget to visit the Glacier Lagoon, it gives an incredible view of breaking of the iceberg and passing to the nearby oceans. More stunning places to visit here include the city centre, Pakkhus, Humarhofnin and more.


Hvammstangi is a small place having a total population of just 580 people. But it’s beautiful rolling hills are something, which you should not miss. Located in the north-west part of Iceland on the Vatnsnes peninsula, this place consists of stunning rolling hills and ocean on each side. It is a good place to spend a night watching the beautiful coastal views. Visit this place to make your holidays memorable.


Egilsstadir is known to be the Smallest Town In Iceland surrounded by majestic sceneries. It provides great hotels to stay at and watch heaven like views. Choosing a hiking tour from the multiple tours from Egilsstadir would be a great decision to make. Don’t forget the visit the Lagarfjot lake at the edge of Egilsstadir, which is famous for having a mythical creature to the Lochness monster in Scotland, which can give a chill in the bones. Moreover, the landscapes here are very similar to that of Canada having the beautiful views of evergreen mountains and trees. Egilsstadir also makes a perfect picnic spot to chill and watch the amazing rivers.


Located on the banks of river Olfusa, Selfoss is best known for its beautiful waterfalls. Selfoss is no doubt a great place to visit in Iceland as it consists of great restaurants, cafes, hot springs, sauna pools and woodlands, making it the best attraction of Iceland. If you plan a tour to Selfoss, keep these places on the chart including Gullfoss falls, Oxafarfoss falls, Kerid crater, Ulfjotsvatn Lake and Thingvellir National Park. Moreover, this place can provide you with an adventure like never before, as you can explore the Geysir, trekking at Landmannalaugar-Thorsmork, hike the Seljalandsfoss Falls, snorkelling at Thingvellir and more.


Located in the Southern part of Iceland, this distinct archipelago consists of popular volcanos such as Helgafell and Eldfell, the island of Surtsey and Heimaey, making it a great experience of exploring Iceland. Some of the famous places to visit here include Eldheimar, Saeheimar Aquarium, The brother’s brewery, Lyngfell stables, Storhofdi and more. Do not miss the part if visiting Vestmannaeyjar and explore boating at Heimaey Island, puffin watching, enjoy a delicious lunch at the famous Gott restaurant and much more.

Yes, there is much to the beautiful country of Iceland other than Reykjavik. Wrapping up, we highly suggest you visit these 10 places other than Reykjavik.

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The Definitive Transportation Guide for Iceland

Touring Iceland is one of the most enterprising and satisfying experiences of life. If you love to travel to exotic places, Iceland should be on your priority list. You might have some inhibitions regarding transportation facilities in a faraway little country in the middle of the ocean. But you would be astonished to know that the beautiful country offers multiple options in high-standard transport.

Car Travel

It is arguably the easiest transport mode that you can avail of. There are emerging companies that let you rent high-end vehicles for exploring the mesmerizing terrains. Top-rated Travel Company such as Discover Iceland makes your journey memorable with planned Private Tours in Iceland where you drive 4 X 4 Jeeps. You simply need an identification card and a proper driver’s license to rent a vehicle. You have alternatives like small cars, camper vans, and even plush vehicles to mark the tour with adventurous drives.

Plane travel

The Keflavik Airport in Iceland is its single international airport. It is located approximately 50 kilometers away from Reykjavik, in the South-West part of the country. The country is well connected with smaller domestic airports. You will face no problem in traveling to all directions and even as far as Greenland. Most of the flights that you take in Private Tours in Iceland do not span more than an hour. Flights are the best options in winter when conditions of roads in specific areas become unsuitable for conventional transportation.

Image credits:

Bus travel

Iceland has a single public transport network. It is a government run bus service. It is efficient and the cheapest option to travel in and around Reykjavik. The bus company has a name – Straeto BS. There are no options to pay by card. You must have some cash with you. Day passes are available in several retailers spread across the city. The service also has a mobile app that tells you about the routes and makes it convenient to book tickets.

