Iceland Private Tours

Toyota Land Cruiser Luxury SUV
Modified for 35″ tires and takes 4 pax + luggage

This is our Mercedes GL which can take max 4 passengers with luggage, it is a 4×4 and great for the normal roads in luxury and style.

Luxurious Mercedes V Class that can take 7 passengers with luggage, great for the normal roads to travel in luxury and style.

Our Chevy Subarban is 35″ modified and takes 6 pax + luggage

This Mercedes is great for group sizes up to 17 people, it is a 4×4 modified for 35″ tires.

Very capable Ford Excursion Super Truck modified for 46″ tires and takes 7 pax with luggage. This one can take you where ever you want, nothing stops it!