Taxi travel

The costliest mode of travel in Iceland is a taxi. But if you want to reach somewhere urgently, you can safely bet on taxis. The drivers are fluent in English. Hence, you will not have any problem communicating with them. A couple of companies operate in tandem. The taxi service too has a mobile app. Keep in mind that Iceland is yet to have Uber services

The hitchhiking option

Iceland is arguable the safest country for hitchhikers at all levels. It is a wonderful option for thrifty travelers. You can expect locals picking you up from the middle of the road on their vehicles. Ensure that when you are hitchhiking in unpredictable weather, you are clothed appropriately to ward off the extreme conditions, like heavy snowfall.

Boat travel

There are specific places in Iceland that are accessible only by boat. For example, a lovely little island of Grimsey can be accessed with a boat.

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6 Best Hot Springs in Iceland to Experience a Warm Dip

Hot springs in Iceland are proven to be an effective way to straighten out your muscles after a long chilly day. Moreover, the warming sensation helps to relieve stress and tiredness, hence, it is perfect to acquire relaxation. Iceland is popularly known for its hot springs, which can be found either in the middle of the road or inside famous spas. These naturally occurred hot springs in Iceland are geothermally heated to provide hot bath to tourists. However, there are some types of hot springs, which are dangerous to take a dip in because of there excessive hot water, otherwise visiting Iceland and exploring the hot springs would be a memorable and wonderful experience for you.

The tradition of hot spring in Iceland has been followed since the Viking times. Over the years, Iceland has become a popular bathing spot for tourists all over the world, where the warm sensations of the hot springs help to cool down their minds. In accordance with the popularity it holds, dozens of swimming pools have been built all over the country including seventeen pools in greater Reykjavík alone. The boiling water of hot spring in Iceland is geothermal, it is delivered to the people’s home from the grounds. Hot springs in Iceland are developed naturally in various sizes and shapes. Unlike the naturally occurred hot springs, some pools are developed with a little bit of human help. These hot springs have changed the culture, where swimming was enjoyed only during the summer season. Now, swimming can also be enjoyed by dipping into hot water with snowflakes falling on your face.
Here are the top 9 hot springs in Iceland that will blow your mind during your Iceland private tours:

  • The Blue Lagoon: This hot spring tops the list, as it is the most famous swimming pool found in Iceland. With a perfect temperature of 38-39°C, this naturally occurred milky blue water is rich in minerals including silica and algae, which makes it perfect for winter baths. However, the lagoon was not developed naturally, it resulted accidentally by man-made construction in 1976. The lagoon has been made world-famous ever since the first man tried bathing in it during 1981. Moreover, the Blue Lagoon has found its name in the ‘The Top 25 Wonders of the World’ by National Geographic. Currently, the Blue Lagoon is the most viable option if you think of exploring hot springs in Iceland.
  • GeoSea Sea Baths: Unlike the other hot tubs and swimming pools around the country, GeoSea Sea Baths are considered unique as it is geothermally heated seawater rather than spring water, which means this it consists of salt and a variety of minerals in it. This hot bath is located in Húsavík, which is also known as the whale-watching capital of Europe. This newly built hot spring in north Iceland is a small restaurant with an outdoor terrace giving a spectacular view of landscapes along with refreshments and modern changing facilities.

  • Myvatn Nature Baths: This appealing spa has milky blue water the same as the Blue Lagoon, which makes it a preferred option when it comes to exploring hot springs in Iceland. It is more suitable for those on a long journey or planning to visit the northern part of Iceland as it far from Reykjavík, taking a total time of about six hours one way.

It also provides various facilities such as a good shower and refreshments along with the stunning nature surrounding the spa. Myvatn Nature Baths will surely make a wonderful memory for those who are planning to experience hot spring in Iceland.

  • Fontana Geothermal Baths: Fontana Geothermal Baths are located near the Laugarvatn lake on the hot zone, which is known for providing hot water to people’s houses for basic necessities such as cooking and bathing since 1929. The sand between the bath and the lake is always warm, which makes it a more unique hot spring in Iceland.

  • Hrunalaug Hot Spring: Whenever you plan a trip, always keep Hrunalaug Hot Spring on the chart. Situated in the mountains of South Iceland, this spa provides a small and soothing atmosphere. The infrastructure is slightly small and looks like a bathtub rested on the edge of a cliff. It is more popular among the locals who visit this spa on their weekends. The advantage of it being small is that the tourist can have the whole place with themselves during the soak.
  • Grettislaug Hot spring: Along with the rejuvenating water, Grettislaug Hot spring also provides spectacular mountains, oceans, and nearby island views.

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